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Comment Chrome == IE6 (Score 3, Insightful) 205

Chrome is at a position which IE6 used to be. They don't care.

They first killed NPAPI plugs so that Java Applets don't work. So we moved to JNLP. Then they have a bug by which JNLP cannot be autolaunched in Chrome like it can in IE & Firefox. So if it's a weblaunched JNLP, users have to save the JNLP file & then run it which is troublesome for a lot of lay users. This bug exists for 4-5 years & there are multiple bug ids for it. But it never get fixed. Then there is another bug by which when you save the JNLP files after 99 JNLP files - no more can be saved & or run.

Chrome doesn't care to fix these bugs because what do they lose if they don't fix it.

Comment Secret Ballot no more (Score 2) 454

Postal Voting should not be allowed at all, forget 100%. Postal Voting does not provide Secret Ballot.

Assume, someone is either paying your or threatening you to vote for Candidate X. At the voting booth, you could still go ahead and vote for Candidate Y without him being any wiser.

This gets compromised in Postal Voting (and Internet Voting). The guy can make sure you vote for him.

Comment Re:John Oliver (Score 1) 954

a religion, I might add, that is not generally known to kill people

Not really true. The Sikh Khalistan terrorists assassinated Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India. They also killed a lot of others in India.

Comment New methodology GROWS (Score 1, Flamebait) 507

First off, we need a name. A loose collection of good ideas doesnât generally get much traction in the world. There has to a be a name, a brand, to hang it on. Let's call it:

The GROWSâ Method.

GROWS in this case is an acronym, for GRowing Real-World Oriented Working Systems. It's an idea Jared Richardson and I (Andy Hunt) have been working on.

New books to be written and sold, new training programs, new seminars. That's the reason there has to be a new methodology every decade.

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