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Submission + - Wikileaks Targets the Local News Frontier (

eldavojohn writes: Wikileaks has been pretty successful on a global scale from ACTA documents to East Anglian e-mails, it seems to be the definitive place to find documents of suppressed repute. But some are saying that the newest target for Wikileaks should focus on a local level. Start thinking less on an international government level and more on city and county government level. From the article, 'The organization has applied for a $532,000 two-year grant from the Knight Foundation to expand the use of its secure, anonymous submission system by local newspapers. The foundation's News Challenge will give as much as $5 million this year to projects that use digital technology to transform community news. WikiLeaks proposes using the grant to encourage local newspapers to include a link to WikiLeaks' secure, anonymous servers so that readers can submit documents on local issues or scandals. The newspapers would have first crack at the material, and after a period of time--perhaps two weeks, Schmitt said--the documents would be made public on the main WikiLeaks page.' Anyone reading this who works for a community news source and would like to host sensitive documents with no risk: here is your solution.

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