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Comment The new Citizen's Band (Score 1) 44

The F.C.C. gave up regulating C.B. radio when the sheer number of users made it impractical and unprofitable to bother with. It looks like drones are headed that way, too. There will be so many drones flying around that regulations will be ineffective, so the only thing that will allow them to function will be controlled chaos.

I suppose we'll need an interoperable protocol by which they keep from crashing into each other; that will largely be worked out by the for-profit companies using them to make money. Perhaps the F.A.A. can act as mediator, but they seem so far behind the curve on this as to be insignificant. The charge forward is underway already.

Comment At risk of what?? (Score 4, Funny) 118

At risk of opening a PDF? Why not automatically open the PDF in protected mode? Surely Edge is advanced enough not to open a PDF with full access permissions to running macros and such?? I mean, Edge can even do WebRTC so at long last Microsoft is catching up to the rest of the world. Surely security considerations can't be far behind. Right? GUYS??

Comment Re:Hole punch (Score 1) 385

That ease of PayWave sounds like it makes an ideal target for the attacks listed upthread. What's to stop someone with a hand-held RFID reader designed to lift data or even run fraudulent transactions as they pass you in a crowded store or subway or whatnot? You might even get a free grope if you keep your wallet in your back pocket.

Comment Re:We should never expect or accept tracking (Score 1) 206

It's not the tracking so much these days as the threat of malvertising. In the past I objected to advertising because they use my bandwidth and my cpu to do their dirty work for them.

But now the dirty work includes serving up malware via automated advertising servers, so there is more reason than ever to block ads.

I'd be happy to pay legitimate sites that I find worthwhile as long as that exempts me from ALL advertising served by their site and their "trusted" partners.

Comment Re:This minimization approach is everywhere now to (Score 5, Insightful) 263

Google Maps seems to remove features with every successive release of Maps for Android.

You used to be able to measure distances on the mobile Maps app, but not any more.

You used to be able to plot a course or set waypoints on your desktop computer with its big screen where you could see a lot more, then pull up that route on your phone with the mobile app. Not any more.

I used to be able to publish a link to my location plotted on an embedded map on my personal web site so my friends could track me on road trips. They took that away claiming that idiots were forgetting about their public links and violating their own privacy. So to protect people from their own stupidity, ostensibly, they removed that feature.

I've forgotten all the features that they've removed just in the past couple of years.

In recent versions Maps INSISTS that you turn on wifi in order to get an accurate plot of your location even with GPS already enabled. This tells me that they continue to map wifi access points as you move around to add to their database. It has nothing to do with improving the accuarcy of your location, that's BS.

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