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Comment Re:"Long awaited"? (Score 1) 98

I don't know anybody who uses Hangouts. I've been avoiding Hangouts as long as possible to keep old Google Voice running the way I like it on my old Android phone.

Google has a long (awaited?) history of creating products, then abandoning them. If it aint their money-maker Search they seem to lose interest after a short time. By this measure, Google must be really lousy in bed.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 166

In the PC arena, however, developers tell us that we should pitch those awful, terrible, useless 32-bit machines that are sitting around everywhere. They won't write software for that ancient, antiquated, useless junk; they only write shiny new 64-bit software now so those old 32-bit machines are stuck in the past. Pity.

Comment Re:How will that save bandwidth? (Score 1) 43

so now that they own DirectTV they'd rather shill that than actually install the fiber that they've been putting off for decades

I think both AT&T and Verizon are struck by the staggering costs of installing new infrastructure, as hasn't Verizon scaled back or stopped the deployment of FiOS fiber to the home? Even the mighty, mighty Google has been pumping the brakes on fiber roll-outs.

Comment Re:Just dumped our U-Verse service... (Score 1) 43

Your U-Verse TV box tells the head-end what channel you want to watch and that's the only channel sent down the wire to your box, so it's not wasting bandwidth streaming other channels that you're not watching.

That quoted excerpt from the article above is all over the place and made little sense to me.

Comment Re:Powell can't bring himself to vote for Hillary (Score 1) 248

Those "fringe" candidates don't have the broad infrastructure of local and state party operatives the way the Democrats and Republicans do, so they would have essentially no base on which to govern. They need to start from the ground up and build popular support before reaching for the top.

The bigger problem with Trump is not Trump himself, but the goons he would hire to run the country: imagine Vinny for Treasury secretary, Moose for Defense, and Rocco for Homeland Security. With all the corruption and favoritism that would bring. Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID!!

Comment Re:They are wrong, it takes far fewer calls (Score 1) 44

The BIGGEST problem is not this pie-in-the-sky DDoS attack, but the actual problem of hiring bored, couldn't-care-less call takers who sometimes get the call details right and if they don', somebody might figure it out while they're running down the road trying to find the incident. You know, people who are more interested in bitching about not getting the vacation time they wanted, not getting that shiny new headset that SHE has over in the next cubicle, and other things that are much more important than public safety.

To say nothing of the gag order placed on Broward County, Florida call takers so that their new regional call centers appear to be totally flawless to the general public.

But please, worry about this DDoS attack vector since it's techy and sexy.

Comment Re:Why the hurry? (Score 1) 128

These are domain names. It's like the Yellow Pages of the Internet. How does "censoring" a domain name prevent a particular form of expression?

I put that effective monopolies like Facebook are the bigger threat to free (as in speech) speech since voicing an unpopular opinion or posting a photo that SOMEBODY doesn't like to Facebook gets your account deleted. Enjoy the freedom!

Comment Re:"Sarah K" could be also a competitor locksmith (Score 5, Funny) 97

Entirely possible.

But I have to wonder about reviews that I encounter about 10% of the time that are so outlandish that they can't possibly be true: "I ordered a mocha latte, but received a plain black coffee. And I waited 45 minutes for it!!11!!1" SRSLY?? You waited 45 minutes for a cup of coffee without saying anything or taking any action to speed things up?? Sure, that's entirely believable!

Or hotel reviews of the form: "The people at the check-in desk were very rude and ignored all of our requests. The bed was pilled to the ceiling with human feces and there were roaches completely filling up the coffee dispenser. We only stayed 5 days instead of our originally planned 6 days."

The problem with Yelp is that the buttons for rating reviews only allow for positive/upvotes. When there's obvious garbage there's no way to vote it down other than to report it, which I doubt does any good.

tl;dr Yelp is only moderately useful. Read reviews with a critical eye.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 208

Despite having 16GB in this Windows 7 desktop machine that I built a year and a half ago, Firefox becomes much less usable when it exceeds about 1.2GB Working Set (as displayed by Task Manager processes). Right now as I'm typing this it shows 1.43GB Working Set memory and 1.33 Commit Size and seems to be operating smoothly enough with 2 FF windows open, one window with 2 tabs and the other with 8 tabs running moderate and lightweight stuff.

But if I do anything requiring heavy lifting like watching a bunch of YouTube videos or sites with lots of scripting and the memory consumption has approached 2 GB during that session FF becomes close to useless. Even shutting it down becomes an ordeal as it sometimes can take 3-4 MINUTES to wipe its butt and finally exit, as shown in Task Manager. Having all this RAM in the computer doesn't ever seem to pay off as the applications or memory/heap management in Windows doesn't do well with large memory consumption.

If Electrolysis can streamline the overall operation and make it more stable and secure, I'm all for it. I won't be the first in line to be a guinea pig, tho.

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