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Comment Re:Typical stupidity from the California legislatu (Score 2) 68

The concept embodied by this law might be creeping into society generally. I monitor fire department scanners and they no longer say the patient is "46 years old", instead they say "46 years OF AGE" as if the very word "old" itself is a Bad Thing. I've actually heard the dispatcher correct herself as she was about to say "age" as if she would get reprimanded by saying it.

Is this really a thing?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 119

Well, you can laugh all you want, but I object to the de facto censorship imposed on us by these de facto monopolies like Facebook, Google, and now Yahoo(?)

As if simply seeing something is the worst affront that one can suffer, so we need this AI nanny.

I agree with others on many points:

- I would rate violent images worse, automatically

- what about artistic nudes? Is this thing smart enough to discriminate between guys with cameras and the good stuff?

- what about legitimate naturist and nude beach mementos? Are we to raise an entire generation to think that shooting (imaginary) people until blood splatters the virtual screen is just peachy keen, but those photos of our trip to the nude beach are just oh so terrible? Is that the world we want to hand down when we're the next in line for the slaughter? Who made Silicon Valley the worldwide arbiters of taste anyway?

- NSFW means "not sure for what?" What if you work at a pr0n shop??

Comment Re:Looking for the exit (Score 1) 63

What "sticky fingers" do you see?

I mean, it's Google so you expect a certain level of intrusiveness and they must read the e-mail to characterize it for filtering. But I find their spam filtering to be the best going precisely because it's crowd-sourced. The sheer volume of users would be tough for any other shared database to duplicate, but I'd be curious what responses you get, myself.

I see no reason for a name change, but VPs need to make themselves appear useful somehow, I guess. If Google would limit its changes to names and color themes I'd be happy, but they seem to reduce functionality and rip out features with every "upgrade" across many of their apps any more. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

Comment Re:"Long awaited"? (Score 1) 98

I don't know anybody who uses Hangouts. I've been avoiding Hangouts as long as possible to keep old Google Voice running the way I like it on my old Android phone.

Google has a long (awaited?) history of creating products, then abandoning them. If it aint their money-maker Search they seem to lose interest after a short time. By this measure, Google must be really lousy in bed.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 166

In the PC arena, however, developers tell us that we should pitch those awful, terrible, useless 32-bit machines that are sitting around everywhere. They won't write software for that ancient, antiquated, useless junk; they only write shiny new 64-bit software now so those old 32-bit machines are stuck in the past. Pity.

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