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Comment Re: Yet another case for VPN tunnels (Score 2) 93

The ISP manages their own devices from the WAN side, how else could they do it?

Another poster mentioned SNMP; I did not know that, I thought it was some non TCP/IP protocol unique to cable modems. But either way they bear at least some responsibility for deploying these things in a way that allows these attacks to succeed so widely.

Comment Re:Denial-of-Service? (Score 1) 113

Better that IoT toys should display a message from BrickerBot to the effect that "The manufacturer of this device compromised your security. It has been disabled to protect you. Contact the manufacturer for further details."

This dumps the burden back on the creator of the garbage so they either move security up the priority list or go out of business. OK, so maybe it fibs a little, but only a little.

Comment Mahhketing, mahhketing (Score 1) 189

We don't really need more than that, what we need is a way to flag up fake news and opinion marketed as news.

Or even more prevalent: thinly veiled advertisements and product announcements masquerading as "news".

As long as maximizing revenue is top priority at a "news" organization, journalism will suffer.

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