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Comment Re:Marshmallow $40 (Score 1) 55

You're comparing Apples to asteroids.

Google started the Android project by offering 3 options to carriers, the most popular being that the carrier could control almost all of the "user experience". If they had chosen the option to keep it close to "pure" Android then they could easily have pushed out updates, but you know what control freaks the carriers like to be. Google had to make it palatable to the carriers to get in the game and that history led us to where we are now.

My gripe is that Google wants to be enough like Apple to charge an arm and a leg for a mobile computer without the accompanying ecosystem that Apple has developed. That's some pretty big cojones, even for Google.

I'm seriously considering just backing down to a mid-range Android phone as others in this thread have discussed. The Pixel is just too much money for something with forced obsolescence. I've got an ancient Samsung here now, but I'm scared of their new rush to market approach burning me in my pocket in more ways than one!

Comment Re:rm -rf /* (Score 1) 169

That's exactly what a tired/disgruntled operator at AOL did many years ago, I believe at their data center in Japan. Wherever it was, it affected a very important system that took them down in a pretty broad geographic area for something like 2 or 3 days. It was a big deal.

Comment Re:Firefox cookie management, too (Score 1) 106

Sadly, nope.

Cookie Controller seems to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too complex for what it provides, yet if it doesn't allow me finer control over the setting of cookies in the first place I'm not sure it's worth it.

I guess Mozilla is in cahoots with advertisers these days. YOU MUST ACCEPT COOKIES. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Comment Re:They delete and lock accounts too often (Score 1) 75

I am suspicious of the notion that "The Cloud" is automatically superior in every way. I've seen the arguments that cloud services typically have high availability, are managed by smart teams, are accessible from everywhere. But the people saying this are likely IT pros doing the grunt work.

I don't trust the company itself not to get sold and change the terms of service, go POOF!, or turn back every single cracking attempt (the bad guys only need to succeed ONCE). If I host my own password manager it is entirely up to me and I present a much smaller attack surface compared to a centralized repository sitting on the open internet.

Comment Re: What about electrical, plumbing etc? (Score 1) 315

Additionally, the code is typically the minimum standard to meet. I know a guy who was a certified electrician who added a room to his house and wired it himself. The inspector failed him because it didn't meet code--because it greatly exceeded code and the inspector didn't recognize it.

Sometimes you just can't win.

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