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Submission + - Online facial recognition company accepting beta applications (

Fr05t writes: Own Your Face has launched and is accepting applications for a closed beta of their online facial recognition search service. The service doesn't allow an open search, but instead verifies user accounts then builds a facial recognition profile using social media photos so individuals can know when and where their photos are being used online. Find our more at

Disclaimer I am the founder of Own Your Face Inc.


Submission + - IBM makes SIEM play with Q1 Labs acquisition (

twoheadedboy writes: "A year ago Q1 Labs was adamant it was not for sale. Now it has agreed to be acquired by IBM. Q1 Labs is set to be rolled into the new IBM Security Systems division as part of the proposed acquisition, with Q1 Labs CEO Brendan Hannigan to lead that department once the deal is closed. It marks a significant about turn by Q1 Labs, which claimed it wanted to be the "Oracle of the security intelligence world" just last September. Nevertheless, the big players are making major moves in the SIEM space, with Intel and HP both making notable acquisitions in recent times."

Submission + - Study: Three Of Four Energy Firms Had Data Breach (

Fr05t writes: Three quarters of global energy corporations have suffered one or more data breaches in the last 12 months, according to a new survey by The Ponemon Institute, which finds evidence of widespread shortcomings in the energy and utilities vertical.

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