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Submission + - Online facial recognition company accepting beta applications (ownyourface.com)

Fr05t writes: Own Your Face has launched and is accepting applications for a closed beta of their online facial recognition search service. The service doesn't allow an open search, but instead verifies user accounts then builds a facial recognition profile using social media photos so individuals can know when and where their photos are being used online. Find our more at http://www.ownyourface.com/

Disclaimer I am the founder of Own Your Face Inc.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - The Pomegranate - the next gen of smart phone. 1

Fr05t writes: A new smart phone, The Pomegranate promises such long time desired features as: Projector, Coffee Perk, Electric Razor, a Harmonica, and more.
"Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it," says a man's voice as a video plays of a businessman hurrying down a flight of stairs while shaving his stubble.

Submission + - Unlimited is no longer Unlimited with Telus

Fr05t writes: Telus Mobility started selling an "Unlimited" wireless internet (EVDO) plan in 2007, and signed up customers with the promise of unlimited high speed. Many were assured if they signed a 3 year contract this would not change. Apparently they took a page from Verizon Wireless and have begun imposing arbitrary bandwidth caps, and enforcing a very vague TOS clause to start canceling service. Here is a forum post with the letter being sent out, and a blog covering the issue. I guess Telus must not have heard how this turned out for Verizon.

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