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Comment Why there are so few women ? Because of the men. (Score 3, Insightful) 264

Take a look at how male software people treat women and you got your answer. The main reason a -admittedly good-looking- female friend of mine doesn't have a degree in CS is that she was shocked by all the drooling guys in college. During the new student orientation week, there was always this 'magic number' buzzing around: How many females dared to show up. I sometimes really felt embarrassed by my fellow male students.

Comment I wouldn't mind advertisements IF (Score 1) 307

- They didn't cause significant delays in loading pages. Quite often rendering a page is stalled because my computer is waiting for a advertisement.
- They didn't keep on showing me stuff I searched for and actually already bought over two years ago.
- They didn't block the website I was trying to visit until I click on the small X that they made as invisible as possible.
- They didn't make the content I was looking for hard to read, and hard to find on the page.
- They were not forcing me to take extra steps or actually wait a significant about of time (your video will start in 30 seconds... uh, no. That video will not play at all.)

I have the feeling advertisements are getting more and more intrusive by the day. I whitelisted a few hosts, but if things continue like this, I might have to block all of them.

Comment Never. (Score 1) 654

It takes me 13 minutes to get to work by car, 25 minutes to get there by bike, and 50 to get there by public transport, for the simple reason that I don't live near the railway station, I don't work near the railway station, and all buses go to the railway station only. In most cities in the Netherlands (except for the four biggest maybe) if you work in the same city as you live, in general public transportation the slowest option to work.

Furthermore, using the public transport I would have to make sure I'm in time for the bus every time, or I'd loose another 15 minutes. Next, using the public transport I'd most likely have to stand in an overcrowded bus and try not to get annoyed by that one guy/woman who always is there to irritate you by smelling like hell, playing loud music or making loud phone calls.

Comment Yes it is, and this is why (Score 1) 507

Agile means: Completely loosing the big picture, allowing people to write code without knowing what the scope is they are doing it in. It also means: If something is too big to fit in a scrum sprint, you have to split it up in pieces which will not be scheduled in adjacent sprints because of -wheee Agile- higher priority stuff. Which means the pieces might easily go to different teams, or the second half might not be executed in the near future at all. It also means, if something requires more than a sprint to do, it will never be properly finished, so you better not start it. Agile is nice if everyone has the same knowledge about your project. Which means it is a small project for which Agile is completely over the top or you don't have any specialists -correction- you ignore the fact that each human being has his own areas of interest, areas of specialisation and capabilities.

Comment Firefox: Swiss army knife unusable as browser. (Score 1) 300

Sorry guys, but I am not waiting for a Firefox specific in-browser chat tool. I got better chat programs that are compatible with the rest of the world. And if I want to chat with someone I enable my chat program. What I am waiting for is a browser that starts fast, loads pages fast, allows me to switch tabs and kill a tab instead of showing when a flash ad kills it's performance. I used to pay Mozilla some money. A long time ago.

Comment Stop being everything, start being a good browser (Score 1) 296

If I use a chat program, I use a chat program that everyone uses not one that happens to be integrated with whatever browser I use. If I use a pdf reader, I use a pdf reader that's good and not integrated in my browser to the level that it is annoying me. If I use a browser, I want the browser to be fast, responsive and not stuck all the time because some slow loading pages or slow plugins.

Seriously. Remove half your code base and FF might stand a chance in the future.

Comment It needs to have the camera removed (Score 1) 324

I don't care if you think you are cool by reading your emails while I think you are having a chat with me. I will simply ignore you and remove you from my friendzone. I do care that you are secretly recording our conversation. I want to punch you in the face for that, destroy the device and make sure you never do that again. Just remove the camera and I see a market for it. Not my market, but there are plenty of idiots who will like it.

Comment Re:MORE SHIT??? (Score 1) 177

Not intrusive, maybe. But still: Firefox Hello is not good.

It is is Firefox specific, and since they have little market share chances are small that I can use it with whoever I would like to use it with.
It is doing something that has nothing to do with browsing the net
There are already way too many standards for chatting with or without video, and this one requires Firefox while till now I could get away with pidgin and skype.
It is not an extension I choose to install, and I am sure I will never use it. Therefore it only makes my Firefox bigger and more bloated.

I wouldn't care if Firefox were a small and fast browser, but it is a big, slow piece of junk and they added more crap to it, instead of fixing that.

Comment I used to (Score 1) 488

But I got so fed up with the big egos that I quit. Linus Torvalds himself once trashed the project I was working on because of a few lines of debug code that were checked in, refusing to listen to our arguments. Later, similar projects -invented by others- made it to core functionality in the linux kernel. I'm talking about the old Kernel Graphics Interface project, which did the same as DRI and KMS, except that it also worked on other platforms. I tried again with Scribus. Their response: Welcome, but don't touch our code. I was involved in Mandrake, but quit when the core developers refused to listen to the community. We all know what happened to Mandrake...

Comment Why don't they study the cause of the pain ? (Score 3, Interesting) 83

I am the last to say chronic pains are not real, but I do know that chronic pains are most of the time a symptom of something else, and way too many people are diagnosed with chronic pains. Doctors say they can't treat something and you have to live with it, though many times that is simply wrong. My wife was diagnosed with 'chronic pain' by 6 independent doctors. Number 7 said she should stop drinking milk. Pain is almost completely gone. I myself have been walking around with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years. Stopped eating Gluten and the Syndrome is gone.

We have way too many "diseases" which are nothing but a name for clueless doctors and a failing medical system. My basic rule is: If you broke something: Go see a doctor. If you have something that's a bit more vague: See someone who understands how the human body works. And yes, I now refer to for example good acupuncture, chiropractic or homeopathic doctors. Unfortunately you also have a lot of crap there.

Comment He has a point, but is oe of them himself (Score 1) 993

If you look carefully, mr. Poettering is the guy behind many problems in the current Linux world. He is the guy behind Pulseaudio, the audio system that destroyed everything that was good about ALSA, and didn't properly fix anything that was bad about it. He is the guy behind systemd, the swiss army knife that is good at everything except what it is supposed to do, reinventing all the wheels that used to be the base of a Linux system. He is complaining that Linux is still too fragmented, and fixes that by adding more fragmentation on the one hand (Pulseaudio, yet another audio implementation) and reducing fragmentation to the level that it's insane on the other (systemd).

And, mr. Poettering. Sometimes listening to others is not a bad idea. There is no excuse for binary log formats. The fact that you still refuse to listen to this message (and others), brought to you by many, makes you nothing better than all the people you are barking at.

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