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Journal FortKnox's Journal: 4D Ultrasounds Kick ASS! 9

And this would be a picture of my baby girl's face... in 3D!!

Getting to know your ultrasound tech and making her your friend is well worth it ;-) (wife is diabetic, so we've seen her more than women with 12 kids).

FYI - after a talk with my wife, looks like we will probably avoid emma and jenna. Best look at the table at the moment (no real sit down) looks like Meghan, Gretchen, and Samantha are in the lead.
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4D Ultrasounds Kick ASS!

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  • Aint technology rad?
  • No, really -- they look like little aliens. I know it's magical and everything, but even when I was the one gestating, it always looked like a weird little worm-creature in there. Even after they're born... Yik. Give 'em about a month to fatten up, and that's nice. But still, that's a sweet US. :-)

    And if you're gonna go with Meghan, why not make Margaret official, and just call her Meghan?! Or maybe just go with Meghan and claim that you were naming her after Margaret?

    These suggestions brought to you by
  • :-)

    Seriously, I like the name Meghan, even with just one 'a'. :-)

  • You really, REALLY want her to date TL, don't you?

    I agree with Bethanie; and you:)
  • looks like Meghan, Gretchen, and Samantha are in the lead.

    sounds like a horse race...

    (announcer voice) And it is a beautiful day her at Churchhill Downs and the races is under way....

    Meghan got off to a slow start but found a late burst of energy after the first turn and is pulling even with the pack on the outside...

  • and it's a daughter, she'll be named Cambria (nicknamed Cam or Bri)

    Other name suggestions:
    Emiline (soythern version of Emily, my friend goes by Emma)

  • that is a gorgeous image.
  • Samantha or Maxine for a girl, Samuel or Maxwell for a boy.

    Yes. Dork. I know.

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