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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Virgin Mary and Foodstuffs 10

Sounds like an LPet JE title, don't it?

Well, looks like 10 years ago some dude was making grilled cheese. Took a bite and saw someone looking up at him.
It was the Virgin Mary in his grilled cheese! Well, he perserved it for 10 years... and it gave him luck in the form of winning at a local casino (for non-Catholics, the Virgin Mary is known for her poker prowess...) for a total amount of $70k. Of course, now he's ready to sell it. Why? My guess is that he's lost all his money at the casino.....

Its still an interesting picture.
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The Virgin Mary and Foodstuffs

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  • article here: http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/11/16/ebay.sandwich.ap/ index.html
  • Miracles in everyday occurances. This reminds me of the picture many of the charismatics were passing around my Catholic Church in my hometown- an OBVIOUS double exposure of a sunset with a very famous European painting of St. Mary behind it (right down to a few spots where the paint had flaked over the centuries being quite visible in the picture). How anybody can consider any of this to be miraculous, just points out that a miracle is really just a coincidence that somebody chooses to believe in.
  • by nizo ( 81281 )
    Time to warm up the ol' flatiron and iron me up some virgin miracles! Hey Sam if you read this, it could be our ticket to xmas cheer eh? :-)
  • One could guess that browning bread is as much of a process of generating white noise as just taking snapshots of static on a TV, but with a worse resolution.

    From there, we should assume that given a piece of bread we know nothing about, some portions will brown and others will not. Depending upon the quality of one's cooking, this should be rather random. Like noise.

    Now, looking at the sandwhich in question, we see there is obviously a pattern that can be generated has in a local area, a portion that looks

  • Funny. To me, it looks like Mira Furlan. I guess "I found Ambassador Delenn in my grilled cheese sammich!" doesn't have that catchy hook that "I found the Virgin Mary in my grilled cheese sammich!" does. Certainly won't pull down the big bucks on eBay, unless a bidding war starts between a couple of Babylon 5 fans with an excess of disposable income.

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