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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A Break, Finally! 22

I guess I'd be bad if I didn't mention the loss of Em. He's more of a loss than banky and LG combined. One of the pillars of the JE circle, but he'll return when we get unread going. I'm surprised he's in a bad mood when there is that undefeated rookie sensation in the NFL that plays for his team (that's right... Craig Krentzel is 1-0) ;-)

Today, though, marks an important day for me. Its a day I actually get to take a break. I've spent countless hours working on training materials for the new technology I went to Chicago for. Now I've finally gotten to the last class. I have a small class to train friday night (but its basic stuff for non-Java people), and the last class is on Wednesday night. That means tonight I get a break, tomorrow I train, this weekend, monday, and tuesday will be working on stuff for Wednesday's class, and thursday I can get back to working on unread again.

What to do tonight? Well, after I spend time with the family, the best way I normally blow off stress is picking up a violent game (Desert Combat will do) and blow the hell outta people (there is no greater feelign than seeing a spawnsniper's flailing body fly miles when you hit him with a howitzer shot).
But today is very unusual for me. I actually have a book I picked up and read a little when I had time, and I want to devour it tonight. This is completely out of character for me. Books are for short amounts of time, not something to look forward to and really spend hours reading... well, not for me. I prefer video game entertainment... but this book is the best science fiction book I've ever read. Hell, it is the best book I've read (including classics like LoTRs!). I'm only a few dozen pages into it and have never been so engrossed in such a unique story before.
If anyone is getting excited to read this book, I'm afraid you probably already read it. I didn't read much scifi as a kid, so I'm going back and reading the classics. But, if you haven't read Dune, I HIGHLY suggest it. Its the most thoroughly done, well written piece of literature. An entire universe of uniqueness, complete with unique species, technology, economics, and politics. I'm having a FANTASTIC time reading it!
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A Break, Finally!

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  • I read it when I was younger - like, Jr. High - and just did NOT get it. I was too young, I fear.

    I keep wanting to buy Neverwinter Nights (for the Mac, if one of my mysterious benefactors is reading ;), but can't justify the cost - both monetary and time - while unemployed. Otherwise, I don't play games that much. I have a Playstation one with FFVII that has gone unused. :(

    • Dude... read it now! Read it now! ;-)
      Yeah, its definatel not something for anyone under, I'd say at least 16 (and you'd have to be a mature reader at that 16).
      But I'm REALLY enjoying the book.
      • Sorry...I read, and loved, it when I was 12. But then, I was reading Asimov's Foundation and Earth and Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land when I was 10. I went on to read most of Heinlein's stuff, the rest of the Foundation series. Asimov's Lucky Starr was good, as was his Black Widower books. No matter what people say, I loved Heinlein's I Will Fear No Evil. It tied with Number of the Beast and Time Enough for Love for my favorite Heinlein books.

        I found some Larry Niven an Jerry Pournelle, too. I
      • I read Dune for the first time in 7th grade (13 years old?) and I got it then. I've reread it several times and I've caught a few more subtle bits here and there. Of course, I was quite the Machiavellian kid, so I may be a special case. A great friend of mine read the series back then too though, but he may also be special as he devours anything fantasy/sci-fi and is probably as Machiavellian as I. Wonder why we get along so well...

        Now, I think there are parts in the later books that require a bit more matu

      • I read other books when younger, like the Shining and stuff, but the whole political concepts and weird names and stuff just threw me. I was more accustomed at the time to imagining druids and orcs and the like, not a messiah and resource depletion. :)

        Maybe I'll go take another crack at it. I don't seem to want to do anything else tonight. :)

  • so, within the next decade, when you have another break like this... I would like to offer my standard reading suggestion... read Kerouac's "On The Road" Its a very fast read... and its great to let your mind go.

    Yeah... it has the slight "fringe" quality to it... but mostly its just about freedom, written by a guy who knew all about the subject :)

    If you've read it before... then go more fringe... and go with a good Burroughs... I'm thinking either Queer and/or Junky (they go hand in hand).

    So anyway... br
  • probably 3 times a year. Used to be more but I've slowed down the last 5 years or so. It goes really quick now-- I read it for the first time around 20 years ago or so. If you ever want to chat Dune-- throw up a JE and I'll jump in for sure.

    On a related note I rent the movie every so often. Kind of like when there is nothing good in the fridge but you keep checking anyway. I keep watching the film to double check that it still sucks.

    • Did you watch the scifi series for dune? I didn't but heard it was MUCH better.
      • I heard that too-- but I have not seen it. I have also not read any of the books that Frank Herbert didn't write. Although, to be honest, I read Dune over and over and I like the next two (Children and Messiah) but after that my interest dropped off considerably.

  • It was around 3am your time, but it was great. The trick I used last night to win in Desert Combat is the maps. Gazala especially has some well designed choke points with convenient ambush nooks.

    The base closest to the coalition main base was particularly fun. I found a way around the back (to that hidden village) and wound up killing three tanks and taking the base.
  • Hey, he's probably the only player in the NFL with a degree in molecular biology -- I've got to be a fan.
  • Might I suggest a night of drinking, women, and other such things at the local gentleman's club starting at midnight followed up by more drinking, dancing, and women at the Red Cheetah.

    I think that is my night tonight.
  • I'm reading Hemmingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls". I must say, it's a great read thus far. It's fast paced and really transports me away from reality.

    For those of you that don't know it, it takes place during the Spanish Civil War in 1937 or so. It's totally engrossing, and highly acclaimed by literary folks.
  • Man, I was so looking forward to destroying you with my helicopter.

    I've been hanging out on the "ËË (lan" server lately.
    • Bah!! hit Submit instead of Preview accidentally.

      Anyway, server name should say "pEEp Clan" with funky characters.

      The web page IIRC is
  • by http ( 589131 )
    Dune the movie was distastefully different from the novel. If you haven't yet, don't bother renting it. You'll regret wasting the money on the rental.

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