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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Bengals and Crummy Throat 29

Who Dey? Who Dey? Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?!?! I tell you what, I'm really ticked off I didn't post my picks, cause I had Cincinnati upsetting Denver (my yahoo picks has it that way as proof, but I think you have to be in the league to pick). Anywho, the Bengals are a team that needs a crowd. Like last night... the whole city was backing the Bengals... making them think they were kings... and they dominated in the game (they had the worst running D in the league, and denver had the best running O in the league... how could they lose?). Anywho, was a great game. Only disappointing thing was not having many people in IT that like to talk football :-(

Today I have what my mother always called a "Crummy Throat." That is the best way I can think of describing it... some people call it a "Scratchy Throat" but I don't think thats 'severe' enough sounding... and it isn't a 100% full blown "Sore Throat" (that will probably happen tomorrow). Its like someone takes some gravel and rubs it down your throat. You can still talk above a whisper, but can feel it constantly throughout the day. Kinda sucks. The only think I have to take is strawberry flavored halls. Which is odd.... strawberry + mentholyptus doesn't really mix IMHO....

Oh, and if I don't have time to post my picks this week... The Steelers will give the Pats thier first 'L'
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Bengals and Crummy Throat

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  • Hate that.

    By the way, sorta funny: I read your subject line as: "Bagels and Cream Cheese". Guess you know where my fat-ass mind is! :)
  • They get to give the Pats their first loss this week ... and the iggles thheir first loss NEXT week ..... BWUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA ... ahem. Sorry.

    • I'm hopin the Iggles lose next Sunday, too. Otherwise they will overprepare for the Steelers. The Eagles D has two weaknesses... soft middle to run through, and their corners aren't fast enough to handle stretching the field... that is... if the line can provide enough time to setup for a bomb.

      The offense... I dunno... that's the tough part... they really need to play dime/quarter the entire game.
      • sorry... but my berds 0wn3r the ravens.

        yeah... the eagles d is soft against the run... but they make plays when they have to... and well... shall we talk about the offense :)

        heh... the eagles will be 7-0 next week :D

      • Your Steelers are in trouble. Rothlessburger or whatever his name is, will find out what an evil genius Jim Johnson is.
        I especially like seeing the scared look in their eyes when they peel away from the Freak to see Dawk charging down their throat.

        And, FWIW, Duce is not the kind of 'breakout' runner that gives the Iggles trouble.

        BTW, did you know the Iggles and Steelers were the same team during WWII? Google Steagles [] sometime...
        • Every team that has faced Roethlisburger has blitzed him (hell, isn't that what you do with a Rookie QB??). All have failed. I think next week is when Roethlisburger will have trouble, because Belichick won't blitz him, he'll throw confusing zones and coverages at him. Good line gives him time to work his magic, what defenses need to do is make it hard for him to throw.
        • Yes, fully aware of the Steagles. Did you know that the Steagles were formed because neither team had enough players for a full roster, but pitt did have enough to play, whereas Philly didn't, so theye combined to fill the roster. The anniversary was last year and they had a big ceremony at Heinz field.

          I hardly classify William Greene or Lee Suggs asa break-out runnners, either, and they certainly gave the iggles a butt-load of trouble.

          Also, I've met most of the steelers. My Boss's daughter (Greta) is
        • Well the Steelers have a running game which seemed to cause a lot of trouble for the Eagles when they just played Clevend. The Steelers quarterback, Roethlisberger, is seems better than Clevend's Garcia so Johnson has challenge. Since Roethlisberger has been the starter he has not made bad passes, i.e. easy interceptions. The Steelers are quick familar with the Freak and have handled him before- personally I think the guy is overrated.

          The Steelers are a team more likely to shove the running game down a
          • Nice usage of crummy throat in the football genre! :-D

            In reply to your other posts, I do think Casey Hampton is the bigger loss (and I don't just mean his size... the dude can just stop the run all by himself). Willie Williams will probably play in these two 'big' games vs Pats and Iggles... but will put Ricardo Colclough in the rest of the games to see how he does.
            And, as far as Cincy's fanbase, you are right. The Steeler game is the first to sell out, and there is always more Pitt fans than Cincy fan
            • Well I wasn't sure about the Marvin Lewis thing but it seems true. Here is a quote from Lewis: "We have to quit having all the people giving all their tickets away to the people from up the river. That's a challenge to our fans, to come out this week in their orange and black and keep the people in the yellow and black out of the stadium." I got it from a Cincinnati Post article here [].
          • The run hasn't cost the Birds any games yet.
            Same deal with last year. Pittsburgh might get lucky...

            And Jeff Garcia is a damn fine quarterback. He's cagey and quick both passing and on his feet. I don't know that Big Ben has quite the awareness that Garcia does. He can't. And it will show.

            I'm not saying he won't be good, but it takes a QB a few years to mature. Not a few games.
            Just because he play in a crappy division against crappy team, doesn't mean he's good. Cleveland played the game of their li
            • The run hasn't cost the Birds any games yet.

              The writing is more visible on the wall than ever before though. Clevend had no business being in that game let alone forcing overtime- and they did it because of the Eagles' run defense. The run might not cost them against the Steelers but I promise you it will sometime this season (although Philly's schedule looks really EASY). Teams with a back that goes a 100 yards usually wins- and right now any team playing the Eagles have a chance to do so. That old 1
      • if the line can provide enough time to setup for a bomb.

        Someone set us up the bomb.
        Make your time!

        man, no self control today. None at all.

        • no self control today

          Geez... no kidding! Its like this one time, while I was eating gritz in Russia with Natalie Portman (who wanted me to call her "BeoWulf Cluster" for some reason), and everyone was crying out PROFIT!!!

          And that, ladies and gentleman, is the sound of Ab's control exploding.... ;-)
    • I do not know if they will beat both the Patriots and Eagles but they should win (steal) at least one of those games since they are both at Heinz Field. The Steelers got really beat up at Dallas. I think they can deal with losing Chad Scott, don't think Willie Williams is the answer though, but dealing with the loss of Casey Hampton is much greater. I love the Steelers but I just don't trust that defense yet- even less now with their injuries.
  • There's one called "Throat Coat" and it's got slippery elm bark in there, I think, and it's *wonderful* for a "crummy throat." Plus, the warmth just makes it feel better.

    Hope you feel better, sweetie.

  • Was that the Bengals went into that game to win it, and they weren't going to be denied. Honestly, I don't care if it was the Pats or Iggles in Cinci last night, they would've lost. That was a team on a mission.
  • WARNING - TMI ahead:

    I've been battling this for about a week - admittedly it's an improvement now that the soul-crushing pain from the sinus infection has stopped making me want remove all my teeth with a pair of pliars.

    Last night the coughing was so bad (I'd only just taken the robo) it set off my gag reflex and I puked twice. The first time while reading a bedtime story to my daughter - throwing her off onto the floor with a thud and racing to the toilet; the second while on the stairs - barely making
  • The Bengals do need a better fan base. Whenever the Steelers play them at Paul Brown Stadium there are legions of Steeler fans that make the trip and essentially turn it into a homegame for the Steelers. I think last year Marvin Lewis even made something of a public plea for people not to scalp their tickets to Steeler fans.
  • my sore throats usually have to do with me smoking too much the night before...luke warm beverages usually help (hot chocolate)
  • Acid Reflux [], like a buddy of mine had Saturday night? Cuz you know, it's going around these days.
  • Go Steelers! Would love to see them win their next two.

    And how about the Dolphins, finally getting a W?

    Hope you feel better! I've been kinda run down too...

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