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Journal FortKnox's Journal: In My Mind (also, any Chicagoans out there???) 25

I'm gonna give you an insight into my mind:
I work in a consulting firm (relatively small, about one hundred people... just recently made a branch in a new city). Consultants should be developers with boatloads of experience in all the technologies in demand. Consultants are usually older guys with large resumes. This is my second job out of school. I am 27 (28 next month). So, although I'm a pretty good developer with a good amount of experience in the newest java technologies, I'm pretty much the low guy on the totem pole. All the guys hired after me are all in their mid thirties or older. They are Architects and high in my company from the start.

Something that annoys the hell outta me is that the only reason the higher ups in my company even know my name is because I've been around for 3 years now (consultant turnaround can be high, because clients you work for can turn around and give you a job with a hefty raise). So I'm one of the guys that have been around a while in my part of the company (java group). My problem is, they invited a LOT of architect type people into the company. Not only that, but all the higherups buddy-buddy with these folks. Its hard when you've put in 3 hard years in a company to see someone who's been here for 5 months get to go to conventions with the guy in charge of the java group, and go out to dinner with the company president and the best I got is a "Hi Josh!"

Of course, I understand. I'm the one always telling my younger sister "You gotta do your time before the real opportunities come up. Yeah, its tough, the job isn't necessarily what you want to do, but you need a couple years experience before you'll be considered for something else."

Well, I've poked around trying to find something to make me unique. There is a technology they've talked about trying to wrap around[1], and when they offered training in it to a small class after hours on fridays, I jumped to get in the class. It ended up being a good thing, however, I'm still unnoticed.

That's when a huge client came to us and wanted us to do something with that technology. When they first talked about it, they asked folks that were involved in the class to get together. I was one of like 5 people in the group (only java guy, might I add). Then the client became a reality, so the company forced others to be apart of the group. Added in one java guy who didn't take the training, and one big architect type who did (and a BOATLOAD of project managers).

Still nada from me. I got involved, but still the low guy on the totem pole.

This was about 2 or so months ago. Things started progressing slowly. Then I got a call yesterday afternoon. The "big client" is a brand new product out of a WELL known computer software manufacturer (dunno if I'm allowed to say or not, but if I said the name, you'd know them). This new product needs integration with that technology I am trained in. It was the architect guy. He was supposed to take the training, but the client he's currently at needs him too direly. I was the next guy on the list.

So, from 9/27-10/1 I'll be in Chicago to partake in training for this new product. I'll be the man. I'll be important. Even the architect guy told me on the phone "dude, this is gonna shift that totem pole." I'm tooootally hyped. Finally an opportunately landed on my lap after trying so hard!

So, any Chicagoans around that want to have dinner or coffee or something a week from monday??

[1] Sorry about being vague, but I don't know what's public and what's not, so I'm keeping me mouth shut.
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In My Mind (also, any Chicagoans out there???)

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