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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week Two Picks 17

Fantasy Football will have the plus week by Saturday at the latest for those in the league. For those that didn't follow last year. I don't go by the points, I just add them in there to show you which ones I think are stronger opinions than others. On with the picks!

Rams at Falcons: The Vick's new West Coast offense meets a team that isn't the pitiful Niners. I think he'll do well... not fantastic (give'm a year to learn the new system). However, the Falcon D barely held off the pitiful Niners. They can't handle the Rams (especially after the Rams got nearly beat by the Cards). St Louis by 7.

Steelers at Ravens: The Ravens lost to the Browns. That's because the Browns actually played the college 4-4 scheme (4 linemen, 4 linebackers, 3 DBs). That tells you how wonderful Kyle Boller is. The steelers 3-4 is known to stop the run (just ask Norv Turner about how great his power rushing style plays against the new LeBeau D). Oakland came back... you know why? Rich Gannon, Jerry Porter, Jerry Rice. How does that compare to Kyle Boller, Todd Heap, and Kevin Johnson? Yeah, and besides the final game of the season last year, Baltimore usually gets their asses handed to them by the Steelers. Pittsburgh by 10

Texans at Lions: Ugh, lost Rogers again. Poor mooch. Anyhow, the Lions are a team on the rise, but will need probably one more year to be a playoff team. I thought the Texans were a playoff bound team this year until they got whumped by the Chargers last week. I chalk it up as a week one wakeup call. Houston by 6

Bears at Pack: Toughy. This is always a close game and is always a no holds barred game. I'm giving it to the Pack just cause its in Lambeau. Green Bay by 1

Broncs at Jags: The Jags took care of Travis Henry, but I think Griffin (while not necessarily the better back, he does have a better O line and run schemes) will do better. The Denver D is also on par with the Bills. Its a tossup, and I'm giving it to the Broncs cause they have a slightly better D and much better kicker that will win them the game. Denver by 3

Panthers at Chefs: KC got manhandled on by the Denver O last week. Unfortunately, the Panthers bring more of the same, though they have a better D line and weaker DBs. Unfortunately for KC, they are a running team, first. GUNTHER WILL IMPROVE THE D! Uh huh... Carolina by 3

Niners at Saints: Niners won't be able to keep it close with N'awlins. The only chance the Niners have is if the game ends up in San Antonio or Houston. Odds are unlikely. New Orleans by 6

Skins at Giants: The Skins chewed up the Bucs defense, and the Giants are EVEN WORSE. Portis will make mincemeat of the G-Men, and the G offense won't be able to produce crap on the Skins D. Washington by 14 That's right. FOURTEEN

Colts at Titans: The Colts showed they were better than the Pats last week (just threw the game away with turnovers). They will truely show they are superbowl bound by keeping ahold of the lead against their biggest division rival. Indianapolis by 3

Seahawks at Bucs: The Bucs D looked the worst its been in years. They are starting to fall, and next year is the first year for rebuilding under Chucky, who will have a tough time dealing with rookies instead of WWII vets. Seahawks by 7

Browns at Cowboys: Will we see more 4-4 from them? I doubt it. The Browns were admirable when they shut down the Ravens, but that was an emotional game more than anything else. I dunno if they'll be able to produce the same kinda game against the Boys. It'll be a close one, though. Dallas by 1

Pats at Cards: Did you know The Sheriff is 3-0 vs Bill Belichick? Did you know he was coaching MUCH better players when he did that? Pats by 7

Bills at Raiders: I think the Bills D should be able to handle the Raiders O. If Bledsoe can have a good game, I think they'll be able to surpass the Raiders, but I have a feeling Rob Ryan has something up his sleeve... Oakland by 3

Jets at Chargers: The Jets O-Line looked like the AFC probowl O-Line last week! The charges won't be able to handle the running style of a younger Curtis Martin combined with the passing skill of Chad Pennington. New York y 10

Phins at Bengals: Rudi Johnson may have another tough week. However, Carson Palmer showed some real skill vs a good defense. This should be an easy win for the Bengals seeing as the Dolphins have 0 threats on O. Cincinnati by 7

Vikes at Eagles: Heads Vikes win, Tails Eagles win! I, honestly, believe the Vikings have the advantage in defense. That's the only reason I'm picking them. Minnesota by 1
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Football: Week Two Picks

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  • My gut tells me the Cardinals win this weekend. Of course, my gut is rather optimistic, hopelessly so.

  • Hey FK, Where's the NFC preview? Other than "Joe Gibbs' Skins Rock The Conference?"
    • Its too late... Week 1 passed by. If I say "The Panthers aren't gonna be that great this year" its cause they lost against the Broncs.

      Honestly, I'm an AFC person, anyway, so the only thing I can say is: I'm really impressed with the Skins, and I think Philly isn't going to the superbowl, again.
  • Expect some surprises. Last Sunday was a crazy day.

    Oh and the Browns are doomed. ;)
  • How does Fantasy Football work, anyway? I know a (very) little about football...
    • Its kinda tough to explain without some football knowledge, but I'll try.

      On offense, you have 5 key offensive types of players: The Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Reciever, Tight End and Kicker.

      What you do is get together a group of people (usually 6-12, even number). You setup a random order for a draft (draft order goes 1-n during odd rounds, and n-1 on even... so during the first round of a 6 team league, #6 will get the last choice, and the first choice of round 2... that evens the draft out so #
      • So, have I thoroughly confused you, yet?

        Naw...makes perfect sense. But I see I'd have to know more about the strategy of individual games before I tried to play.
        • Actually, its a good way to learn. Sure you'd be a longshot to win the season, but its a real good way to get to know the players and watch more games.

          I always tell people that if you can watch a game and have an idea of whats going on, get Madden and play Fantasy Football, and you'll be a football expert in a year or two.
  • Rams at Falcons I think Vick can keep the offense rolling against a pathetic Rams D. Close game, but I got to go with the Birds. Birds by 1.

    Steelers at Ravens Honestly? Ravens suck. Steelers take this one. Steelers by 10.

    Texans at Lions Texans. Texans. Texans. I'll say by... 12.

    Bears at Pack Toughy? Naw. I saw Favre on Monday Night. He was smiling... Pack by 10.

    Broncs at Jags Two reasons the Broncos make the playoffs this year: 1) Oakland sucks. 2) Mr. Griffin. Buckin' Broncs by 3

    Panthers at Ch
  • The Brownies discovered the football equivalent of the Barry Bonds Shift. Other teams know Barry can't hit to the opposite field, so they overload the right side of the infield, with the 2nd baseman playing shallow right center. Cleveland finally learned that Kyle Boller can't complete a pass more than 5 yards, so they could overload the line of scrimmage with a 4th linebacker. Thus, Jamal Lewis can't gash them for 250+ yards anymore.

    Baltimore's offense has been exposed, badly. Scott, Hope, and Townsend c

    • And I can't wait to see what happens when Hines Ward and Deion Sanders meet over the middle

      Dear lord, I haven't even thought of that. Ward is gonna injury the old man. What about a running play... Ward will probably try his hardest to lay a block on Deon to keep him on the ground.
  • Lest us not forget that Dave Campo, the Browns DC, was A) the old HC at Dallas B) Dallas is running the same defensive scheme there with the same DC under Campo and C) he has a grudge against them.

    Injuries at RB, injuries in the Secondary. The real question is if the Browns can keep Garcia upright against the speed on the Cowboy D-line or they can start a running game.
  • The Browns will beat the cowboys because the cowboys will wear out by the 3rd quarter... browns by 3.

    I think the Bills will beat the Raiders by 6. I'm still mad at Warren Sapp for not coming to Cincinnati. ;)

    I think the Eagles will take the Vikings by 2. As you say it's almost a toss up talent wise but I gotta go with Philly for the home field advantage.

  • Panthers at Chefs: KC got manhand...

    Great googly-moogly!

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