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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A little of everything 16

Football: The first game of the season was a nailbiter to the end. But it taught us some things. Indy's pass D is pretty pathetic, though if anyone can turn it around its Dungy's cover-2 schemes. The Pats run D is NOTHING without Ted Washington at NT (Edge is a decent running back, but he was toying around with the D. What happens if they play Portis or Priest Holmes or Rudi Johnson??). Corey Dillon showed flashes, but I havne't seen anything impressive out of him for two years, now. As for indy, though their pass D was bad, it was their game without the fumbles. Indy's O was walking on the Pats O. They gave away that game. I think Brady would been in trouble if there was a faster pass rush. I don't think they'd be able to take on Philly or TB. The Jets D will probably give them fits, too.
Note: Need to do my NFC predictions before Sunday (when the NFC actually starts playing).

Server Problems (link): Triump The Insult C was Triumphant! His suggestion ended up working like a charm. I first logged into roadrunners chat server (since its the fastest). Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure its outsourced to india. Here's what the chat was like (the guy I was talking to was "Ali A"):

Me: (give info out, phonenumber, addy, name, etc..) Could you please tell me the IPs assigned to my cablemodem?
Ali A: sure just go to
Me: No, you don't understand, I know the IP I'm currently on, but the other IP assigned to me is on a machine that has a broken keyboard. The IP changed on a power outage and I'd like to know the new IP.
*10 minutes of complete silence*
Me: Here, lemmie tell you the situation. I have a linux box that I use for ssh'ing into for DB transactions and such[1]. The keyboard port died, but it wasn't a problem, because I ssh into it and never really have to use it locally. I just want to know the IP to ssh to.
Ali A: Well that is two problems. We don't support home networks and we don't support linux. Do you need anything else?
Me: Ok, listen here Alia... I'm gonna put this in simple terms since I'm obviously confusing you. Two IPs are assigned to each cablemodem. Can you just tell me the two IPs assigned to my particular modem?
Ali A: No, they are randomly assigned by the DNS Server. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Alia, you know I'm going to break out the phone, call customer service where I'll get my answer in 10 minutes, right? You are completely useless and I'll be sure to mention that on my call when I get my information.

So, I call RR customer support. I tell her my situation, she hands me to level 3 support who tells me my two IPs. We chat for a while on how I have my linux server setup and stuff (he's a cool guy). I mention the worthless 'Ali A' (I actually said it right, this time) and he says that the chat level guys are only level 1, so its only helpful for people that have trouble setting up their printers. I thank him, and reset the dyndns to the new IP.

Unread: Still chugging, albeit slowly. Safety Cap, I'm not making a prototype to work off of, I'm making a prototype to aid me in making use cases (which will then aid me in requirements. Just going backward a bit). Anyhow, I'm looking into finding an artist to make the graphic, cause I got a good idea for it (an unread book (spiderwebs and such) with a zombie in the background). Anyone have enough artistic ability to do something like that??

Weekend: This weekend will be housework, unread, and yardwork. Have to split up my parsley and basil. They are killing each other in their pots.

Em: WTF is up with the latest JE? Is that real???

[1] Dunno how they view email and webservers on the home service, so I just didn't give out that info.

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A little of everything

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  • Maybe some sort of psychic energy from your hatred for the Patriots is what keeps sending them to Super Bowls? Thanks, we appreciate it! Could you start hating the Red Sox? Actually they're already entertaining -- hate the Bruins or the Celtics for a little while, let's try an experiment.

    Actually, I have a theory of my own. Both times the Patriots have gone to the Super Bowl in the last 3 years (can't say that enough!), my wife has been pregnant. We skipped a year, so did they. We don't plan on going

    • Your sig reminded me that I wanted to add a "Thanng Queue" to Triumph for his suggestion. Its how Joey says thankyou.

      As far as the Pats hatred, it only started last year. The sports media won't stop talking about them. I dig underdogs, and hate champions (unless they are my team).
  • ETHELRED IS A FREAKING GRAPHIC DESIGN ARTIST! Has all that oregano gone to your head! :-)

    Lameness filter encountered. Post aborted! Reason: Don't use so many caps. It's like YELLING. Important Stuff # Please try to keep posts on topic. # Try to reply to other people's comments instead of starting new threads. # Read other people's messages before posting your own to avoid simply duplicating what has already been said. # Use a clear subject that describes what your message is about. # Offtopic, Inflamma

    • You realize when I meet you, I'm stuffing fresh basil down your gullet until you stop saying (or typing) the word 'oregano.' And I was gonna give everyone a chance and didn't know how busy mr. unraed was.
      • That's ok, I LOVE basil. :-)

        Eth? busy? He has time to mow with one of those old slow manual mowers that takes TEN TIMES as long as the new electric ones! Just ask his Father in Law! OF COURSE he's not busy! :-)

        • Heh, just sitting on my front porch you get the scent of basil. I grew a REALLY fragrant batch this year. Unfortunately, my wife has been gagging at the smell (well, she did during the first trimester when scents can cause wierd reactions, like puking), so I haven't been able to do much with it. This weekend, I'm getting garlic and more good quality EVO and making a pesto with it. I can't wait! :-D
    • Just give us idea of your icon, etc needs.
  • If I would have read your last post, I would have suggested you see if your cable modem has a web interface. I use RoadRunner out of Central NY and my Surfboard SB3100 has a status page at
    • no way man, i won, fair and square! =)

      i don't think these cable modems are 'modems' ... i think they are more like bridges, because the computers themselves are getting the public IP addresses. in FK's case, one computer (his server) was getting the public IP and his router was getting the other (giving private IPs to his workstations). he knew the public IP address of his router, but not the public IP address of his server. since the cable modem (the only common point along the wire) doesn't have an IP
  • I know you mentioned that you were going to upgrade FF to plus this week? Is that going to happen before the weekend?
    • Yeah, I need to get on the ball with that. I'll withdraw the money and hope it hits my account before sunday (if not, you still get the stat tracker for free the first week).
  • I think I have a minute this weekend to finish the beast and send it off to you. Let's work it from both ends and meet in the middle, 'kay? :)

    No worries either way.

  • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
    Is that a typo or did Ali really tell you the DNS server was handing out addresses?
  • by cyranoVR ( 518628 ) *
    Em: WTF is up with the latest JE? Is that real???

    This is exactly why I often refer to people on here as my "imaginary friends."

    On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog, etc.

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