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Journal FortKnox's Journal: One Handed Computing 8

Get yer mind outta the gutter, bethanie... I'm refering to the one handed keyboard. Your supposed to be able to type a lot easier (and faster). Supposedly intuitive and simple to learn quickly. Anyone tried this before?

If so, how well does it work? Can you code with it just as effective as you can type with it?
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One Handed Computing

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  • ... but that's cause I have a abroken wrist. I get the splint off on Tuesday. YAY!

  • I was just thinking about nursing & typing at the same time -- I'm doing it right now, as a matter of fact.

    Why?? What were YOU thinking, FK?

  • ...is how it registers each keystroke properly. Does it work like a telephone, where you hit a key a certain number of times to get the letter you want, or do you press the corners of the keys to get the right letter? That wasn't clear (to me, anyway) in the link.

    • I looked at the FrogPad site and they say it is not chorded and you never hit more than 2 keys at a time. Looking at it, it may be what you say about where you hit certain keys. Then I'd guess maybe you switch modes- looks like there are LEDs across the top to indicate ctrl, shift, etc. I think the speed comes from the fact that the most commonly used keys are available immediately and the only characters that require extra steps are the ones you don't use much anyway.
  • I'd like to know if you can use two of them simultaneously to double your typing speed...

    If so, I could conceivably hit 200 WPM.
  • But the concept looks interesting.
    The training [frogpad.com] offers good insight into the use. It looks [frogpad.com] pretty straighforward.

    I wonder if it or the Twiddler [handykey.com] is more ergonomic?
    They're about the same price.
    • repetitive strain is made worse by 1 handed keyboards... as keystrokes your right hand would otherwise do are now being done exclusively by your left (or vice versa) and the typing only hand is always the first to go to carpel tunnel. because it's movent pattern is less divirse than they mousing hand... which can go from keyboard to mouse a lot, making it's movements less repetitive, and thus less straining...
  • ok, so it's got it's little mode+shift buttons and is actually a 15 key layout... but with a little custom keymapping a standard data entry keyboard can be remapped to emulate the frog... too bad actual data entry keyyboards cost $60 so if you're gonna remap you may as well use a $5 107 key keyboard, and figure out a remapping layout that allows you to use a single hand to type every characther you use (and you can include ones not normal to a 107 key keyboard)
    the problem with the one handed keyboard is tha

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