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NES (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Change your desktop wallpaper 16

For all you old school gamers, here's some desktop wallpapers (most are full compressed complete maps of games for wallpaper). Cool stuff. My fav is the metroids, but I wished they would have assembled the ENTIRE world all[1] (or at least all of brinstar, or whatever) into one mondo wallpaper.

Oh, and sorry if this is a site that is obvious general knowledge and everyone has seen before. :-P

Update: [1]: I've done some googling, and found the whole metroid game. Glad I didn't have to do that myself. A little photoshopping and stuff, and I'll have a jpg or two to u/l to the site (giving the original guy his credit, of course).
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Change your desktop wallpaper

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  • Thanks for the link. I TOTALLY forgot about Earthworm Jim on the NES. I LOVE LOVE LOVED that game. It was funny and challenging--brought to us by Shiny Entertainment in their heyday.

    I'm definitely going to use the Earthworm Jim wallpaper.
  • What happened to your poll? I was ready to ask that someone bring me my pot and bring me my bowl. A merry old soul was me.
  • Thanks for the link, brought back a lot of good memories :)

    And thats a good collection of messable/playable pics, if you know what I mean!
  • Looking at the map, I notice I don't see maridina or the ghost ship, nor the landing area and the area going from the landing area down into zebes.

    other than that, it's a complete map ;) I just may have to break out the emulators again and play super metroid - that map shows the locations of all those statues (minus meridina & ghost ship) of which I'm pretty sure I didn't find every single one last time I played it.

  • This is the shit, baby. [desktopgaming.com]

    God, I can't believe how many hours (and quarters!) I wasted on that game back in the day. I always was über-eager to go to the grocery store with my parents because they had a Space Invaders machine up in front (one of the first arcade games in the whole area). I'd stay in the front area while they went shopping -- and I'd plunk in all my pocket money (except for the 25 cents for a 16 oz. Dr. Pepper in the deposit bottle, of course) into that damn thing.

    In fact, it was an od

  • Cool links, thanks
  • Galaga? In 1600x1200 resolution? Who are they trying to kid, anyhow? Some arcade, some NES. Kinda good tho'.

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