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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: Success! 14

Pissed them off too much. They are -all- gone. They all deleted. That's the last time they fsck with us :-D
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KoC: Success!

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  • Do tell, sir.
  • Your Kung Fu is UNSTOPPABLE !
  • Another one bites the dust []...
  • by trmj ( 579410 )
    And I hit rank 10,000 yesterday too. I guess I shouldn't complain about being farmed, since I farm two clans who can't seem to do anything to me, but can you guys help out with the player named Ogerus and his commander? They seem to be saving all of their attack turns for me exclusively.
    • What is his defence at?
      • I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

        Actually, I haven't been able to get on to KoC for the last 30 min, which kind of sucks because I was waiting for the cash from this turn to repair stuff. Bah.
        • >Actually, I haven't been able to get on to KoC for the last 30 min, which kind of sucks because I was waiting for the cash from this turn to repair stuff. Bah.

          Same here. I had a good 100k in the bank and then the site goes down. What bugs me is that I have to go to sleep now, so when I wake up I'm gonna have a good 300k (more if it "jumps" and gives out more turns than it should, which it has been known to do) for some fool to grab.
          I hope my defence holds...
          • As of 2:50am EDT, it is back up, and login-able, but no turns have progressed, not even the one i was waiting for. Grr.
  • They all dropped?! HOW?! WHY?! I was beginning to enjoy their attacks... and I look forward to the dya when I can give Lord Striker a good taste of my steel...
  • LOTS of people went away yesterday, not just the Manstick group. People who had attacked me 30 minutes ago show up as deleted accounts. I wonder if a large number of people were cheating in some way and got caught. Either that or they quit in order to join the Striker clan.....

    In any case it is too bad we can't contact them to taunt them. I only got to smack Orifister once, but it was a good smack. Maybe they were deleted for having offensice names?

  • There is currently an IE exploit (or two) on KoC's pages (looked like an HTML help sploit and also some kind of ".htm.htm" download). I'd assume its one of their advertisers. I don't know how to report it to their admins, so beware. -- BroccoliGod Send troops []
    • Looks like it's just a bunch of spyware with a broken silent installer. I thought that was fixed... oh well... time to switch browsers.
    • There's an announcement [] on the forums which tells you how to report it.

      Speaking of spyware, I was over at my parents' house playing KoC on my dad's Windows XP box, when I noticed that certain words on the KoC site were highlighted (usually the words "page", "advertising", "beta", "school", etc.). Ads would pop up when I moved the mouse over them. I wondered if I managed to infect my dad's computer with something, but every anti-spyware/adware program I tried couldn't find anything. Anyway, Windows is no

      • Thanks for the link. I kept reloading the page to get the bad silent installer, and I'm pretty sure it was TheaterMax. I'm not seeing that ad anymore, so I guess someone else reported it through email. Damn annoying but at least it gave me an incentive to try out Mozilla.

        As far as the under-line adware... I'm almost certain that it's "eZula". The only site I have found that it works on is KoC (just like you). Heh, at first I thought it was just some incarnation of MS's "smart tags". Anyway, I had to

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