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The Almighty Buck

Journal FortKnox's Journal: BestBuy, you buncha greedy turds! 14

Note the icon. "The Almighty Frickin Buck"

BestBuy just turned a HUGE profit this last quarter. To celebrate? Outsourcing thousands of IT jobs. This isn't a case of a company desperate for profit... its a case of company greedy for more cash. Only way to send a message is to buy at Circuit City...

Makes me sick.

What makes me sicker? Neither Bush nor Kerry seem to care about outsourcing... more on my political views when I am clear headed enough to share them.
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BestBuy, you buncha greedy turds!

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  • by sielwolf ( 246764 ) on Monday April 05, 2004 @03:47PM (#8772425) Homepage Journal
    after last weeks news of job gains John Kerry did make some noise about the new jobs A) all being service industry/low return jobs and B) all the meaty middle-class (upper and lower) professions getting outsourced. Here []
    Kerry's Jobs First plan will call for the "most sweeping international tax law reform in forty years" that would give tax incentives to companies that create jobs in the United States.

    Outsourcing -- the relocation of jobs offshore -- has become a key issue in the leadup to the U.S. presidential election later this year, with Kerry promising to "crack down on the export of American jobs."

    The tide of jobs leaving U.S. shores is not predicted to slow down any time soon, with independent technology research company Forrester Research saying more than 3 million jobs will move out of the United States by 2015. "Today, we have a tax code that does more to reward companies for moving overseas than it does to reward them for creating jobs here in America," his prepared text said.

    "If a company is torn between creating jobs here or overseas, we now have a tax code that has American taxpayers paying to ship jobs overseas. That makes no sense. And if I am president, it will end."
  • That's one of the issues Kerry has been beating his drum about -- so-called "Benedict Arnold" companies:

    Here's what we will do.

    [Kill all the lawyers. Ah, sorry, cheap shot. --Ed.]

    Repeal every tax break and every loophole that rewards any Benedict Arnold CEO or corporation for sending American jobs overseas.

    As seen, among other places, in Kerry's speeches [].

    I'm actually of the opinion that there is little, if anything, that one could or should do about this so-called "issue". Free trade is free t

    • That's one of the issues Kerry has been beating his drum about -- so-called "Benedict Arnold" companies:

      True - I'd have said it would be hard to miss all his emissions on the subject lately. On the other hand, he does appear to beat both sides of every drum he can find - and happens to be bankrolling a large chunk of his campaign (indirectly) with profits from a company whose employees are virtually all outside the US...

      raising tariffs on steel, agriculture, etc., then having to back down anyway because

      • To be fair, that "claim" does have the slight advantage of being entirely true: the tariffs had an expiry date of March 2005 included all along.

        Quite so, but they ended up being rather more "temporary" than Bush intended. And were wrong anyway.



  • by pherris ( 314792 ) on Monday April 05, 2004 @04:46PM (#8772985) Homepage Journal
    "I've said it before and I'll say it again: Democracy just doesn't work". And after the election I'll be quoting Homer with "Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos".

    As a Masshole I feel I have the right to pick on Kerry. As a human I clearly have the right to pick on Bush. In short: they both suck. Kerry voted for NAFTA, other pro export bills and the unPATRIOT act. He also spent more time in NH last year then he spent in MA. Kucinich is/was the only anti job export candidate. If Nader looks like he has a chance I'll vote for him, otherwise I'm stuck with Kerry. Let's hope someone replaces Bu$h

    Here's my solution: A constitution amendment that would say:

    No person shall be elected to the House or the Senate more than twice. (Copied after the 22nd)

    Only US citizens may contribute to a federal candidates election and no more than $100 per election. (No PACs, unions, churhes, whatever).

    IMO unless we do the suggested admendment nothing will cever hange. BTW, check out Lou Dobbs on CNN ( Everyday he talks about the dangers of the mass export of jobs.

    • Two weeks ago my brother got laid off. Why: his programming group's projects got sent to India. While very talented, he'll have a tough time finding another job.
    • Your suggestions... they follow the tennants of my political party [].
      • I'm a registered Green actually. MA allows you register DNC, GOP, Libertarian (like their gun control policies) and Green. OT but it's funny how people thought Perot was nuts with his anti NAFTA cries and "big sucking sound" comments. Looks like he got the last laugh although EDS is also shipping jobs out of the US.

        Looking at their "Founding Principles" I have to agree with them. BTW, is Perot still playing a role there?

  • But. but. (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Blackneto ( 516458 )
    I boycotted Circuit City of the the Divx thing...
  • Only way to send a message is to buy at Circuit City...

    Before you jump.... I recently resigned from CC's IT department, and they are shoveling jobs overseas to India as fast as they can. In fact, they had the stones to bring the consultants to Richmond and parade them through the cube farms for all of us to see. And said consultants came with attitude, not these meek, mild-mannered people you read about in interviews with consultants that have been benefiting by the outsourcing trend -- they were not hi

    • That's just disguisting... ugh. I can't believe this is happening in our country... really cheeses me off.
      • What happened to the JE about not moderating?
      • In defense of CC, they are not doing it for the same reasons as BB. BB might be wanting to make a buttload of money and sees offshoring as the path to greater riches, I don't know. CC is fighting for its survival and is trying anything it can to get back in the black. If you looked at all the news reports this holiday season, all the other electronic resellers made money out the wazoo, where CC lost its shirt. Offshoring is a matter of desperation there.

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