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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Video Game Dilemma 41

I'm at a video game dilemma. Its between three games I own and two I'm willing to buy:

Tribes 2: I reopened this sucker up, dug up my old ID and had a good-'ol time playing some D. The original Tribes is the game I've played the longest of any game, and is the originator of my alias "FortKnox" (although I'm not as good a defender now as I was back in my tribes heyday). The downside is that I havne't played it in a loooong time so I need a lot of time to vamp back up.

Battlefield 1942: I think this would be a much more fun game if either I got a group of people I know together for a game (slashdot crowd??) or if I played in a clan where its much more organized. I've played it a bit (and the desert combat mod), but it started getting a bit monotonous to me, so I stopped playing.

Starcraft: Definately a fun game to play you and your friends vs the computer. Not so fun to play with strangers, though. Most of the guys online are on top of you before you even setup a marine. Just isn't much fun. So anyone in the crowd still play starcraft and would be interested in a game?

The two games I don't own, but may be willing to buy:
Max Payne: (The first one). I never played it, but heard the story and gameplay are fantastic. Plus, if I enjoy it, the second one is out and is dropping in price.

Rise of Nations: Brian Reynolds (dude that worked with Sid Meier on Civ2 and Alpha Centauri) makes a RTS game with turn-based elements. I heard this is a ground breaking RTS that prevents rushing and mindless attacking and adds a huge dimension of strategy and tactics. Anyone tried this one, yet??

So, since Joey sleeps at 7:30 and the wife usually has 1 hour worth of TV on a weeknight she likes to watch (and are shows I don't care for) I have the time to dedicate to one game. Just have to choose from my list.....
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Video Game Dilemma

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  • I'm definately in (way in!) for a starcraft match.

    I love green valleys map, that's our usual for LAN parties.
    • You play 2 vs the computer? Or one-on-one? If one-on-one, are you a rusher? Or just an average player??
      • I can handle two computers by myself. When I was in college my then gf would play as zerg and I'd defend her early (as they are weak to start) and then we could whip 3 in due time without.

        I never play one-on-one with humans... well, one time, but it was just for exhibition.

        I never rush. To me starcraft is like sex - why just make it quick? You went through all the stuff to get there, why not have fun for a while? Plus, I like to play with my food. I am a nuke master, which you will see from any game
        • I played with my room mate against 6 computers quite often. That was where we found the playing ground even. I would always go terran and set up power stations to block in my land, then put bunkers filled with marines to kill the inevitable zergling / protoss rush. Then came my siege tanks. I would pile them as deep as possible (with out the splash damage killing my power stations / walls.

          Then I would just build battle cruisers like nothing. Lots and lots of battle cruisers.

          I tried an all wraith attac
          • I call what I make "plugs." I put at each hole on green valleys (or similar choke point) two bunkers (at home) or one bunker (away) with tanks in seige mode and a missle turret. Each bunker gets three marines and a fire bat, later a marine is replaced with a ghost and long range.

            I liked the nukes over battle cruisers. I would send two ghosts in at a time to wipe out a terran doughnut base and cripple their $$ supply. This may need to be done as many as three times to weaken them. On the way out for a
            • Those clunky air-to-air's are Valkyries. And I -always- have a group of 8 of them. Any air attack (like said all-out battlecruiser, or a zerg group of bombers) is annihilated by a full group of valks. I've won many-a-games with a full group or two of valks.
              • I like a 50/50 mix of a numbered group to be the valk and the wraiths as they can both hit air, they can work to draw the offender towards more of my missle turrets, and with the wraiths they can hit ground. I will admit I lose a lot of wraiths that way but I like the balance. If a game draws on slow my production will get to the point of having two numbered 50/50 groups (to handle multiple flareups and deal with larger issues themselves).

                Quit the talk, all of it has made me itching to play!
                • OK, I'll load it up tonight and setup the newest version, but I'm pretty much out this weekend, cause I'm going to a wedding out of town.
  • or I'd be chomping at the bit to play Starcraft. I've gotten together with friends once and we played but my buddies 16 year old nephew made it a lot like you describe on line. He tore us all up.

    If I had an hour a day I'd start playing VGA planets [] again. It's cheap and fun but of course nothing like the games you describe since it is by email. But that is more my speed- I like to really think things over.

    Once my wife has recovered from her surgery I can start playing Starcraft again vs. the computer.
    • Doood. VGA Planets. I was just trying to decide if I was going to keep my disks of that game the other day. Has it changed much since 1998?
      • No. I still play with my original DOS version. The hosts are a lot better now. No need to go to a BBS and upload with zmodem- you just attach it to an email and the hosts are all automated.

        Winplanet has some nice features to automate things- and there are some cool add-ons out there, but all in all, you can still play just fine with your old software. When I started playing (around '93 or so) the big challenge was finding a local BBS with enough players. Now you can find sites with hundreds (sometime
        • shit, I started to play that 3 years ago (and 3 win 98 installs ago, too!) but once I started to catch the slightest bit of a clue, the guy who was running it lost his server.

          I'd play.
  • Many people seem to say that Max Payne 2 is better than Max Payne 1. But in my experience Max Payne 1 is more atmospheric overall, less boring, more engaging and has a little more replayability. Not by a big margin, but by a significant one.

    Max Payne 1 kicks ass.
    • The man that front-page trolled k5. Very nice work, if I may say so.

      I'm really itchin to get MP1 for the story that I heard was really captivating. I haven't played a good story-based game since Deus Ex 1.
      • I've got both. Max Payne 1 was excellent. I loved the noir story, despite or maybe because of its cheesiness. It took about 12 hours or so to play through. I think I've played it start to finish probably 3 times. The story is great and I loved the ending.

        Max Payne 2 gives you better graphics, but I finished the whole game in probably 6 or 7 hours. A lot of the levels are repeated (go through the same level backwards or for a different purpose, or as a different person).

        Max Payne 2 also adds in rag-d
        • I loved MP1, and the kung-fu mod for it is great.

          The trippy dream sequences didn't really bother me. What bothered me was...


          That damned burning restaurant. I don't know how many times I died in there. It took me several times before I even had a clue what to do.

  • I've been playing BF1942 on one of the Synergy servers (base 1942 or SW) and have been having a blast. There isn't a lot of childish crap such as what goes on on the public EA or NVIDIA servers.

    I usually play around 9pm (Indiana time) using this handle. Maybe I'll see ya around.......

    • A lot of my old HL:TFC cronies run this Desert Combat server:

      State of Chaos [] (Sorry about the broken links on that page. I've told the dumbass to fix them but... well you know.)

      Server IP is

      The server is well-run and the lameness is kept to a minimum. Or so they tell me. I don't play much anymore since I can't get my son off my gaming machine.
  • by JMZero ( 449047 )
    I've been "bargain-bin" gaming for a while lately. I'll tell you, it's all about Serious Sam. The game is incredible, and you can get Serious Sam Gold (episodes I and II) for $10.

    I enjoyed going through Max Payne - but, at least for me, it's not in the same league. It, like many games lately, quickly begins to be "just going through the motions". Serious Sam actually keeps me interested.
    • Re:Hmmm (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Tet ( 2721 ) *
      I'll tell you, it's all about Serious Sam.

      Seconded. And thirded. Now for the controversial claim -- it's the best game since Doom. Yes, it really is that good. Both first and second encounters are awesome. The first is more atmospheric, the second has the sniper rifle[1] and the flamethrower. 'Nuff said! If you don't already have them, rush out and buy them today. You won't be disappointed. Eagerly awaiting Serious Sam 2...

      "Wraaaaarrrrgggghhhhh yourself, you headless freak... uh oh!"

      [1] Yes, I too was

      • There are a couple of levels with so many baddies that my venerable P3 1Ghz GeForce3 really starts chugging.

        The first level with the sand dunes, when all you can hear is a scream becoming louder as it approaches, then another and another. You are looking everywhere and there's no movement to be seen, just that big dune ahead of you. That has to be one of the scariest gaming experiences so far.
  • Have you played that one yet?

    I'm thinking about picking it up.
    • I can't buy $50 games... just too pricy for me. When it goes down, though, I'll probably snag it.
      • Amazon has it in their new/used section for $23(new, not counting shipping). So you could probably find it pretty cheap if you looked around for it.
      • Try Wolfenstein :Enemy Territory []. Excellent game, and best of all, now for a low low price of not $49.99, not $39.99, not even $29.99, but free! That's right, free. And if you download it within the next 10 minutes, Enemy Territory also comes with this set of matching steak knives!

        It really is a good game. It's Free, completely standalone, pure multiplayer, lots of teamwork, lots of new cool widgets, gadgets and trinkets that weren't in RTCW.

        • Last time I played ET, everytime I got into a match, I was getting spawnkilled and other such things. Its a steep learning curve in that game, so once I understand it, I'm sure it'll be a lot more fun, but for right now, I just get annoyed. Maybe I'll d/l it and try it on my new machine.
          • True, ET has a lot of spawnkilling. The maps really do encourage it. I play a lot on the ND80 [] servers. While spawnkilling is part of the game there, the servers are exceptionally well managed. There's nearly always an admin around to slap down the punks as they appear. I've learned to live with most of the cheap stuff and accept it as part of the game.

  • games games games... just wish i had more time.. :(

    If you can post what you eventually decide you're going to be playing, I'll see if I can meet up with the FortKnox /. crowd to play too. :)

    For BF1942, i think it's either latency issues or lag issues but I can't seem to get shots off like I used to (it might be because i just sux0rs now :/ ). Xerithane just informed me of BF-Vietnam that looks promising, I might invest in that if it's good enough.

    Starcraft is timeless. Love the game, but are you g
  • by gmhowell ( 26755 )
    I suck at Starcraft. Plain and simple. And it's been so long since I've played that I can't remember tactics, tech trees, etc.

    BF 1942 is fun. Another game I haven't played in a while. I'll probably be waiting for BF: Vietnam before jumping back into it. DC is okay, but I kinda like the limitations of WWII. I'd have to dig up the discs and reinstall.

    But not until after I'm done with NOLF

  • I'd be in for SC.

    It would probably be better to play something like wolfenstein enemy territory, so that everybody who wants to play can play without shelling out money if they don't own the game.

    I would also suggest something like freeciv, but Linux is broken for me right now so I can't play that.
  • Max Payne is a lot of fun for the gameplay, the storyline isn't bad either. If you've ever seen the movie Payback, the game will feel familiar. The second Max Payne was good as well, but a little on the short side, and a lot easier.

    BF1942 base and Road to Rome are the only versions of the game I can tolerate. I started playing BF when I was getting my CD keys banned from CS servers(funny how when you're good, you get banned for cheating), and I stopped playing BF when I was getting my CD keys banned from
  • Have you ever used team speak? I've found it to be the greatest thing for online gaming since... well, since online gaming.

    If we get a SC/BW battle started I can get you an account on the local TS Server, or we can just run something off of me for our needs (depends if you'd like to absorb a few of my BW friends or not).
  • It's been a while since I've played (try 1998!) but, if I can find the disc(s) and registration code then I'm up for a game or two.

  • I'll probably be picking up BF: Vietnam as soon as a few of my things sell on eBay and I can upgrade my video card. I saw it onsale at Best Buy this week for (I think) $35.

  • Ummm... yeah.

    If I can find my Tribes 2 CD I'd be up for a few games - I played a bit a while back, but never really got into it because I was playing on public servers, and Tribes really needs team work to be pulled off well.

    BF1942 seems much the same, but involves installing Windows again :P

    As for strategy, I play heaps of Red Alert 2 at the moment, mainly co-op against computer players, some of the unit balance is a bit dodgy (you can usually wipe out a computer base with just ships if it's close enoug
  • by subgeek ( 263292 ) *
    i'm an avid gamer, and the only thing on your list that i have is starcraft. it's ok, but i get my ass kicked terribly online, so i don't even have it installed. i do still play wc3: the frozen throne, though.

    i just picked up ut2k4, and so far love it. if you haven't snagged the demo yet, you should. the onslaught mode is teh r0x0r.
  • kicks serious ass, but for maximum enjoyment you gotta play scenarios where you make research as expensive and slow as possible, then set aside six hours or so.

    If you play with short research times, it's like any other game, but when you have to collect resources full-bore for five-ten minutes per tech level, it makes it almost half-way to civilzation--attacks at different times, engagements up till the end are not at max tech (And it's HARD to max tech under those conditions), you gotta play a more
    • Yes, someone finally came through and said something about this game. I definately heard great things... good to see a real person step forward. Definately a heavy possibility for my next game.
      • I got it a month or so ago, and I've been averaging one or two six-hours games a week since then. It gets epic if you have a fast machine and can run the biggest map sizes.

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