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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Editor Moderation 7

Yeah, I'm gonna bring it up again.

Honestly, I don't even remember why I dropped it.

I want to see editor moderation. Maybe its cause I've gotten one too many "overrated" mods. Maybe if overrated was metamod'ed I wouldn't be so upset. Honestly, I don't know why over/underrated are even moderation choices.
If its a bad comment, use the other moderation choices.

I think I may participate in T(H)GSB (or should we have a "moderation system change blackout" that's seperate?), but for changes to the moderation system.
Either show us your moderations, or kill the unlimited editor moderation totally.
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Editor Moderation

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  • What if there was a comment that was funny, but not really funny? It wasn't bad. Just not +5 funny, like it had been rated. Well, that's a reason to use overrated.

    Underrated, on the other hand, I don't see a use for that. There *is* a use for overrated, though.
    • What about using underrated for a post that's a troll, just not a -1 troll?
      • Well, I'll show you an example of post that would be written like a typical troll, but it's not worth the "-1", at best "funny":

        "What about using underrated for a post that's a troll, just not a -1 troll?"

        Use, use, and abuse, I'd like soo much guys... my karma is low!

  • One day, long after the topic had disappeared, someone went way down in a thread and marked me as overrated. I don't know how a person can do that, when I wasn't even rated until that point.

    In my opinion, overrated shouldn't even come into play when the person hasn't been moderated up beyond their standard 1 point or 0 points. With 2 points, I could sort of understand, but still.

    I think that this is riduculous, and is just a way for people to take away the Karma of others.
  • I wrote an idea for metamodding the "rated" mods in my journal [] a while back. The discussion unfortunately has archived.

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