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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Resurgence in the Single Player Game... 21

...or am I just getting old?

I'm setting up to buy a game. I'm playing Baldur's Gate 2, but am in need of some 'go around killing people to blow off steam' game.

Being an enormous fan of WWII, I thought "well, there is Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and BF1942." So I redownloaded both demos and took'm for a whirl.
BF1942 was fun, but you start playing against the 1337 13 year olds and there is no chance to slow the game down. You have to rush with guns blazing or be killed.
I loaded up the single-player of MOA:AA, and just had a blast. It wasn't the standard FPS that I can run through thrashing players, this is actually QUITE difficult! Not only that, but it has good story, good ways to ambush, allows for 'sneaking' strategies. They plant their own ambushes. I just found it to be a more fun game.

What I think is perhaps online games will start to get a bit 'boring' until new concepts come across. Which means single players can get some resurgence. Deus Ex2 and Halflife2 may be the frontrunners to setup the next shift.


FYI - Medal of Honor Allied Assault webpage if you want to try the demo yourself.
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Resurgence in the Single Player Game...

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  • Have you tried Return to Castle Wolfenstein? Especially the multiplayer "storming of Normandy" scenario? It's one of the best I've seen in ages. It has the old "Quake Fortress" feel, without all the 'gay-ocity'

    I highly recommend it.

    As for the single player mode ... i found it a bit easy.

    • I haven't played a decent omaha beach/invasion of Normandy scenario ever. Yeah, I've played the RtCW version. Thought it to be cheesy, honestly.

      And, as I mentioned before, I want a good single player game, not multiplayer. If I want multi, I'll go BF1942.
      • I felt the single player version of RtCW was fun, and I enjoy playing a ton of NeverWinter Nights right now. You could also try playing theif the dark project for awhile, I found it fun as well.
        • The thief series, along with system shock 2, and deus ex have been played too much by me (I'm an enormous fan of Warren Spector), so I'm looking for something new :-)
          • I am drooling and wetting my pants all at the same time for when Deus Ex II comes out. I should say that I only was able to solve it once. I tried going back and replaying the game so that I get a different result on purpose, but I gave up after a while. The game didn't seem different at all and I forgot how much game play it took for me to beat it. I basically gave up. :-)

            • I'm in the middle of my second go round on Deus Ex right now. I think I may play it a third time, but not kill anyone except those I have to (Navarre, Gunther, etc.)
              • VERY VERY VERY difficult to do. Lots of sneaking and just avoiding. When people get in your way, its stungun or poison darts. I got about halfway through the game this way, and eventually had to just use the pistol from time to time (on those supertroopers).
          • Have you tried max payne? It was a fun game for me and the few mods out there are good to play with as well. should give you a few days worth of enjoyment :)
  • Do you want a fully featured free WW2 game?
    Do you want an online multiplayer WW2 game?
    Go to here [splashdamage.com]
  • ...or am I just getting old?

    I'm not a gamer (let alone an online gamer) but bought a $50 Dreamcast and some $5 EBay games a couple of years ago. I turn it on and play every so often, and takes me hours and hours to, say, unlock a new Tony Hawk level. Possible explanations are:

    • I'm too old
    • I suck
    • Kids aren't really better, they just have the time and obsession to play for hours every day

    I was relieved to learn that Jet Grind Radio really is that hard, and that they made it easier for the X-Box version. I

  • RTCW free full download Enemy Terrority is worth checking out. I'm addicted to an FPS for the first time in quite some time (~1998).
  • I think.... (Score:3, Funny)

    by SlashChick ( 544252 ) <erica.erica@biz> on Tuesday August 12, 2003 @02:43PM (#6678025) Homepage Journal
    I think you should write a journal entry about meeting me!!! :P


  • Not sure, but several months ago when I was playing with Red5 and Xerithane, if you could avoid campers, BF1942 was quite playable (and winnable) with tactics as opposed to squidly behaviour.
  • any of the Close Combat series? I think its pretty good in single player mode.
  • I played BF1942 for a while and loved it. Eventually I got a little tired and tried MOH:AA. Great, great game. The two are very different; BF1942 is very group oriented whereas MOH is much more individual.

    I found the best online games had 6 people on a side. Few enough that you could often battle the same enemy, but enough that you weren't ALWAYS fighting l337sn1p3rman every single round.

    I just bought MOH:Frontline for the GameCube to play 4-player at college in a couple weeks, looks like it should be fun.

    • Anyway the point of the subject was that you should try the Spearhead expansion pack. It has a few new guns, a bunch of new levels, and looks great.
  • Mostly I hate online gaming. I want to test my skills/abilities, not those of a leet prepubescent kid (esp as they will be better than mine!)
    Mulitplayer console games (where the other player is sitting next to you) are OK.
    And I make an exception for America's Army, at which I suck.

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