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The 2000 Beanies

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Having a Child... (sappy) 13

(hey, beanies is a great icon for talking about kids/parenting/family)

Something I noticed about being a father that never really struck me until spending my first couple weeks with Joey (and felt like sharing). This is mostly to get DaytonCIM extra antsy and something glh is just now noticing...

Kids can get in your hair, and take your time away during the day. But every single time you put them to bed and see them laying there asleep, you immediately 'miss him' and wished you had spent more time with him while he was awake...
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Having a Child... (sappy)

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  • ... but it is perfectly correct.

    WARNING: More sappiness follows:

    Now matter how much my children can drive me nuts, when I see them sleeping I just want to scoop 'em up and hold on to them.

  • by ellem ( 147712 )
    my son is four now and I wake him up in the middle of the night to tell him how great he is...

    my b-in-law just had his first and when I gave him my sage advice, "sometimes the kid will cry and cry and you will have horrible thoughts -- walk away," two weeks in he called me to thank me. it's not all roses!

    funny [dhs.org]

    Yeah I am one of those dads [mac.com]
  • Just wait until they go off to college.

    Our youngest is spending six weeks at a summer program at Duke this year (she is a rising senior in high school). Maybe you'll be ready for an empty nest after 18 years. I'm sure not.
  • When he's at my house, I'll go in to "check on" him 2-3 time a night, minimum.
  • Before I go to bed, I kiss my kids, and upon climbing into bed with my wife, say "I love our kids".

    'Cause I do. :) And it's nice to see that so many of you do as well.

  • Got home late. When I take the late train, I'm lucky if I get to see Hannah off to bed. As I walked in, Karen called down and asked if I wanted to say goodnight.
    I ran upstairs, went into her room and her mom was holding her. It was that moment right before she went into the crib so she was very quiet and very mellow. The mood was very relaxed and here I had just walked in from work and ran upstairs.
    I stood there dumb for a moment.
    Then Hannah reached over to me. I grabbed her and gave her a hug and a ki
    • Then Hannah reached over to me. I grabbed her and gave her a hug and a kiss. She buried her head into my chest.

      Is there anything better in all the world? Everytime I touch my wife's belly and she tells me that Emily "knows" it's me, I get the most amazing feeling of joy.

      I count the days until Emily arrives... ;)

      Thank you for the post.
  • I've always loved snuggling with my 8 year old daughter from day ONE! Not a day has gone by that she hasn't stopped me to hug my neck, kiss me and tell me how much she loves. And even on her most busiest days when I have the chance to beat her at the punch, I'll stop her and ask, "Who loves you the most in the whole wide world?" and get almost teary eyed just watching the smile on her little face as she dashes over to me with her long brown hair flying and her arms flung WIDE open.

    I always tease her and
  • It's true that I don't often stop to think about all the sappy stuff about my daughter; I'm just not a very sentimental person. We're also going through the 2s right now, so just about any break I can get is much needed.

    But still, sometimes when I fall asleep at night I get very vivid images flashing through my mind of how it feels to have my daughter in my lap, looking into my eyes, smiling, and reaching her arms around me. It's the most complete, secure, and loved feeling I've ever known. Guess that mak
  • I get up for work before the kids do (usually, unless my 4-year-old crawls into bed with us at 2 am) so I don't see them in the morning except for sleeping. I went with my brother-in-law to see Pirates of the Caribean last night and didn't get home until after the kids were in bed. so here I am at work the next day and I haven't seen them awake since Tuesday evening. Sigh.

    I should give them a call...

  • When I touch my wife's belly she gets a wide smile on her face and tells me that Emily "knows" it's me. And that melts my heart. It's overwhelming to me to think of this child as my daughter. And know that she loves me unconditionally; the same way I love my Father.

    It's very difficult to explain how incredible it is to say out loud: "my daughter." And to know that I'm her Dad.

    Ok... this post is going to be short, because it's extremely difficult to write about this and not get emotional. ;)

    I ordered
  • After having already posted in FK's JE, and a brief conversation with Bethanie, johndiii and quite a few others regaurding a personal JE of my own [slashdot.org] concerning education for our children, I'm posting this short but simple poem that I grabbed off of a calendar of school events from my daughter's school. I'm sure ANY parent will appreciate this and here's how it goes....

    A Living Sculptor

    I dreamed I stood in a studio
    And watched two sculptors there
    The clay they used was a young child's mind
    And they

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