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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I'm tan, but still have a packed house 17

Welp, I'm back from my vacation. So I'll set this up into two topics, my vacation and other stuff. That way, if you don't care what happened on it, skip over to the 'other stuff' category.

My Vacation
Well, we went to Palm Coast, FL (between Jacksonville and Daytona on the Atlantic side) last Sunday. We went to the beach every day except Thursday. It was relaxing and fun (no teenagers because it wasn't a 'major' beach). Joey got sick on Monday (until Thursday)with "Hand, Foot, and Mouth"*[1], and he was teething his pre-molars that week, so he was pretty grumpy most of the beginning of the week. I have lots of pictures of him at the beach early that week crying is sweet head off. The last half of the week, however, he was in a great mood, and was running into the ocean (I was in front of him the whole time, but still was scared to death at his ignorance of danger). I do have a ton of pictures, but I just have them on my windows box and haven't uploaded them to the server, yet. If anyone is interested in seeing them, just pop me an email, and I'll point you to the URL.
Thursday we went to Kennedy Space Center, and had just a great time. They have a relatively new building (the Saturn V/Apollo Center) which has a full scale rebuilt saturn V rocket (which is taken apart and has explanations of each piece, and at each piece, they have retired NASA engineers there to answer any questions) and exhibits for all the Apollo missions. I have a great picture of the first Stage booster rockets and another one with joey and my wife under them to show how huge they are. All in all, it was a great vacation, but I'm flying next time (no more 16 hour trips with a 13 month old!).
My house is still a mess. We have had a long hard time unpacking, but it will all fall into place by next week (I hope).

Other Stuff
I logged into slashdot today to find 60 messages. That's odd, I get about 30-40 a day. Well, I must of hit some type of time delay or message max, cause I only have messages from last Thursday. So if there was any good JE's or /. Stories from last week, someone point me to them, because I missed them.

You asked for moving advice. Well, make sure you put all important stuff (keys, etc) into one box, and mark it so you can find it. Don't pack boxes to the rooms in the old place, pack them into boxes of where they WILL be going (IE - if something in the closet will be going into the basement for storage, put it in the 'basement' box, not the 'closet' box, IE2 - if you don't have a basement, but WILL be moving into a house with a basement, make 'basement' boxes and pack them with stuff you plan on putting in the basement). AND MARK YOUR BOXES!
A 'too late' piece of advice is to get Rubbermaid 'totes' and use them instead of boxes. They are easy to store when not used, strong, stackable, and easily reused. Very nice to use if you haven't bought boxes.

*[1] Hand, foot, and mouth isn't the same as 'hoof and mouth' disease. Its kinda like chicken-pox that toddlers get. Little blisters appear on their hands and feet (which aren't bad), and in the back of their throat (which is bad). So, basically, Joey hardly ate and could only drink water (or else he's screaming in pain). It only lasted a few days, and the pediatrician said as long as he doesn't get dehydrated (drinks a lot and has a wet diaper every 8 hours), he'll be fine. Its just a virus that runs its course.
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I'm tan, but still have a packed house

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  • "Mark your boxes"! shesh!
    Seriously, the pack them to the room they will go in at the NEW location is excellent advice.
  • I consider myself a moving connoisseur (I had to look up how to spell that.) so I'll offer my two cents.

    Well, make sure you put all important stuff (keys, etc) into one box, and mark it so you can find it.

    Put all your really important stuff, that under no circumstances you cannot lose, in a box mark it as a unique label like "My Stuff", but only have that box be "My Stuff" and take it with you! Never trust a moving company or a U-Haul to not lose it. Yes, trucks do lose things, much like clothes dryer
    • I lost 3 decent knives and some other gear in a move while it was in the truck. Not sure how, but it happened. So, take the important shit with you so you can keep an eye on it.

      Same here. I lost a really sweet butterfly knife among other things. Granted, it was illegal in the first place, but I couldn't carry it on the plane (we were moving overseas). I think the movers definitely tend to swipe a few things, hoping that they won't be missed... Seeming as how I knew exactly where it was when it was pac
  • Actually, I've got all that covered -- I'm terribly systematic and organized by nature. I just need to get my ass in gear and get it done.

    As far as the Rubbermaid tote thing -- we just don't have it in our budget. The [insert expletive of choice here] builder is still spending our money like it's free -- and "whatever is left" after the house gets finished and the loan gets closed and we set aside a "in case Hubby gets laid off" chunk is supposed to be my furniture fund. So guess who's gonna be sitting on
    • I forgot one thing!

      Bring toilet paper, towels, and soap with you on the first day. Don't want to get stuck in the bathroom only to not have one of the three ;-)

      And don't forget to check all the fire alarms (we just found out yesterday that they took all of theirs, so we need to go out and buy like 7 of them tonight).
      • TP -- Just bought a 12-roll pack at the grocery & left it in the back of my car. Soap & towels? Already got 'em up there. (Just waiting for plumbing & running water.)

        Fire alarms? We're having a security system pre-wired into the house, so that'll get activated whenever -- but that IS a good idea. Not to mention batteries for them, if they're not wired in.

        My big thing is just getting all our crap packed up. It's such an overwhelming job -- especially when the house is a mess to begin with. (I
        • Packing wasn't too terrible, but (not to make the situation worse...) unpacking has just been a bear. I like knowing where all my stuff is and having time to play a game. Now my spare time is working on unpacking. I wanna play NCAA2K3 :-(
          • Well, I think it'll be the reverse for me. See, I hate change. *Hate* with a capital H (and *'s!!). Even if it's change that I've been working on creating for over a year and been dreaming about all my life and will be a very very wonderful thing. It's still something different and means that I have to break out of the comfortable rut that is My Life.

            On the other, hand, I *love* nesting. Opening up boxes and deciding where things should go and surrounding myself with all of the things I've collected/accum
  • Oke. for the one who's moving: We're gonna take a look at some advice now from someone like ME, who has had to pack last minute every time. These are not greatly organised systems. These are what to do when you melt down, give up, and run out of brain cells, Solemn-style, and gotta throw things into the boxes and hope that the tape holds, usually because you had to put off packing till the last two weeks before the lease runs out. If this doesn't ever happen to you, YAY! but in my case...

    Take the drawers

    • These instructions are also good if you're moving yourself within the same town. I always get all the drawers for things moved first, along with all the boxes of everything I own, and then when my friends arrive to help with the big stuff, they just have dressers and chests without drawers, and tables and beds and desks disassembled, so that they don't have to help more than whatever time it takes to actually pick things up, take to truck, drive to new home, take things out of truck, and set them down. As
  • I logged into slashdot today to find 60 messages. That's odd, I get about 30-40 a day. Well, I must of hit some type of time delay or message max, cause I only have messages from last Thursday.

    I think its some sort of soft numeric cap, I never have more that the high 50's, and obviously they're not expiring from being over 31 days old.

    So if there was any good JE's or /. Stories from last week, someone point me to them, because I missed them.

    I'll let you decide on the quality yourself, you can access
  • So I grew up about 1/2 hour from "The Cape" on Merritt Island, and could hear and feel whenever a shuttle took off, or whenever an air force rocket took off from Patrick AFB to the south.

    Bout time they get some new displays. A new display at the Cape is a cool thing. Especially since every single grade in elementary school in Florida goes there each year (that and Disney World). I saw that place so many times. And every time relatives from up north came down to visit we went to either the Cape or Disne
  • how gay I am.
  • Did you have the same reaction as many people do about Florida? "Nice place to visit, but I woldn't want to live there."


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