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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Pictures? 32

(First of all, why am I even given a choice of topic if they aren't going to put up the icon??)

Anywho, after reading Technolusts current JE on guessing his picture out of 15 it gave me an idea.
Would anyone be interested in a little game where I (or someone else) takes a buncha /.'ers picture privately, and makes a game of 'choose which slashdotter is which'?

I guess it all comes down to whether you want people to know what you look like. If there is a buncha people interested, I'll setup an email address or something and put up the game on my server (or someone elses with more bandwidth).

Any takers?
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  • Hopefully enough females would participate to make it hard to guess.
    • Yeah, I'm sure it would be really tough to sort out all 6 of us, especially since we all know what LG looks like!

      I still think it would be funny though..I'd be game.

      • Uhm... Even with choice of 6, I still think it would be tough. Okay, Ladyguardian is a giveaway.... However, but that girlie in a evening gown with hair well done and stuff like that, it is very well possible that I wouldn't recognise her.

        Heck, I've had that once on fancy party. Girl speaks to me. Me I am like: "Huh? Who are you?" Uhm, that was really close for getting slapped in the face ;-))

      • especially since we all know what LG looks like!

        And some of us even know what SW looks like.
  • Would you be mad if I sent a picture of someone better looking than myself? ;)
  • First you want to know where we live [], now comes what we look like.

    Next up: Poll: What's your Social Security Number?


    Might be fun, although I wonder what the odds are that you'd get real pictures instead of pictures like this []?

    • Sure.... Why not... Here you go:

      Mine is 19761222352. What are you going to do with it? Use it on your IRS from? ;-)

      • what kind of wacky SSN is that? XXX-XX-XXXX... did you fall asleep on the 2 key?
        • Hello Einstein!

          I don't live in the US. This is indeed my SSN. Where I live, your SSN is in the form YYYY MM DD XYZ, where YYYY DD MM is my brithday and XYZ a special number. Call it a checksum. However it has some implicit rules: like the if Y is odd, you're male, if Y is even you're a female. 0 is reserved if I recall correctly.

          I work in IT here, and I have worked with these databases, believe me, I know how it works....

  • Back when C|Net's Builder Buzz was still around, someone started a "What do you look like?" thread. It was really strange to see what people actually looked like -vs- the mental image I had created of them based on their online personalities.

    What I found particularly interesting was that, for the most part, I tended to assume everyone was white, male, American, and 20-30-something unless they had stated otherwise in previous posts. As a result, some of the pictures were quite a revelation, as well as good
  • My picture has been know to send people screaming from the room. In hospitals they use it to induce vomiting. This could be a real bad idea.
  • What do I care, it's publicly available on my website. Knock yourself out.
    • Same for me... I guess everyone knows how I look like. But of course I could take the site down for those that don't know yet.

      If you really want, FortKnox, I can sent a pic... One that isn't online yet. I surely must have some. I have some great pics on my harddisk, but unfortunately they are all a bit dated. That is: I had more hair. ;-)

      Sorry, can't post a pic of Spirit00. I asked authorization and I didn't get it. She's a bit paranoid... *grin*

  • Sounds cool to me.

    A bad idea for the slashdot crowd, but this reminds me of some show on (I think european) TV that had people sniffing butts to figure out which was their SO. Of course the real reason why it wouldn't work on Slashdot is because most posts smell like bullshit. :)
  • ...but what the hell happened to /my/amigos? I get this when I try it: "Either all of your friends are lame or you just have none. Either way this page is blank."

    Don't tell me they're making this subscriber only. And that error message sucks! My friends are *not* lame and I have plenty! :)

  • by glh ( 14273 )
    I think that'd be fun.. I can offer up server space to put them on if necessary. It would be easy to hook a database up to vote on who is who.

    Also, we should have some sort of prize for the person who guesses the most... any ideas?
  • :) I'll send mine over tonight, mayhap.
  • What email should I send you the URL to?
  • Thought I posted a reply... but I see it not.

    Oh well. I've been surprisingly lucky at not having pictures of me end up on the internet. So, the only pictures are on a friend's website of me at a party I'd rather not remember. My face looks bloated (this was after about 10 shots of vodka -- that party was at a Russian restaurant, after all) and in the picture I have nasty redeye.

    But if you insist, I'll send you the link and you can take my picture out.

  • ...I have a picture online from when I was 14, ~1 year ago... It's crap tho.
  • sounds fun, but really hard, the only clues we have are hints in people JEs, which isnt much unless you are ladyguardianX
  • by subgeek ( 263292 )
    assuming i'm not too late, i'd be up for it.

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