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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Metroid Prime 19

OK, finally, after getting my gamecube (with mario sunshine + Metroid Prime, and getting NFL2K3 and Super Smash Bro's melee from relatives), I can finally talk Metroid.

I'll admit that I was a bit nervous about making the classic yet another FPS, but they did a HELL of a good job with the game.

The music is new, but if you listen carefully, you can hear the original tunes in most of the songs (and those that don't, they sound just like how metroid songs should sound).

They have all the stuff from the original (except jump-n-slash, which was too powerful, and they still -could- have it and I just haven't found it yet), plus a whole new assortment of stuff for samus' suit. You even start with the stuff you have from the original, except the ice-beam, but you get a grappling hook and powerup beam to make up for it (and you are forced to lose everything before you land on the planet).

You have different armors and visors, so it adds to the whole "I'm in a powersuit" feeling, plus the visors add to the element of the universe, and make you feel more like a 'bounty hunter' than a super being out to just shoot everything up.

Lastly, the plot is just great. Its kinda thin at the beginning, you get little pieces of it, then a big chunk smacks you in the face. You think you are close to the end, and find out your not even close (well, I haven't finished it, but I thought I was close, and know that I'm quite a ways off, so I guess that statement isn't backed with proof, yet). The world is ENOURMOUS (and you have to go from end to end to end, until you start finding new areas, and so on).

All in all, I think with metroid and zelda, Nintendo found a way to combat PS2's backward compatability and XBox's online service. If Zelda is half what metroid is, might I suggest you add "Gamecube" to your "should I get an Xbox or PS2?" question.
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Metroid Prime

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  • The world is ENOURMOUS (and you have to go from end to end to end, until you start finding new areas, and so on).

    So it is like the original Metroid. Most games that make you do this are annoying and irritating. For some reason, Metroid pulled it off perfect. Makes me want to fire up the ol' NES and play it a bit.
  • I didn't get very far into the game (rental over Christmas) - but it really is well done. They've somehow made the game long without falling into "Now collect all 480 blue gears" mode. The control scheme is great - much better than trying to do another poor console shooter.

    I'd say that for anyone who already has a PC, the GameCube is the console of choice - strong exclusive games (Mario, Zelda, Metroid), strong "party" games (Monkey Ball, Mario Party, Smash Brothers), and just as many strong "console action" games (like Tony Hawk 4) as the other consoles. And cheaper.

  • I was all set to just get the PS2. Then, eventually, I was going to get the XBox. So, now you're telling me I need to get the Game Cube too?

    3 consoles? Are you kidding me? Sheesh.
    • Go to blockbuster this weekend. Rent a cube and metroid prime. Play it for a few hours. Then you decide.
    • What games would you get for a PS2 right now? Or for the XBox? There's lots of games out - but there's really not all that many good ones (and many of those are cross-platform, like Tony Hawk 4). You certainly don't need to be buying more than one console, unless you really must have GTA:VC and Zelda (and don't want to wait for GTA on the PC).

      What are you getting a console to do? All my console (a GameCube) does is entertain groups of people (and really, that's what consoles are best at). If you're getting a console to play PC-esque games (like shooters), have you considered just upgrading your PC?
      • I have considered upgrading my pc, but to be perfectly honest, I am a console gamer.

        I don't like sitting in my desk in the office at home playing games. I like to be in the living room, feet up, gaming away on my 57" widescreen with the 14 speakers hooked into it.

        In a nutshell, I spent way too much money on my tv setup to turn around and upgrade my pc just for games. Thanks for the suggestions. My basic problem is that I know as soon as I buy one, the other or both will come out with the game to end all games. It's the way it works.
        • I just bought Metal Gear Solid 2 for Xbox. Wow. It took me several hours of going through the tutorials to figure out how to play well, but it was worth it. This game rocks. It's very immersive and intense. Also very addictive. I'm looking forward to getting LotR: The 2 Towers, which to me looked like a kick-ass version of Guantlet. So far the only two games I want that aren't on Xbox are Metroid Prime and Grand Theft Auto. But I wouldn't trade Halo for both of them.
  • I'm playing Metroid Fusion on the gba right now. It's worth adding a 4th, cheaper, handheld console to that list (if you haven't got one already). Prime sounds neat, but I've gotta ask - is that whole visor switching thing as cool/interesting as everyone says? I thought it sounded a little silly.

    For crying out loud, Sony or Nintendo, give us a stinkin harddrive already.
    • The visors? Yes!

      BTW - The 'cube has a cable to connect your advance to the 'cube to give you a full screen play. And if you beat fusion, and loadup prime, you have the option of playing the original (8-bit) version of metroid on the cube.
  • Who would have thought that an unknown developer (retro studios) would be able to keep that metroid feel in a FPS? I didn't. I especially like how the story is almost *optional, you pick up 90% of the story from scanning things to learn about the pirates, the chozo, and the planet. The fact that there are multiple endings and several comcept art galleries is a big plus to keep scanning all of the elements in the game too. I give metroid my official seal of approval, and that means quality!
  • Zelda's going to be an all-out cel-shaded artistic masterpiece. If you've seen the screen shots, you'll know why I say such. It looks like a Saturday Morning Cartoon(TM).

    Gameplay should be excellent and innovative. I've kept from reading the review of the import/beta/etc. because I don't want my view tainted of it. I want to experience it for myself. Even if it sucks, I want to experience it.

    The GameCube rocks. I've currently got an SNES, N64*, GC, and PS2 hooked up. I haven't seen an XBox-only game that would compel me to buy an XBox**. And the controllers are evil. Even the small one.

    Animal Crossing is fun, but strange. I thought about it this morning -- on one disc, they put the Animal Crossing game, as well as data for Animal Island, the e-card reader, and the tailor's design program for the Game Boy Advance, plus a NES emulator and 16 ROMs of classic games. My head spun with fragments of code just thinking about it!

    Super Monkey Ball games are fun, if you like puzzles. Mario Party 4 is good for having people over and entertaining random strangers for hours. Eternal Saga (I think that's the name) is cool -- I got that for Christmas, and we've been playing it. Super Smash Brothers Melee is a sweet fighting game, well thought out for many different types of game players. And um... those are the cool ones we've got so far.

    Lost Kingdom is weird. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a good platformer, with a few non-obvious boss-types. We don't have Starfox yet, and I doubt we'll get metroid, since neither of us are good at FPS. Especially not me.

    * I bought the N64 so I could play Ocarina of Time. I never played Majora's Mask, but am now playing Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color). My otherperson's playing Oracle of Seasons (GBC as well).

    ** That's just the way I choose a game system. If there's a game I want to play, I will buy the system.

  • already got the PS2. But I'm quite happy playing through GTA3, which has taken about 4 months for me to get through(I figure I can game for 2-3 hours a week.) and I'm looking forward to Vice City, which happens to be exclusive to the PS2, at least for now.
  • by Cliff ( 4114 )
    I love this game.

    Now if only I can ever beat the fscking Omega Pirate, I'll be fine. :P

  • PS2 and a cube at home. Ps2 is my preferred system for most games, but the Cube has Smahs Bros and Metroid Prime.

    The xbox has Halo. Big whup. I don't think I'll ever regret not having one.

    Actually, if Final Fantasy games came out for the Cube I'd be 100% Nintendo.

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