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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Casino Royale, Spoiler-free version 8

I am a big Bond fan. Seen them all multiple times, know the trivia, etc... Sean Connery is the best Bond, followed by Pierce Brosnan. When Daniel Craig was selected as Bond, I hated the idea... Clive Owens was meant for the role. I even considered not going to show my displeasure...
Well, my inlaws were in town and watching the kids, we wanted to see a movie, and I was outvoted. We saw Casino Royale.
Having said all of that, I was going in to hate it and hoped to maybe be surprised and it wasn't terrible.

While I STILL think Clive Owens would make for a great Bond, Casino Royale is easily one of the best Bonds ever! Yeah, I said it... one of the best. Right up there with Goldfinger.

While there was a lot of action, there was a ton of character development. This movie was really a big character development. It is the first story of Bond, and even starts BEFORE Bond is a 00 agent. They wanted to change things around, so you won't see Q (or R), no martini's are ordered shaken and not stirred (in fact, he orders his martini exactly how Ian Fleming wrote it in the book), and the comic relief is few and far between. Even without all of the traditions, its one of the best Bonds. Even if you don't like Bond, this is a great movie, if you have only seen a few, you will understand all the subtleties. Really a quality movie, IMHO...
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Casino Royale, Spoiler-free version

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  • by grub ( 11606 )
    I loved it too. It was Kim's first Bond movie (heresy!) and she enjoyed it. It was much grittier than previous Bond movies.
  • It's definitely in the top tier, though maybe not one of the top two or three, and he's a good man for the role.
    As much as I loved Connery's Bond, face it, a big Scot is pretty obvious where ever he goes. Craig could more easily disappear in a crowd, I think.
    Hopefully, this might be the start of a trend towards grittier, more "realistic" (heh) movies.

    Now I have to go find the copy of the original Casino Royale that I know I've hidden somewhere, and laugh at it. Maybe while watching it.
  • Casino Royale [] was the best Bond movie ever. Woody Allen and Peter Sellers were hands down better than Connery in their portrayal of young and old James bond (respectively).

  • that you scratched my balls.

    I loved that! heheheh

    But I agree. Great action movie.


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    I was sorely disappointed that the car was just ripped out of the picture so quickly with out so much as a decent scene. Bummer. And then it was trashed it such a horribly simple way. I also have to wonder if that sporty of a car could even roll that fast.... no spinning just up a
  • by Cliff ( 4114 ) *
    I totally agree. And even if the movie went on a bit longer than it should have (there were several times it could have ended, before it really did — even so, during that time there were still a few twists to be had) when I walked out, I was shocked... shocked, I say to realize that almost 3 hours had passed.

    I walked out of a film after paying 9 dollars and I felt that Hollywood didn't owe me those minutes back!


    So while I was sorry to see Brosnan go, and I still feel the Bond Crown
  • Don't know if I would call it great though. I would have to see it again and probably want to see some future installments with Craig as Bond before I say too much.

    I felt the first half was too action-packed and miss some of the Bond stuff like Q/R and Money Penny. I suppose most of that could be blamed on the state of today's typical movie-goer so I can overlook that stuff. Good movie, look forward to watching it again.

  • I've yet to see the new Bond. I'm not sure in my present state of priorities that I will be able to make it before the movie goes out of the theaters. But I'm glad to hear good things about it.

    I think Clive would have been a good Bond, but he would have been the second coming of Roger Moore. Thats not so bad since Moore was a really good Bond. I think he gets a bad rap sometimes because he tried to be Bond at such an old age. Even in "Diamonds are Forever" Connery was getting too old for Bond and it made th

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