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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Want to be a coveted Java developer?? 14

In my new job, I have to review consultant resumes.
As I've mentioned before, we use the powerhouse three in the java world:

As I page through these resumes, I see quite a bit of struts, and that's it. Those with spring/hibernate experience are powerhouse architects (probably too expensive).

So if someone has WORK EXPERIENCE in spring and/or hibernate, they are getting an interview. Its that simple.
Blathering idiot? But you used spring at your last job? Come on in!

And for god sakes, don't make up design patterns then put them on your resume (or say that a core GoF pattern is a J2EE pattern)... if I interview you, I will embarass you in front of the other interviewers. What you put on your resume you should be able to talk with me about, in depth, and I will ask lots of questions ranging from what I expect a correct answer to architect type questions that have no right answers.

But, seriously, just having java experience for 20 years doesn't fly... someone with 3-5 years experience with those new techs will get you a great job with great pay (at least in this area). So for you aspiring Java developers (here's looking at you Sam), consider learning those techs when you feel ready for them... or consider switching to using them in your current job:
Struts is a front end web api, spring is a transaction/middle tier api, hibernate is an object/relational mapper (DAO/DB interaction). Hibernate is a stiff learning curve, but you can learn it very quickly. Struts takes time and maybe some guidance. Spring is, by far, the most complex, but when you learn how to use it to its full potential, you will be heavily coveted.

Update: Oh, and don't put you have 'spring experience' at the top of your resume, then not have it in any of your work experience of hobbies. You have spring experience? Where? How?
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Want to be a coveted Java developer??

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  • Noted.

    Looks like I've got a long road ahead... :)
    • Once you have the language and OOP drilled into your head, the rest will fall into place. Sure, it'll take a few years to get the experience, but once you have it, your golden. Just keep up on the new techs... I just flagged someone with AJAX and JSF (Java Server Faces) experience.... someone that knows the new techs are someone who plays with coding at home and is probably a good candidate...
      • Well, right now I'm trying to work out this prime thing still. Gotta get me some paper time, so I can sketch out and see what I'm doing that's not working correctly.
        • by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) *
          Talk to me on Google Chat tonight and i'll help (note: that does NOT mean "do it for") you. I think I said before, it's something I could pound out in 15 minutes (3 minutes to code, 12 minutes to debug the crappy syntax that I'm unfamiliar with in java).

          I haven't been keeping up as regularly as I should, so I'm a bit behind on what you've tried since the last time I posted about the Prime Number issue.

          • Well, I haven't posted about it much, to keep from being helped. :)

            But it's due tonight. :( So I'm working on it now. :)
      • What do you do with resumes that confuse your and you're? ;-) (You've been on slashdot too long, my friend! There's wearing you down. Be strong!)
        • I proofread and really study that two page paper known as my resume. I just type and hit submit on slashdot. Used to proofread my comments, now not-so-much ;)
          • yeah, but saying that wasn't funny. Ripping on you was way more fun. And you didn't fall for the bait I left, so I know you aren't losing your touch with the trolls.
  • as well as Fall, Summer, and some Winter experience, too. I'm also a self starter, both with lawn mowers and snow throwers. Professional and Personal references unavailable upon request.
  • prepare to begin learning the fork of java that will take the world by storm - stool-java. i have learned all the faults of java through my intense study of slashdot discussions. i know every failure of java and have a plan to create the best programming language evar! stop studying, start saving to buy my books and take classes to get your stool-j certs. i should charge you just for this heads up the rest of the world wont get. you are already ahead of all the fools who don't even know stool-j is comi
  • I've been doing java for a couple years now and have no idea what you're talking about. Strut, Spring, Hibernate??
    • : Web frontend : Transactions without EJBS! : Object-relational mapper (this object relates to this table, this property to this column.... k, now 'save', and it maps it out and runs the sql for you).
      • Ah cool. I don't do any web or EJBS stuff. Hibernate looks useful though. Thanks for the info.
        • Spring is the most useful (and most complex) of it all. Transactions done easy, so you don't get tied up to a specific DB and don't have to roll out your own...

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