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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I don't care who you are, this is damn funny 6

Yes, its an NFL football topic, but you don't need to know or care about the game to enjoy this. Only football game out there is "Madden"... want to know what its like to be the worst rated player in the game?
Ethan Albright, the worst rated player in madden has a few choice words to say about the subject. Its an open letter to the producers of the game, and Mr.Turducken, himself...
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I don't care who you are, this is damn funny

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  • I just about wet myself reading this. Damn!

    "If Ted Washington tied a white lady up and made her wear a metal bikini, he'd look just like Jabba the Hut."

    I think there's a couple busted capillaries on my face I laughed so hard.

  • It's fake. Someone wrote it after the Page 2 expose' into Albright. Still funny tho.
    • Bah... that's sad. I was truely hoping it was real, but figured the dude's agent probably would shit a seal if he saw that...
  • I wake up in the morning, helplessly shit and piss myself, then lose three of my teeth before I discover that I am trying to eat a rock for breakfast.

    Electronic Arts is saying that seven rating points separate me and the breathing embodiment of the perfect oxymoron. Rod Smart struggled to arrange words in sentence form. Cave men had better hold of the English language. The only actions that separate point values of ignorance at this embarrassing level are things like using your own toothbrush to wipe your a

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