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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Music - Rush, MSI 8

My radio station is playing an 'under the covers' weekend, nothing but cover songs (and its an alternative station). Its been great so far, and then I heard Mindless Self Indulgence's version of Rush's "Tom Sawyer". I really dug it... but its pretty messed up. Rush's version is pretty fast and all that, but the MSI version? Rush's version on crack cocaine... wow. Still worth hearing if you dig that kinda stuff...
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Music - Rush, MSI

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  • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
    I'll have to track it down. I've got a nice cover of Tom Sawyer by Deadsy. Pretty faithful, just heavier.
  • If they followed it with one of the covers from Rush's Feedback album.

  • by arb ( 452787 )
    If you're into covers in general, I can highly recommend Coverville [] - a podcast that plays only cover songs. wo half-hour shows a week and well worth a listen.
  • Type O Negatives Paranoid and Hit Me Baby.

    Also Strech Arm Strong's Get this party started (by Pink)

    Or a little darker is Marilyn Manson's Suicide is Painless cover.
  • I love's a few off the top of my head..

    Jane's Addiction "Ripple"
    Indigo Girls "Uncle John's Band" (both on the Deadicated album, which I highly reccomend for great GD covers before "tribute" albums became the rage)
    The Gourds "Gin n Juice" (Shinebox is a great album)
    Faith No More "War Pigs"
    Propagandhi "I Want U 2 Want Me"
    Nine Inch Nails "Get Down Make Love" (thumping bassline on this one!)
    Ministry "Lay Lady Lay"
    Magnum Opus "25 or 6 to 4"

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