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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Portable DVD followup 11

Since I really didn't get many answers, I did some looking and found this one. I found that it'll be on sale for like $120 at Target next week. Comes with all kinda nifty gizmos like an FM modulator and wireless headphones, and a jack for video games (Joey has a V-Smile). I hear if you get another monitor, you can play games on one screen, and watch a movie on the other, which would be ubercool from a geek standpoint.

Anywho, for the record (so I don't sound like a terrible parent), this is only going to be used sparingly. We have games (and we always pack plenty of healthy snacks) for the trip, but they are both at an age where they will get restless at times, and we want the ability to throw a video on to calm them down if we need to.
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Portable DVD followup

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    The video games come pre-loaded from a controller that Panasonic provides. The games - suck. I mean, my old intellivision had better resolution.

    I've had that player (in silver) since Christmas. Its never really worked.
  • I bought a kit at Costco for about $170 a few weeks ago that came with a bag (with straps to attach it to the back of a car seat), a cigarette adapter, headphones, and a remote. The player has one key feature that I love: it plays DIVX files. So I can put all my kid's DVDs on a single DVD-R and let him watch the copy instead of the original. Another nice thing is that the battery is good for over 4 hours (so far). Things it doesn't have that the one you are looking at has are the swivel screen and the
    • I should also mention that my only hesitation in buying this thing is that I would much rather have a Video iPod. Not the current generation of iPod that happens to play video, but a real one in which the entire front face is a screen. Sadly, it looks like it will be a few months.
  • Ever notice how the people most critical of parenting are those with the least amount of experience with kids? The other day my co-workers and I were having a discussion about what's appropriate for a 1.5 year old to watch. The most voacl member out of the half-dozen of us? The only one with no kids;-)
    • ...what's appropriate for a 1.5 year old to watch...

      Technically anything with full frontal female nudity should be fine; I mean the kid is probably still breastfeeding anyway right? And unless someone covered his eyes while he was being born, well, you get the idea.....

      • the kid is probably still breastfeeding anyway right?

        Statistically speaking, no. In the USA, if a kid makes it to one year and is still breastfeeding, he and his mommy are in the single digits. Even at 6 months of age, only about 20% of babies are still breastfed.

        Now, it's distinctly possible that I could be remembering my numbers wrong -- but I'm sure that the correct answer is just a Google search away.

  • my dad bought two coby TF-DVD7100s. They work great, have at least a 2 hour battery, and a decent 7" screen. They play DVD,s CDs, MP3 cds (not sure if the files need to be root level or not) and it has a ton of inputs / outputs. It has Dual headphones, though many people complain about it being a little two quiet (I agree). There is a remote (IR), optical audio out, composit video out. The screen hinge is sturdy enough to not be a concern when kids are involved. One gripe I have is that it is easily c
  • From evil itself I don't know if it's a good model, but i like the design, detached screens, rather than flimsy hinges. perfect for a car, as hinges will break apart from vibration after a few couple hour drives. otherwise they have flipscreens, which take the pressure off the hinge.

    All i am 100% sure of is that if you buy a standard hinged screen that was not engineered for installation in a car, you will find it falls apart like butter. which players have the best optical drives etc is a bit trickier... i

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