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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [No Spoilers] X 3 26

As a movie, it was good. I liked the other two X-Men. Didn't follow the comics that well, but definately tried to stay true to them. The third, though, really takes the comics and desecrates them.

For those that don't know me and movie reviews, rarely will I see one and hate it. I didn't 'hate' the star wars prequels. I wished they were better, but they are what they are. I kinda hated the matrix sequels. Thought the second wasn't bad, but the third sucked.
X-3 I disliked. I hated the story. Wasn't the acting, wasn't the amazing battles... it was the story. I didn't like it.

For those that didn't see it, make sure you stay till after the credits. There's a big twist there. For those that were impatient, I'll tell you what happened in the comments.
Having said that the comments are going to be full of spoilers! I'm not putting any other warnings. If you missed it, and are pissed... well, you shouldn't be reading too much into reviews, anyhow :P
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[No Spoilers] X 3

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  • If you remember in the movie when Prof X was talking about ethics, he showed a movie about a man whose body worked, but he had no consciousness. He asked about the ethics of putting a dying man's conscious mind into that body. I'm guessing you know what's coming up... after the credits, a nurse comes up to the body and says 'Hi'... the body shifts and he says 'hi' back. This, of course, freaks the nurse out. The voice was patrick stewart and the nurse says "Charles...?!?" End scene.

    What I hated was t
    • Killing off Cyvlops isn't bad, I hate that guy. Bloody goodie goodie
      • For the record, this is why the story stucked.

        Not that they killed of Cyclops, but that it was written by someone who hated him.

        I do know the exact word for the bad storytelling, btw -- "clumsy." There is a lot of potential in a "killer Phoenix as alter-ego" take on the story, but they had her actually do too little and there wasn't enough actual drama from Wolverine to make the last scene interesting.
    • Luckily, I know almost nothing about the comics :-) So my perspective is certanly different from yours. I liked this movie better than the last one; I think all three have been (suprisingly) good.

      I was amazed at how fast people started dropping like flies in this movie. I wanted to stay to see the scene you mentioned (I had heard rumors about it) but the group I was with (plus my daughter) needed to go. I may go catch this again later (much much later).

      I think the other reason they chose storm is, who else

  • Like I told the wife when she asked me about it:
    "If you are a fan of the Original X-Men comics and know anything about them you'll hate it. Otherwise it was a good story and movie."

    You know what really grinds my gears?
    Juggernaught isn't a mutant. his dickhead helmet gives him his powers.( well originally, they may have changed his origin a few times.)
    Kelsey Grammar is a fine actor. But I didn't really see any need to have him painted blue, costumed and put in this movie. there was just no use of his acting
    • Cyclops dying wasn't bad. Prof X dying WAS bad. I'm with you on Juggernaut... didn't think he was big enough (in size), either. I could go for the 'kid supressed the power of the helmet and they just didn't mention it' angle, but juggernaut was the halfbrother of prof x, right? That could have been a pretty big thang.

      Kelsey Grammar wasn't needed. I didn't mind him, though it bugs the shit outta me that I hear Dr Frazier Krane everytime I hear his voice.

      I'm surprised they left out nightcrawler, but
      • "And rogue losing her powers? Sweet lord, she's probably right behind Jean Grey as far as most powerful mutant!"

        Right there is a way they could have done the story better. They could have had Rogue deal with Phoenix in a way that was partly perrmanent. That would have allowed them to plausibly scale back Phoenix to a level where Jean Grey could stay in charge, while boosting Rogue to become the flying brick of wrath she was in the comics.

        Feh. I hope this was meant to be a wrap on the series. If so, then the
        • Another thing about the bridge... why doesn't storm just electrocute it?

          And Storm was too underpowered. I can't htink of a time someone actually hit storm. I mean... that's like taunting to her... she'd knock the piss outta someone who did that...

          Eh, at least they put in a sentinel and the fastball special...
    • Best quote: "Grow those back"

      I am glad I am not the only one who missed Nightcrawler.

    • They killed cyclops. that's every Xfan's wet dream.

      No, not really. They tried killing him once in the comics, and for what can only be presumed to be popular demand he made it back.

      The guy's a very popular character, probably because he's got depth and even when he's shallow, he's the kind of man most comic book readers could see themselves growing into.

      Because they didn't show him fall apart, I spent the last half of the movie wondering if he was really dead. Like I said, clumsy.
    • Hey Blackneto,

      Do you recall that discussion about the one adult movie and I couldn't remember the title, but you thought that maybe you'd seen it or your dad had it or something. I know it's been years and I'm wondering if perhaps you have remembered anything more, or if you just wanted to tell me now that you were pulling my leg.

      • damn i remember the convo but none of the details.
        • I'll write up a longer description later if you need it. Porno was a swingers gathering where you'd have to do what was on the card you pulled. Chick has to do two guys, no oral. Is nervous, her friend gives her an enema to help smooth things over. It ends with the chick doing the two guys in the middle of the living room with everyone else watching. The interest is that perhaps the chick was Trini in 3-2-1 Contact.

          You said you thought you'd seen it, too, and that you thought your dad had it on BETA bu
          • okay yeah i remember.
            well it would be a long time before I ask him about anything now.

            we haven't been on speaking terms for the 2 years since he came to live with us for a winter.
            • "Hi, you don't know me, but the son you don't talk to and I met on the internet, and I was wondering if I could get access to your porn stash.... hello? hello? ... I think he hung up on me."
    • little side note: Juggernaught doesn't get his powers from his helmet. He got them from a magical gem. His helmet is specially made to shild him from his half-brother's (Professor X) mental powers.

  • That's what I'm thinking, after reading the reviews of X3.

    I'm not really that interested in X3, to be honest. *shrug*

  • I'm the juggernaut!!!

    Please tell me you've all seen the cartoon dub.

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