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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [Lost] OK Lost-fans... lets hear your theories 33

If you don't watch Lost, you are a loser or don't get it in your country. But everyone else... lets hear your theories.
Producers say that they will answer why the plane crashed, what happens when you don't push the button, and resolve the walt/michael story.

I think not pushing the button, while it may have started as a psychological experiement (where it did nothing), something happened to force it into a real reason (like the 'incident'). I'm guessing not pushing it turns the electromagnet (that we all know is tehre) on high power... and its strong enough to attract... say a large airplane within a radius of so many miles. So they resolve two with one blow.

I'm also guessing michael or walt is going to die. Walt seems the more likely, as he's going to start growing up pretty fast and it'll throw the story off, and micheal is just too bad right now for them to simply kill them off...

Any other theories are also welcome :)
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[Lost] OK Lost-fans... lets hear your theories

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  • or don't get it in your country.

    Isn't that why P2P networks were invented? Added bonus: the episodes aren't dubbed :-D

    As for the theories: I have no fucking idea... I have read no theory that is completely satisfying and I have no theory of my own.

  • It is all a dream. Just like the wizard of oz. Not sure about the black and white thing though.
  • the button sends electrical current to the mind-control collars of men who work for the government.

    The balder guy dies.

    Someone is the illegitemate child of elvis.

    the plane crashed because of the mind-controlled men who were told to take it down.

    they are off the coast of bali.

    There are pirates.

    There was once a giant shark who lived nearby, and everyone referred to him as 'the albino death,' but no one's seen him for years.

    In the meantime, his underwater grotto has been infested by sea weasels.

    In the end, the
  • I don't think the incident had anything to do with not pushing the button. I do think it had something to do with the doctor loosing his arm. You'll see that in the swan video, the doctor has a fake left arm. In the pearl video, he has both arms. Though, he also gives two different names for himself.....maybe clones?

    I also don't think not pushing the button had anything to do with the plane crash. We would have known if Desmond hadn't pushed the button at one time. If he didn't push the button once and he's
  • I don't really care about the button. It will get resolved next episode.

    What I don't get is the whole Jack responding to Michael thing.

    Michael: "No, Jack, it has to be these 4 people, we are doing it my way"

    Jack: "OK Michael, you got it."

    Sayid: "WTF? Are you stupid?"

    Jack: "Uh...yeah. Hello, I'm the good guy!"

    Sayid: "Can I torture him....pretty please?"

    Michael selling out his friends like this is such bullshit.

    He will be dead by the end of next season.
    • I too dislike the huge change in Michael the writers have put forth this season. He seems like an entirely different person from the standup-but-conflicted man we met the first season.

      However, not having children myself, I can't imagine how much trauma a father would go through having had his child ripped from him -- a second time.

      The Michael I know would have asked for help from his friends to get Walt back. The Michael from this season is...at best... a lunatic.

      I hate it when shows can't keep the
      • according to the powers that be (and they answer questions on thefuselage.com [not .org as i said before]), no one is dying in the finale. there will be some injuries, but no deaths IN THIS EPISODE.

        That doesn't mean that no one will be fatally injured, just that no one takes their last breath.

        they've also said that the michael/walt thing will be worked out, as well as WHY the plane crashed.
        • they've also said that the michael/walt thing will be worked out, as well as WHY the plane crashed.
          And if one or the other isn't explained to my satisfaction, if the writers show me they still have some stories to tell on the island, if they can convince me that they do have a plan and aren't making this up as they jerk our legs across the island...I'll still be around for Season 3.

          If not, I'm voting myself right off. :(
          • What I've heard is that the writers have a very broad idea of everything. They know how everything is tied together and know the 'big picture'. The twists, people dying off, some people's backgrounds... that kinda stuff is what they do off the hip.
            • yep. they've got the big picture, and are filling in the little picture week-by-week. I'd love to be a fly on the wall. ;)
            • What I've heard is that the writers have a very broad idea of everything. They know how everything is tied together and know the 'big picture'. The twists, people dying off, some people's backgrounds... that kinda stuff is what they do off the hip.
              True, however the devil is in the details, and a decent overall scheme can be screwed up by the smallest plot-hole.
  • Have you been going to the website www.thehansofoundation.org each week with the new password that you get from the site that is featured on the fake commercial during each episode? That gives you some more clues.

    Secondly, I don't think the electro magnetism on the island caused the plane crash. I believe the plane was doomed to crash from the beginning because those on the plane needed to be on the island. You will see that if you go to www.thehansofoundation.org (which I am too lazy to put into proper H

    • I ahven't done the hanso website cause someone told me its for the british version which just started season two a few weeks ago. Guess I'm wrong. I'll look into it...

      And how the hell are ya stranger? :)
      • ok, i'm a lurker at one of the lost forums, and i've been kinda sorta following the whole hansofoundation stuff, but I don't have the energy to devote to this stuff right now.

        I'm hoping that michael gets his ass kicked.

        I don't know how, or by whom... I'm thinking sayid and some of the rest of them should be able to follow michael and "those 4" (although WHY those 4?) to the camp of the others without being noticed too terribly much (although who knows where the other cameras are on the island).

        either the "o
        • An interesting theory I read the other day is the Others want children because they had an accident in their hatch that caused their blast doors to get stuck halfway down; thus they need smaller people to get into their "button pushing area" (or whatever is critical in their hatch). Not sure I buy it, but it is interesting.

          I just got to thinking, what if the release of the black cloud of evil smoke was caused by "the incident"? Or perhaps the magnetic field generated by the Swan station keeps it on the isla

          • thefuselage.org

            it seems to be better than some, also it's run by "the powers that be".. the writers, etc. of Lost.

            I think the observers in the Pearl are to make sure that everything goes well in the Swan hatch. I think part of the Swan is that it's about having people in close quarters. The Pearl people are to make sure that the 2 operators are getting along.

            I've not heard the "they need smaller people" theory, though.
            • That reminds me; I have thought about writing a journal entry about this, but might as well ask you two what you think. Why does the swan hatch have two entry points? There is the main hidden entryway that they use now, but why does it also have the silo-like entryway that they came down the first time? It seems like it may have been used at one point (prior to the ladder getting broken of course) because of the big "quarantine" on the inside, plus the intricate series of mirrors that let Desmond see what w
              • I would assume the other hatches have a "fire exit" ... or alternate exit from the well-hidden main entrance.

                This week's episode showed just how staged the "others" were. Everything was carefully choreographed & staged to cause fear and mistrust in the losties. What do they want?
                • I still don't get why the Others are pretending to be ragged castaways, unless they feel that will portray a more dangerous/mysterious image that way; it is also possible they are tricking other people on the island, not just the losties. I do admit, ragged castaways look scarier than a bunch of nicely dressed eggheads with pocket protectors :-) (like Claire remembered them in her flashbacks from the medical hatch).

                  So I wonder what took Desmond so long to come back with his sailboat? Some folks are guessing

                  • TPTB have said that those were cigarette remains, and one was "still smoking" although it didn't show at all in the show. :(

                    That means (to me) that someone SAW Michael kill those people. Someone SAW Fake Henry being interrogated. Someone knew what was going on in the hatch all along.

                    I'm just thoroughly upset at how NON-curious these people are. They've not gone back to the Medical hatch, or the Pearl to check them out, where they lead, etc. When Kate found the beard, I thought "finally! someone's going to a
                    • I totally didn't see any smoke coming from the table or any indication anyone had been in the Pearl for some time.

                      I'm just thoroughly upset at how NON-curious these people are.

                      No freakin' kidding! I understand there is at least one scary thing wandering around the jungle, but dang. The list of places/things I can think of that they have basically blown off:

                      -> Radio tower that Rousseau is using to broadcast her message; worth finding I would think. Speaking of Rousseau, it seems like it would be worth ta

                    • What if the Swan station is keeping the earth's magnetic field stable? That would be a plausible "end of the world" scenario; not only would a major abrupt shift cause havoc among animals, it would allow solar storms to sweep across the earth (since the magnetic field of the earth protects us from them). Hell it is possible the Swan station put them in this predicament to begin with: they play with magnetism, slowly shifting things around inside the earth. What started as an experiment is now critical, sinc
                    • Too.... advanced(?) for most audiences? I'm thinking its minor... either nothing happens, or something drastic happens. I doubt its anything cataclysmic, though...
                    • well, those are the 2 choices.

                      either nothing happens, or something rather dramatic/drastic happens.

                      I guess there's a third choice. a little flag comes out of the wall and says "Bang!"

                      Is it wednesday yet?
                    • The worst part is I have class Wed., and will arrive back home a little over halfway through the episode. I just know I will HAVE to stay up until midnight watching the damn thing after it finishes taping. Yeah I know I need a tivo.....
                    • I *heart* my tivo.

                      Weakknees.com, dude. When you're ready to come over to the dark side. [they pre-mod tivos with bigger drives, etc.]
                    • I've been into TiVo since the first month it came out. I paid over $200 for my 14 hour TiVo. Modded it myself, though. Now its 120hour TiVo ;)
                      Then I got directTV, and I wanted to tape two things at the same time, so I got direcTiVo. So I can record 3 things at the same time with my two TiVos. I guess you can say I'm an addict ;)
                    • we have 2 directivos (but the older one only has one cable to it at the moment). ben was skeptical, since we didn't watch a lot of tv, but now, he's as bad as i am with the 'skip' button. :D

  • But what about the monster?!?

    (NB: I have never watched an episode of Lost.)
  • I love theories. I like Sol's the best so far.

    For myself.. the others are far more sophisticated than they let on. I think that they are all on the island voluntarily - or getting paid well, and I think that the whole plane was filled with people who have something to do with the experiment... on purpose... and taken down by the others.

    I think the electro-magnet, and the hatch, is a section of the island that the others have full control over - and that the "enter the code" thing can be done - by t

  • I thought it was simply a sexy sexy "Gilligan's Island". It's been out for a while, so I'll pick up the season one DVD and give it a look. I'm ashamed at how out of touch I have become. It's time to set World of Warcraft down for a little while.

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