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Journal FortKnox's Journal: NFL: The draft 11

Yeah, I'll do a post-lent JE sometime when I have time... but first I wanna talk draft.

I think Reggie Bush will be a bust. I never trust a RB that goes #1 (last one I can think of was KiJana Carter). He's being hyped TOO much, IMHO. He will disappoint. Matt Leinart will be a decent QB, but he doesn't impress me. Probably as good as he'll get. Vince Young will make or break a franchise. Will probably be a better QB than Michael Vick. Cutler will probably be the best of the bunch... in five years. All three don't seem anything special to me.

As far as the Steelers go, I want to see them get (in this order, depending on who's available):
RB Marooney (Minnesota), C Mangold (OSU), RB White (USC). One of the three should be available at #32. My best guess would be Mangold. I wouldn't be upset with any of these three. I think a WR pickup in the first round is a bad idea, especially since it usually takes 3 years for a WR to be ready for the NFL.
I'd also like to see them land WR Robinson from Penn State (the QB) in the second or third round. I know the Steelers like a good WR project.

Who do you want your team to pickup?
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NFL: The draft

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  • The Lions will probably pick another Wide Receiver - Santonio Holmes.

    I'd rather see them pick up A.J. Hawk.

    • Are the Lions in the NFL or were they traded to Calgary for the Stampeders?
      • The Lions are the reason there's no professional Team in Toledo, Ohio. Because then Detroit would want one, too.

        /jaded Lions fans

        And who are the Stampeders? I thought all the teams in the CFL were named the RoughRiders.

        • Re:Da Lions (Score:2, Funny)

          by Sqwubbsy ( 723014 )
          I thought all the teams in the CFL were named the RoughRiders.

          That's their condom brand.
          *rimshot* (== sorry, couldn't resist.)
  • Which of course is the kiss death for my opinions;-) I think he will do very well and will make whatever team he plays for *cough*Texans*cough* better. As for my Rams... If Vince Young is stilla round then I hope that they take him and create an offense in which he can flourish. I have my doubts about both.

    I would also very much like to see them get better on Defense. That has been their achilles for many years now, and it'd be nice if they could fix it. I don't know that Haslett is the answer there

  • My insides at the Steelers said that they were eyeing up Lendale White before the Rose Bowl. His stock rose and he went from a predicted "late 1st/early 2nd pick" to mid first. They then switched to looking at Bobby Carpenter out of Ohio State. Since White's stock has fallen considerably in the last month, it seem he'll be available again.

    Apparently, I'm not the only one that has got this info (link [])

    • I thought they were really big on Maroney... though they'll probably have to trade down to get him.

      And what about C? They really need to start worrying about Jeff Hartings knee...
  • Bush will be ok. He isn't really a running back d00d, he's more of a "Slash" type dude, like Kordell with a K was.

    He'll have a good career, especially if he goes to a team that utilizes his athleticism, instead of throwing his small body behind the line and having him get pummeled.

    The Bears need an Olineman and a TE. You already knew this though. That's what I like about you Aguado, your attention to detail.
    • Re:Hmmmm (Score:3, Funny)

      by FortKnox ( 169099 ) *
      I prefer 'El Guapo'. Anywho, the draft is so deep in TE's I think the Bears could wait until the second round to pick one up if they like. Pope would be a great pickup if he holds out to round two.
  • Bush and QB's (Score:2, Insightful)

    by NFLFan ( 878402 )
    I am not crazy about Reggie Bush either but I do not think he will be a bust. A lot of his performance will have to do with what team and system he lands under. I am going to assume that team will be Houston; in my opinion the Texans should trade down but probably will not. It seems any running back can flourish in Denver's running system and I expect the Texans to employ a similar system. The draft experts are saying that he could be better than Marshall Faulk, now I don't neccarily believe that but se

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