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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Web Comics? 16

Since its a particularly slow day today, and I'm being lazy, I'd like to ask what webcomics you guys think are worthy of reading?

Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of Sluggy Freelance, but, if you've never read it, it is a series, so you have to start at the beginning (its a daily strip that's been done for several years now). Its definitely worth the long reading, if you are in the mood for laughing. Pete is best at parodies of movies, and he's working on a Harry Potter parody, which is funny as hell.
My next daily comic to visit is Player vs. Player, but I've been bored with it, lately.
This is followed by the MWF of Penny Arcade, the comic for gamers (today is pretty damn funny, too).
Then I have the Tue/Thurs/Sat comic 8-bit Theater which is funny if you ever played Final Fantasy on the old NES.

Any other good ones you guys know of?
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Web Comics?

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  • Every morning, I read ~20 webcomics. Some are better than others. My daily favorites are Kevin and Kell [kevinandkell.com](a bunny and a wolf), Ozy and Millie [ozyandmillie.org] (a fox and a, erm, other fox), Sinfest [sinfest.net], and You Damn Kid [youdamnkid.com]. Actually, I'd have to put Ozy and Millie on the top of that list, if I re-did it, because they're just my favorite buddy pair.

    I'm also a fan of RPG World [rpgworldcomic.com] (Sun Wed Fri), which is about a fictional RPG, and of course, Megatokyo [megatokyo.com] (Mon Wed Fri).

    Others I follow aren't as important to me, although Everything Jake [everythingjake.com] has evolved into an interesting X-Men kind of comic/story. The writer intersperses story-text in with his comics sometimes.

    I can't start my day without my set of comics; they wake me up and start my day with a laugh, which is what I need before the daily grind...

    • I love this comic. It's actually better if you don't approach it expecting to laugh. Sometimes it's hilarious, but mostly it's more of an insightful comic. I love the God puppet shows. :)
      • I love Tatsuya's work. I think Sinfest is one of the more underrated of Keenspot's comics. It's a damned shame the man hasn't been able to find a home for syndication, but he's a bit too...edgey... for the newspaper, even if his work is as good, if not better than Get Fuzzy [getfuzzy.com]. I particularly like the symbolism and eastern culture he sneaks in. His Pose-to-Calligraphy [sinfest.net] strips are some of my favorites. Oh...and his titles...if the man was a Slashdot author, he'd be master of the "dept." line. I bow to his mastery of condensing a 3-4 panel strip into 5 words or less.
      • oh yeah!
        Sinfest is one of only two comics at Keenspot that I continue to follow (to my shame, the other is Faans).
        His games with Christian tropes reminds me of Kevin Smith's Dogma, though with considerably more staying power.
        BTW, has anybody else noticed the, ehem, synergies, with the sinfest.com website? I made the mistake once of typing in the domain incorrectly and found myself at the .com site only to realize that clearly here we had a case either of a remarkably comics aware porn merchant or T.I. has found a new revenue model for online comics.
        I would be curious to find out the timeline on this one (who did what first) and if there are any links between the two.
      • Yeah Sinfest absolutely kicks! I love it too. I have a series of comics I check daily (or whenever they appear), but Sinfest it truly one of the ones that makes think the most.

        A long dead comic I used to follow was "The Thin H Line", but well... you have to stand pr0n at it's highest level ;-) Too bad it is gone, it moved URL for a while (was named differently, can't recall how).

        Others on my list are of course Sluggy Freelance (as stated in the main journal entry) which has made me laugh nearly all the time.
        Other typical nerdish comics are General Protection Fault [gpf-comics.com] which can be from moving to hilarious over a lot of suspense. However I wonder how Jeffrey is going to get it back to "normal" in the current storyline. In some way it looks to me as he is making an end to the comic. Not sure of course.
        Then there is also the well known Userfriendly [userfriendly.org] but that one doesn't need publicity on slashdot ;-)

        One that doesn't fit really into the "Nerdish" ones that I still read (hasn't been updated for weeks unfortunately) is Alice! [alicecomics.com]. It's about a dreamy, teenage girl that has a waaay too huge fantasy.

        And as since I found my recent love in my iBook, I never miss out The Joy of Tech [joyoftech.com] which really makes fun of Mac news.
        As a last one I read is Stange Candy [keenspace.com], mainly because of the truly cute anime characters and it is a parody on the anime genre in general. It isn't always that funny, but the current storyline really is!
        Enjoy if you have some extra time to waste..

  • Here's what I read in addition to some of the ones you read. Should have my own online one of these days too. Just gotta finish some character drawings and find a good host.
    Megatokyo [megatokyo.com]
    Wendy [wendycomic.com]
    Flem [flemcomics.com]
    Coredump [coredumpcomic.org]
    Real Life [slashdot.org]
    Something Positive [somethingpositive.net]
    Life of Riley [clanbob.net]
    Arrogance in Simplicity [shaftware.com]
    ? [ashfieldonline.com]
    Fetus X [fetusx.com]
    Exploitation Now [exploitationnow.com]
  • I just read Dilbert [dilbert.com] and User Friendly [userfriendly.org].
  • Don't forget about it, it is responsible for more C|N>K than any other comic on the web.
  • check out http://machall.com/ [machall.com]. It's not about Macintosh'es (though the two authors both use them) but about a semi-ficticous College Dorm named McDonald Hall. My Cousin is the Writer, Matt Boyd, so I'm a little biased.Ian McConville, the artist is amazing. check 'em out, and tell 'em Jay sent you.
  • Userfriendly [userfriendly.org] is my favorite. I haven't checked the ones others have listed.
  • is Get Your War On. [mnftiu.cc] I presume you have read it, but if not...
  • My favourites are:
    Nukees [nukees.com]
    Freefall [purrsia.com]
    Absurd Notions [absurdnotions.org]
    Something Positive [somethingpositive.net]
  • I usually start the day with a dose of Triangle and Robert [attbi.com], followed by Dr. Fun [ibiblio.org], if the update email came in. I then go and seee iv Jon went and posted the next edition of Pixelated [geocities.com], and if not, I yell at him in IRC until he does. I then drop by 8-bit theatre [nuklearpower.com] and see if they updated today, followed by a visit to User Friendly [userfriendly.org].
  • http://www.tmcm.com/ [tmcm.com] -- When it's good, it's great. When it's off, it's still a conversation-starter.

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