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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Moving :-( 11

Bleh, I have to move (from the north side of Cincinnati to the east side) a week from this upcoming weekend, and I am seriously dreading it.
Sure, it's a place just as big, with a better community (trees and a stocked lake), and its tons cheaper to live in, plus its a smaller commute to/from work, but moving blows. You have to change all your addresses over, gotta change the phone number, gotta get a new IP for the server and switch the DNS over, have to deal with writing "Return to sender, addressee doesn't live here anymore" on half your mail for months, and the actual packing/moving/unpacking. Bleh!

On the lighter side, at least computerfest is upon us this weekend (what glh spoke about in his journal). Hopefully, I'll pick up some hardware to seriously boost my server (I got BIG plans for it if I have the space and power to run a J2EE app with JBoss working good).
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Moving :-(

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  • Best luck on your move. Sounds like it will be a nice place to be. I know moving can be a pain- after growing up in the air force, my family moved at least 10 times by the time I turned 16. But then again, I've just about got it down to a science :)

    Regarding the computer show.. I can hardly wait. Got the tickets and the 2-way radios (a few other friends are coming along, and we're going to split up and work the show for the best deals. Total geekiness at its best). Even my dad and sister are coming, so that will be nice. By the way, let me know where you want to meet.

    Hopefully we can get some good deals on new [] hardware. We may want to put a front page "donate to the cause" this week along with your ideas for the new site.
    • Yeah, sounds good.
      My wife, predictably, turned her nose when I suggested that she come along. She'd be out of her element, and would demand we leave after 30-60 minutes, so I guess its best she stays home (plus, she wanted to go with her parents to a church outing, anyway). So it looks like I'll be the sole man coming up. I'll email you on the details on meeting. I'll probably stay on the floor most of the day. Looking for a lot of hardware on a tight budget, so the best deals are a must (plus I might want to take advantage of you and your friends geeky price hunting) ;-)

      Hey, just got off the phone with my brother. Looks like he wants to check the place out, too.
  • Moved from Salt Lake City to Boston last month. The drive across the country was pretty interesting. The packing/unpacking/renting a truck/getting situated was not.

    In fact, today I have to get the car registered. Joy.

  • have to deal with writing "Return to sender, addressee doesn't live here anymore"

    FWIW, I believe that you can simply mark a line through the name and drop it in any mailbox, and the postal service understands that this means misaddressed mail.

    Yep, moving sucks alright. I find myself shocked at the sheer amount of crap I own every time I have to do it. It's the random shite, the stuff that you know if you throw it away you'll just end up buying another, but it's a pain anyway to pack up in a box and then later unpack.
  • Or so it seems. Where we are planning to move, there's no broadband, and likely never will be. I'll have to look at the joys of getting ISDN, or suffering dialup. The upside is that I should be able to set up a wireless network with neighbors, and we can share the costs of the line.

    Good luck with it. I was sincerely hoping that I wouldn't be moving for another 8-9 years, but it looks like it will be more like 1-3.

    • Just roll out a T3 line to your house.

      Yeah, go ahead and slap me for that.
      But it isn't, totally, a bad idea. If your neighbors really like the idea of broadband, you can make a GIANT wireless network throughout the neighborhood and have a buncha people split the costs. It'd require massive sysadmin skills, but I think you have the skillset already.
      • I'm not a network admin, I just play one at work:)

        The problem is, it won't be a neighborhood, per se. I'll have 4 acres. Parents have adjoining 3 acres. Uncle and some of my father's cousins have farms within wireless range.

        Without a doubt, I could get my mother interested. The others.... Don't know. And I am seriously thinking T1. Been looking at Verizon rates, and it might not be that much more expensive than an ISDN setup. Heck, I might even have to try to peel off one of the channels for voice use:)

  • just moved my brother and his wife, then myself. Not a lot of fun. Recommendations: get a big U-haul and at least three friends who can lift things.

    On the bright side it really is worth it for a better/cheaper place as long as you are planning to stay there for a while.

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