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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Zonk, don't put words in my mouth! 12

Ugh, I got a submission accepted and its now available to paid users. Because of this, I won't give anything away other than its about new AIDs and Cancer breakthroughs in the past couple days.

I wrote something very different. First change is good. He added more info from one of the articles, and noted that it was quoted from them.

But then he editted my post, directly. Mostly using better grammar (I'll be dead before I use the word 'akin'), but my beef is that it looks like I typed it. Now, I'm no english major (I code; I don't write novels), and I appreciate the help. Hell, we've been bitching at editors to edit content for a while now. I just wished he'd put in brackets or something to note that he made these changes, and its not what I wrote.

Eh, what am I bitching about? Its a damn good thing that someone is making the frontpage more readable... I just don't like the word 'akin' and now it looks like I'm advocating the word to the slashdot public :P

Heh, and the best part is the link from my name goes right to here, so I'll be expecting loads of people to tell me to quit my bitchin :P
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Zonk, don't put words in my mouth!

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  • I went to the front page cause someone linked to it in my terrorism journal.

    I've never been so angry at people in my life. Assholes. Nothing but assholes on the front page.

    Why do you bother?
    • Try YRO []. That's the meeting place for the truly sane and balanced well articulated discussions.

      As much as monkeys flinging feces and screeching at eachother while wielding keyboards can hold such discussions.

  • I went to the frontpage and it looks like Zonk is the only one working today.
  • Eh, what am I bitching about?

    Yeah, Zonk made your grammar better? At least it wasn't Rob editing your words and introducing multiple egregious errors, as has happeend more than once.

    It is funny how many of you guys spend all day in JEs without ever reading the main page, let alone comments on them. Particularly amusing is the shock sometimes expressed when a member of the JE crowd ventures into, say, a YRO story.

    • Also, the pineapple story is a textbook case of university PR run amok. There's no shortage of things that poison cancer cells in a dish -- turning them into real therapies is a lot harder than the article suggests.

      The AIDS therapy, on the other hand, is intriguing, and has actually been tested in patients.

      By the way, for those brave JE souls considering a foray to the article, here's an example [] of the sort of idiocy to expect there...

    • I agree... he made it better, and the last thing I should say is anything negative towards him... but 'akin'?!?! Ugh, that's just not a good word.
  • have we raised our voices to get slashdot editors to edit?

    And now they do, and look what they get!

    I couldn't be more thrilled that someone's on the job, though i'll admit it must be odd to see it suddenly happening so no one takes it for granted that the editors have actually... edited the post.

    But they did, now.

    oke, so they edit. What's next, readers who read?? /ducks and runs
    • Now if we can just get them to understand that you shouldn't edit what amounts to a quote, and if you do put the [lovely] substitution in square brackets. :)
  • The thing that shocks me more than the word 'akin' is the fact that you actually pay for Slashdot. ;)

    Don't worry, he'll probably leave 'akin' off when he posts it again in a few hours.
    • I was donated a subscription a long time ago. Since its based on how many ads I avoid, I turn all the ads on and adblock takes care of them for me. Its a permanent subscription this way :D
      • I was donated a subscription a long time ago. Since its based on how many ads I avoid, I turn all the ads on and adblock takes care of them for me. Its a permanent subscription this way :D

        Clever...and right when I was down to 20 pages left. Guess this means I can keep using the https server (nowhere near as flaky as the non-subscriber http server) indefinitely. :-)

  • Isn't that red neck for pregnant?

    Uh oh, Jeremiah, she's with akin again.

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