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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Steve Don't Eat It! Vol 7 6

For those that read the sneeze. Steve has added vol 7 of his "Steve Don't Eat It!" entries. For those that don't read the sneeze, here's all 7 of them.

Be wary! The man does eat stuff he finds in the grocery store, but some of it isn't natural to our culture, and is, honestly, pretty nasty stuff... Oh, and he uses language, but nothing more than you'd read in one of TMP's journal entries ;-)
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Steve Don't Eat It! Vol 7

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  • Simply because it is a fungal infection does not mean it is not tasty - come on, who does not have mushrooms on their pizza?

    That said - there's fungus, and then there's fungus, and that stuff looked bad enough to make a dog gag.

    Perhaps somebody can make a new cross-cultural dish - haggis stuffed with corn smut.
  • ...huitlacoche is quite good. It's not something you eat huge globs of, like he's doing, but should be used as flavoring for tamales or quesadillas. It also has interesting issues with its genome [], which I won't get into.

    Natto, on the other hand, is every bit as horrific as it looks. An old girlfriend loved it, though.

  • Just wow.

    The other stuff he's eaten has been unpleasant, but that was the first one that actually got me a little queasy.

    His commentary is funny as hell though.
  • ... in a few minutes.

    Like the part about "already has corn in it ... a real time-saver" :-)

  • YEACH!

    That was NASTY!

    I'm gonna buy a can for a guy here at work who says he'll eat anything edible...
  • Wow. That sure is a new low. It makes me wonder about the collective ingenuity of humans around the globe. This has to mean that ever ycountry has their own utterly horrible product. It would be neat to see what each countries contestant would be fore a "wort food" competition.


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