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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Photo Contest 3, Send'm in! [UPDATED] 37

OK, looks like we'll do it the way we did the first contest. Just follow along if you don't know whats going on.

First things first. You can send up to 5 pictures. If you are sending more than one, at least one of them has to contain your face in it (some past people would wear outfits for stuff they are into, etc...). If you want to have fun with it, try to get a pic of yourself doing something you always talk about, or add a subtle clue to who you are.
All pictures are to be sent to me, along with your slashdot ID. Lemmie say that again since this is the one rule everyone seems to forget in both previous contests... Tell me your slashdot ID in the email!!! I don't know half your names, and have trouble remembering all my relatives names. I'm not a name person. Just tell me your id in the email and save me the time of having to reply to get it, ok? ;-)
Ok, the subject needs to contain "Slashdot" or "Photo Contest" so my rule will catch it and put it in a place I have setup to deal with the contest. Try not to sound too spamish... I really trust my spambayes not to false positively hit emails, but don't try and test it ;-)
Emails need to be sent to josh _at_ Don't forget the subject and slashdot alias (and pic(s), duh). I already got some pics in one of my three email addresses. Sorry, but resend them. I want to start off cleanly here.

After I get a good dozen, I'll post'm up on a site and post the URL. After about a week, I'll stop accepting pictures and post the list of aliases you get to choose from and the contest will begin.

In the past people have made up 'categories' and ranked people (best looking, etc...). Please please PLEASE have fun with this. There are no prizes, there are no awards... just to have fun, so go ahead and add fun if you can think of any other way!

OK, some pointers:
First, if anyone has an old contest page, please take it down.
If you have a pic of yourself somewhere on the web that's easy to find (like, from your slashdot profile), take it down for the contest.
If you have a large fan-base, write a journal w/o comments and link to me so we can get a ton of people in on this. The more the merrier!


Any questions or whatever, post here and I'll get back to you tonight or tomorrow night or over the weekend.

Update: JtS & Bltzu2... NO NUDE MALE PHOTOS!
Bethanie... as always, you can send whatever you like ;-)

No hard date when I'll stop accepting pics, but I'll give you a good couple days notice. Will probably stop after next weekend, so you all have plenty of time still.

People that have been in past contests and want it not to be so easy... try and send profile pictures... I've seen a couple people's pics, and the profiles of people I know have been harder for me to recognize. May be something to consider....
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Slashdot Photo Contest 3, Send'm in! [UPDATED]

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