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Comment Re:I never thought I'd live to see this (Score 1, Troll) 19

Yes, I agree I never thought it would come to this. But think about it in technology context for a moment. Google News, then Facebook, have been automatically curating news for a long time now. And Slashdot - the technical elite - is selecting, editing (mangling no more I guess) and then publishing them by hand. The irony kills me. Why are we doing it by hand?

Comment Re:Stupid citizens that didn't vote are to blame.. (Score 1) 621

THat's not true. There are a lot of EU citizens who have made their home in the UK and contributed to the society and to the country, and were excluded from voting. However, Irish, Maltese and Cypriot EU citizens resident here WERE allowed to vote on the referendum.
There is actually a case proceeding in the Scottish parliament on this very topic of disenfranchisement.

Comment Re:The only exploitation likely going on... (Score 1) 311

That is truly fascinating (the brothel managers not wanting 16 year olds)
What country are you from? Or can you share a reference (here or via email) where I can read further on this. Thanks.
I find it is nearly impossible to Google for straight information about prostitution. Too much ideology wherever you look.

Comment Re:Easier and safer (Score 1) 88

I'm not sure if you are trying to say that my response is off-topic, but really the stupid hydrogen economy needs to be compared against common sense tried and true technologies before we get so excited about it.
No, H2O2 is NOT an excellent way to store energy in a lot of circumstances - for instance, in an airplane. The fact that it's easier or safer than H2 doesn't make it easy or safe.

Comment Re:Education approach is all wrong (Score 1) 102

No, of course not. So do we agree we are talking about "TE" and not "STEM"?

It has been said eloquently by another commenter already: all the developers at Microsoft, Google and Apple managed to build their careers without a national focus on development education.
I for one, graduated in Mathematics, getting bad grades, and therefore making my degree relatively unmarketable. I then worked as a chef for almost ten years before 18 years in technology. I am now very employable and stay busy. I grew up in a poor yet educated family; and all of my IT skills are self taught.

What I am getting at i there are tons of resources out there for somebody who wants to learn to code. Anybody who doesn't, either doesn't have a computer with a compiler/interpreter they can play with... or doesn't have the interest. I think if we teach kids to read, communicate and think critically, they can follow their interests toward lucrative or at least respectable careers.

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