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Comment Re:Polar ice caps melting faster than expected (Score 1) 268

Also, what you're saying smacks of no-true-scotsman.

Um, Al Gore is not a climate scientist. This is not some sort of "No True Scotsman" fallacy. You're claiming someone is a Scotsman, we're pointing out he's actually Japanese, and you're crying "Ha! No True Scotsman fallacy!"

Comment Re:Subversion of the West (Score 4, Insightful) 1080

Either you believe in property rights or you don't. If you believe in property rights, a 100% inheritance tax (and even a 1%) is totally unacceptable. If you believe in property rights you have the right do decide what to do with your own property, like, for example, giving it to your designed heirs.

You either believe in false dichotomies, or you don't.

Comment Re:Everything we do is right (Score 3, Informative) 345

When the elites start leading by example I'll get on board not before. Until then it reeks of "some animals are a little more equal." I am solidly convinced that reducing carbon emissions globally would be a good thing. You don't even need to buy into climate change to accept that, after all it can't be good manipulate the carbon cycle in closed system upon which we all depend that we barely understand.


Its a simple fact that flying first or business class has a terribly higher carbon foot print. If Obama cares so much about climate change he would set an example the new airforce one would have been a 737ER with all coach seats! Set up that way there would be plenty of room for his entourage and the press core, it would just be way less comfortable. Ah but you see sacrifices are for the rest of us to make.

The elites don't need to lead by example. They can simply pick up and move to wherever things are pleasant, while all the "little people" die off. What, you actually thought they give a damn about you? If billions of us "little people" died off, all they would do is move somewhere until the bodies were done decomposing, so they wouldn't have to deal with all that annoying stench.

Comment Re:So long as it is PUBLIC posts... meh... (Score 4, Insightful) 215

I have to say, if it is public posts, what's the problem?

Is this any different to kids saying stuff out loud in the real world, being overheard, and someone reporting it to the authorities?

"If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him." - Cardinal Richelieu

Kids threatening other kids out loud is one thing. Scouring through their internet posts to find something with which you can incriminate them is another thing entirely. It's like the difference between a cop seeing you doing something illegal outside, and the police being able to track you with security footage to see if there is anything they can charge you with.

Comment Re:Century 21, we're HERE! (Score 1) 105

And you have the notarized deed of the formal promise they made? Do you understand the difference between a daydream and reality? And really? A UFO hoaxer? Kid's shows?

You sound like a whiny, entitled taker who just expected to sit on his ass and have the future handed to him!

Taker! Loafer!

Well, he is a baby boomer, after all. Even as old as they are now, they think the world owes them everything.

Comment Re:Okay... so what am I supposed to do about it? (Score 3, Funny) 368

Or are you saying that the liberals just say whatever they want as long as it moves their agenda forward?

Yes, that's what liberals do. They sit at large conference tables, discussing how to destroy western culture, commit white genocide, and turn the world into a vegan-only communist dictatorship. When someone comes up with a particularly brilliant idea, such as designating Whole Foods the People's Grocery Store, they all rap their knuckles and shout "BWAHAHA!!!" in unison. The FEMA camps are only the beginning. Expect the massive die-offs to begin soon!

Seriously, though, have you considered asking your psychiatrist for new meds? The ones you are on are obviously not working.

Comment Re:Short-term benefit? (Score 1) 211

" I would never have known that the book existed"

For people born before 1990, there was this thing called "research" which took more than 5 seconds to do, thus its need to be described as an actual activity. The work you were doing was, at the time, leagues beyond what the AIs could do. We'd go to a thing called a "library" where books were actually purchased, thus the author actually getting paid. We'd look through these "books" and find the information we needed.

I'm all for progress, but a paradigm shift needs to be done in such a way that it doesn't destroy the future. There will be little purpose for authors to do the work, if you can then yank the snippets you need (likely out of context, because hey - who has time to actually read the whole paper?) without giving them any money. As someone else said, this is just Google being greedy - they could have come up with some sort of agreement with the authors that allowed them to do it via a subscription service, or such. Instead, they decided to give away someone else's work for free.

Yes, and research using only physical books and the citations in the back is what I did in graduate school. But, you know, what, I like having both print and electronic versions of books. It's a nice, new tool that helps and makes things easier. And, I can find lots of obscure things in an electronic library that would not even be available in a physical library.

Comment Re: Short-term benefit? (Score 3, Insightful) 211

Why buy the book when you already got your answer from the Google scans?

Because he didn't. He was able to read enough to realize that the book is a good discussion of the topic he was researching. You see, it actually takes time, careful reading, and detailed analysis to understand a subject. You seem to be under the impression that he wants a simple-minded, one phrase answer, when in reality he is trying to carefully do this thing known as "thinking", something your response shows you are clearly incapable of doing.

Comment Re:Reputation management (Score 1) 340

Actually, I'd be more inclined to send my kid to a place that doesn't stand for the bullshit student "activists" do all the time. I'm not paying tens of thousands a year so classes can be interrupted by a bunch of low life losers protesting whatever the most recent SJW cause it.

As far as I'm concerned, those idiots should be made to pay for the cost of the pepper spray.

So, I guess you'll be sending your kid to one of these fine universities then. They certainly don't put up with "the most recent SJW cause".

Comment Re:Millenials (Score 1) 837

That's not actually a ringing endorsement.

Why not? Because the current generation is going to the dogs? How many times have we heard that? The baby boomer generation, who are now the old farts, were constantly belittle for their stupidity and selfishness when they were young. You can easily see it from 1950s films. I also suggest checking here. It's number 29, entitled "Only Johnny Knows". Notice how what is said could just as easily apply to millenials, baby boomers, generation x, and so on. This nonsense is really get tiring...

Comment Re:Ya, Sure, So What's Slowing Owners Up? (Score 1) 940

If the machines existed today, they'd be purchased; regardless of the minimum wage.

Not if the machines cost more than minimum wage.

Even if the minimum wage did not go up, the cost of technology generally decreases. If people can be replaced by machines, eventually they will be replaced.

Comment Re:Only bad news is news ? (Score 2) 618

Imagine if a scientist would publish a paper that basically said: It's all good, no worries, we've got everything under control. Nobody would talk about that, and the funding would be cut. So there always has to be some kind of catastrophe lurking just around the corner, so these people will stay employed.

There's lots of atmospheric research to do, even if there was no global warming. Climate science does not have to be about doom and gloom. It's just that this is where we are. Lots and lots of other research is funded just fine without any doom and gloom scenarios. You simply don't hear about them since the research keeps trudging along as usual. You only hear about this because it is something that directly affects us all.

Anyway, you really are just like the anti-evolution crowd who claim that evolutionary scientists are afraid to debunk evolution for fear of losing their funding. You're simply applying old, tired nonsense to a new field because the conclusions personally offend you.

Comment Re:The sky is falling! The sky is falling! (Score 2) 618

The sky is always falling for the doom-and-gloom crowd.

"If we leave these caves we're all going to die! Lions will eat us all!" "Fire is dangerous! It'll kill us all!" "Cooking meat releases chemicals that will kill us!" "Growing plants ourselves? That's certain death!" "If we stay in one place we'll all die!" "Towns are evil and will destroy civilization as we know it!"

I mean, can't these people just kill themselves already instead of trying to make us all miserable?

Geez, so many straw men in such a short post! I didn't even think that was possible.

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