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Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 881

This "idiocracy" meme (that the masses are stupid and we are the smart ones) is just ego stroking - don't feel good just because you're more sane than the bottom 0.001% who are off their meds.

Maybe I just feel like there are more stupid, gullible people around because I know so many of them personally, like half my co-workers, most of my family, all of my wife's friends, and the majority of people I randomly start conversations with. And don't even get me started on the rubes who still vote Republican.

Thank goodness it's all in my head.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2, Interesting) 881

"Ignorant" is not the same as "stupid", and can be cured by means much less dramatic than death.


Knowing nothing about science, astronomy, logic, or reality = ignorance.
Buying into the 2012 claptrap = gullibility.
Seeing an action movie and thinking it's real = stupidity.

I'm glad we could clear that up. (seriously though, I agree with your assessment that magical thinking is a cultural thing, and we should all have far less tolerance for it.)

Comment Re:So Where Exactly is this 'Leaked' Document? (Score 1) 775

"... given physical, watermarked copies designed to guard against leaks....."
Unless you want to out the person leaking this document, he can't ever publish a photocopy of it as it will be traced back to him.

Oh c'mon... they never heard of photoshop? Either they don't have the document, or they figure it's not worth their time to make the watermark illegible.

Either way bodes well.

Comment Re:Fine line between security and paranoia (Score 1) 376

Sneakernet is always faster, so if they can train up a few pretty women, pay them a decent programmers wage to have them steal stuff that is the work of 10 engineers or even hundreds, that's a pretty sound economic payoff don't you think?

No, no no... that whole thing is a total myth.

Maids are not pretty.

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