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Comment Re:A thought occurs to me (Score 2, Informative) 447

Unless the actors in question have the studio donate the actor's profits to the Church of Scientology. The Co$ then goes and pays the actor a "stipend" to live on, tax free, and, since the Co$ is a "charity", the movie studios get to write that off. The actors get to live tax free, the Co$ gets to play with the interest, and the studios get a tax break. Isn't religion wonderful?

Comment Re:He has no idea what he's playing (Score 1) 895

This was all done before changes were made to make this far more difficult, and to make it possible for a player to defend against being teleported by a player of the other faction. He says in his blog that he stopped playing when these changes went into effect because it wasn't "fun anymore". So, basically he was only having fun griefing people, and, when changes to the game meant that he would be forced to actually fight them, he quit instead of playing the new way.

Comment Re:within the rules doesnt mean its within the rul (Score 1) 895

No, sorry, he didn't go to the Arena. The Arena doesn't have Police Drones in the arena fights. He was using a legal-at-the-time trick to kill characters with little risk to himself. If he had actually been challenging them and fighting them, there wouldn't be a story. He was griefing players instead of fighting them.

Comment Re:within the rules doesnt mean its within the rul (Score 1) 895

Imagine, for a moment, that you're playing in a PvP zone in CoH. You're fighting against someone else, and they defeat you. As you respawn, you receive one of two tells from the player playing the other character:
"Haha! You suck! I didn't even break a sweat! Why don't you go home and tell your mommy how a big mean man beat you up?"
"That was a great fight, you almost had me a few times there!"
Both are allowed under the rules, but one makes you seem like a good sport, and the other makes you seem like a jerk. Would you rather have a society filled with the first type of people, or the second?

Comment Re:Being an asshole makes people angry, film at 11 (Score 1) 895

Fighting means that you use your powers to actually defeat the other person playing the other character. That other player gets to use their powers to try to defeat you. Both players are equally matched in levels, and potentially have an equal ability to defeat the other.
Droning means that one player uses his Teleport Foe power to teleport a player into an area of the PvP map that players of that faction aren't supposed to go, and that player is killed instantly. The teleported player has no ability to use their powers to try to defeat the teleporting character. The teleporting player has basically killed you instantly, without earning anything for it, and the teleported character gets XP debt (what you normally get for being defeated in PvE).
Also, CoH doesn't have PvP servers, they have PvP zones. Every server has the same zones that PvP can happen in, from Arenas to full maps where everyone is matched in level. It's not like in WoW or other MMOs where PvP can happen anywhere, and the other faction can invade your territory. There are even zones where the two factions can team up together, and are a LOT more popular than the PvP zones.

Comment Re:Being an asshole makes people angry, film at 11 (Score 1) 895

They weren't pissed because he was PvPing, they were pissed because he was using cheap tactics to grief.
Basically, the way that it works, is if you're in a PvP area, and you fight another player, and you get defeated, the only thing you suffer is a bruised ego, however, what this guy was doing was to teleport people into a "safe zone" that was designed to prevent spawn camping. In that "safe zone" they have drones, or "cartoon robots" that will kill anyone of the opposite faction, or any enemy NPCs, that get too close. If you get taken out this way, you get XP debt.
So he wasn't just dueling other players, he was purposefully being a dick about it.

Comment Re:Will it be enough? (Score 1) 100

I agree that the zones all really need redesigns. There are zones, like Perez Park, or Boomtown, etc., which are never used these days. They need to re-design them like they did to Faultline.

The thing, though, is that, when asked about this, the Devs say that it takes only slightly less time to re-design a zone as it takes to make a new zone.

The players, when questioned if they would rather have a new zone, or a re-designed zone, always say that they want a new zone. It's really sad, though. They have a lot of areas there that are sitting abandoned and empty that I feel should be brought back to life.

Comment Re:Reliable Entertainment (Score 1) 100

Now, if they let players design mission maps like you can SG bases, and place items and baddies exactly where you want them, and have some options for new/different objectives, you would be right.

Actually, they are working on that very thing right now. They couldn't include it in the current MA update, as it would take them a lot more work, and they wanted to give us something. No idea when, or if, they'll be able to do it, but they're trying.

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