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Comment Re:Child? (Score 1) 948

Yeah, let me know how that works out for you. When you have children and they drive you to the edge with their bullshit and you've tried everything and still, you're spawning the child from hell. You tell me that blistering the ass off the little shit isn't what needs to be done. Oh, of course, can't do that in this day and age. Don't want to stunt the emotional development or world view of the little prince or princess. Just tell them that they can do no wrong and that anything they want is owed to them by the world. Oh wait. That's the current crop of shits coming of age right now. It's not truly their fault, the parents are to blame. We just have to live with the results of their bad decisions.

Submission + - Congress aiming for Internet Censorship Bill (

Flaming Cowpie writes: "Gruber has raised the flag on a bill being reviewed by Congress that would force ISPs to subscribe to a Government supplied blacklist of websites deemed "undesirable". A second list would be optional but would grant them immunity from prosecution and probably brownie points from the Feds. Both Leahy and Feinstein are behind this not thinly veiled net censorship bill."

Comment Re:Halo Series for Mac (Score 1) 1115

You're correct about that story. I remember reading that. Here's a link to it [ ]. And while yes, there probably were a 3 to 1 ratio, this particular case is somewhat unique in that the piracy was generated as a backlash to Bungie's perceived sellout to Microsoft. Granted, some of that anger was probably deserved. Halo for Mac was pretty much a done deal, it was shown running at Macworld. Then it disappeared and an Xbox, then PC version came out. By the time the Mac community got it, people were pretty pissed. I pirated it "just to show those bastards". I also bought it, later on. While the whole piracy thing probably hurt Macsoft (the porting company), it was "justified" in the minds of the Mac faithful for the sellout and slap in the face (feel about it as you will, it was to many).

Comment Re:why doing this? (Score 1) 376

Why is Apple evil for making the iPhone? Is it because they don't give it away to the people with a copy of Kafka? No one is putting a pistol to your head (though that might not be a bad idea, in some examples) and making you buy anything. If they choose to make an app store and the hardware to play with it - isn't it their IP to do with as they please? You either agree and use it or you don't. Just because they don't do things as you would have them do, does not make them evil - they just aren't doing what you want.

Comment Re:The 3GS Unlock is available (Score 1) 376

What no one is saying is that the kernel patches used in the PurpleRa1n jb are not complete. There's errors and then there's the issues of things like Winterboard not working with PB. There's a variety of issues beyond just having a jailbroken phone that using this will get you. Users are best served by actually waiting for the official DevTeam jb. Yeah, you have to wait, but it's going to be done right.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Illustrator Being Sued Over His Own Stolen Work

Flaming Cowpie writes: "John Engle is a freelance illustrator, you may not know him, but you've seen his work. Smallville, CSI and a host of other TV properties and works. It's his life's dream — and that dream has become a waking nightmare. has turned a pitbull lawyer on him for a bill of $18,000 — alleging that work that he created and someone else submitted to them is stolen and he's the thief. And if that's not bad enough — they're contacting his entire client list and telling them he's being sued for copyright theft."

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