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Comment Re:Uhmmm... what? (Score 1) 449

These percentages are almost certainly independent:

Q1: Do you think that you can drive a car better than a computer?

(75% said yes)

Q2: Do you think that computers are capable of the same quality of decision-making as human drivers?

(64% said no).

This is perfectly sensible. Some number of people (in the range of 11% - 36%) answered yes to both Q1 and to Q2. Presumably these people thought that some factor other than decision-making made them a better driver than the computers.

Comment Re:One does not... (Score 1) 576

UCLA's Teaching Assistant union has done excellent work for the TAs. The union has negotiated significant improvements in benefits (prior to organizing there was no dental or optical coverage, for example) and in protections (TAs can now seek mediation if they are being asked to work longer than 20/hours a week, etc.). The union has also negotiated pay increases, but the pay increases have been largely (but not entirely) swallowed by increased union dues. Still, getting additional benefits without a loss in pay is a good deal.

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