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Submission + - Pausing SLA timers 1

Finallyjoined!!! writes: The Helldesk where I work have a set of agreed SLA's, the terms depend on internal department or external client. They get a daily bonus if there has been no SLA breach.
I've noticed that they have recently been placing on hold every ticket immediately it is raised. When I asked why, I was told it was to "preserve" the SLA timers, which then only start ticking when the ticket is actually looked at, sometimes hours after the call. All this to avoid going out of SLA and lose their bonus — $10.00 per day.
Has anyone else seen this sort of practice, and would you consider it unethical?

Submission + - BBC iPlayer, who would pay for access? 1

Finallyjoined!!! writes: As someone who lives in the UK, and who pays the TV licence fee, I now take the iPlayer for granted. It has completely freed me from the schedules and remembering to record. I can watch/listen to pretty much anything broadcast on TV/Radio by the BBC over the previous 7 days.

Because of repeats over the eight TV channels, some programmes, such as Top Gear, Merlin, Spooks, Panorama, Horizon, Doctor Who etc., have pretty much every episode of the current/last/various series available to watch. How cool is that?

Now the question: Having sampled the execrable TV in the US & Oz, who out there, outside the UK, would spend £139 (forty pence a day) for a full years worth of BBC iPlayer? I know web hosting & a proxy is cheaper, but that's not the question.

Submission + - Is Firefox writing its suicide note

Finallyjoined!!! writes: Andrew Orlowski has an article up on El Reg detailing how The Mozilla Foundation is considering pimping its users data, al la Phorm.


The Phorm bug is spreading. The idea of collecting a user's browsing history and flogging that data doesn't just appeal to ISPs. The Mozilla Foundation, the people behind the Firefox browser, want some of that action too.

After the recent "Longest suicide note in history" (Vista & DRM) is this the death knell for Firefox?

Submission + - OLPC - A childs view 1

Finallyjoined!!! writes: A (UK) childs view of OLPC.

Still, Rufus is widening his social circle. " I have three friends. It's nice to talk to them. They don't speak much English but I can understand them." The conversation is not exactly sparkling, but Rufus has learned to say "Hola".

Unlike the monopoly view from Dvorak, this reviewers child has actually used one. Does Dvorak have kids? If he does they should get to play with one, if he doesn't, maybe Dvorak should play with one.

Submission + - BBC iPlayer is nasty, nasty

Finallyjoined!!! writes: " have laid bare the naughties associated with the BBC iPlayer. The one that's, currently, only available for Windows platforms as it includes Microsoft DRM.

Furthermore, a recent BBC hire in the "iPlayer" department is none other than: Eric Huggers, Group Controller of Future Media and Technology [phew, that won't fit on your average business card] straight to the Beeb from..... Microsoft.

Who says that self interest isn't a goldfish?"

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