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Comment Re:Dear god no (Score 1) 228

"I don't want a movie theater to be a social experience"

That was my first reaction, too -- but after giving it some thought I don't think Cameron MEANT it literally or he picked the wrong word. I think a better word would be a "community" experience. A good crowd can make a good movie great as they react to the film (laughter, cheers, etc).

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 1) 169

"This also doesnt factor in connection cost."

It also doesn't account for housing cost (rent/mortgage). You need a place to WATCH it. It also doesn't account for the cost of a TV averaged out over the life of the TV. You need something to watch it on.

I'm pretty sure we're at a point where we can consider internet access a 'given'. We can argue the point if you like -- but most people don't have internet access to JUST watch netflix, nor do they have running water to JUST get a drink. I think those costs are negligible in virtually all cases.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 228

"But I'm not ignoring it, I'm enforcing it. I do not have to assist them in their search."

I think you are confusing "unreasonable search and seizure" with "any search and seizure". Swiping a finger is non-intrusive. Swabbing a cheek is non-intrusive. Maryland V King is a fairly recent example.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 2) 228

"Exactly. I am very disappointed that people think it's okay to compel anyone to assist in any way one's own prosecution,"

I knew the wording of this would toss up responses like yours.

This is no different than an order to produce blood/cheek swab or even passwords. The accused have the right to remain silent -- they do not have the right to ignore lawful search warrants. If you really want to keep information that the law cannot touch then either memorize it or have a trusted spouse memorize it.

Comment Re:Justice? (Score 1) 300

"That's democracy for you. Sometimes the 51% passes laws that the 49% doesn't like. I'm sorry you don't like it."

And thats why our founders thought it was very dangerous -- about as scary as monarchy. It's a good thing they set up a republican (little "R") form of government and a constitution which is difficult (not impossible) to modify.

Oh wait -- many of their safe-guards have been tossed out the window for current popular opinion... I guess you are right.

Comment Re: Since discredited (Score 1) 237

"Yeah, it's hard not to just come out and say manned exploration has accomplished exactly squat in the last 40 years."

It's not hard to say 'the sky is green'.

At the absolute minimum, we've learned how to keep people alive in space for increasingly extended periods of time. We've learned about how various living things (plants/animals) can live/survive in micro-gravity. We've learned how embryos developed in micro gravity. Why is this important? If we want to get off this rock and increase our chances of not being killed off either by each other or a space rock then we need to know how to MOVE us through space for long periods of time.

Yes, we don't NEED humans to go to Mars to learn about what makes up Mars -- but we NEED humans to go to Mars to learn how humans can SURVIVE on Mars.

Comment Re:Old movies (Score 1) 104

I completely agree. There's a host of old movies I'd love to own on DVD/Bluray that I doubt I ever will -- because they have expired copyright. There's no money to be made by some of the holders of the only existing physical media to give it the treatment it deserves. The best I can do is find 3rd rate VHS rips to DVD.

Comment Re: When will they learn? (Score 1) 104

"One of the biggest reasons some folks pirate media is because of the ADVERTISORS, but at the same time aren't willing to buy the media. So I'd still consider that 0% in lost profit."

Then you don't understand how networks charge for advertising. You watch the show live with commercials for "free" and the network makes money by selling time to COLA A. The more viewers, the more they charge. If however, you do NOT watch a show live with commercials but BUY the DVD, the network makes money from that. If, however, you just download a show and watch it clipped of commercials then the number of "live" watchers go down which means the amount they get for COMMERCIALS goes down which means lost profit.

But, as I indicated, there would be some who would be unwilling to watch a show with commercials or buy the show if there were no other avenues. I think that's on the low end of the spectrum, though.

You "KIND" of acknowledge that when you say why "some folks" pirate. Yes -- from THOSE folks it is zero. But those "some" are not all.

Comment Re:When will they learn? (Score 2) 104

"When will the content producers realize that "Pirates" are not lost sales. "

You are wrong. They are lost sales -- just not a 1:1 ratio. I have no doubt that many folks who would download the latest Avengers flick for free would actually purchase it if that were the only avenue to have it. Not all. Probably not most. But I doubt it's an insignificant number.

That's just for the content. For TV specifically, the lost "sales" are not JUST "sales" of the show(s) -- the lost sales are also to ADVERTISERS -- who either will not buy time from a network or will only pay a reduced rate.

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