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Comment Re:I can't post the title without flaming (Score 1) 281

Did you read this part AT ALL:

....the FBI abandoning "its four-decade-long practice of tracing bullets to a specific manufacturer's batch through chemical analyses after its method were scientifically debunked."

Sounds me to like they should have stopped trying to make this connection decades ago.


Comment Re:Bet it happens before 2100 (Score 1) 620

Having a hard time finding good numbers on this, but it looks like the sun was about 20% dimmer ~500m years ago:

If that scales directly that would mean the actual brightness today vs. 50m years ago is roughly 2-3% brighter than it was, not the 20% bandied about above.

I'd like to see some better sources on the numbers though.


Comment Re:Scientific Reports (Score 1) 369

What I like is how Alarmists immediately dub Skeptics as "conspiracy theorists"--basically anything they can do to try to belittle people who don't believe their stuff.

I'm a scientist. I know precisely how science works, how CO2 works, how warming works, how energy is radiated/re-reradiated, etc. If you are finding the back of a cereal box has enough details for you to think you're an expert, that's more on you than me.

I'm a scientist--so prove your assertion. Don't throw Wikipedia pages and Alarmist blogs at me; I probably know them better than you do. Show me an actual ten or so studies that say something like, "here is the direct link between the CO2 that came out of my car and the temperature in Great Britain". You can't. You're more easily swayed than that.

It boils down to simply that you are more easily convinced than I, and I am less easily convinced than you. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? I dunno....the only to figure it out is more facts. But it's pretty clear that the only conspiracy is on the part of the one making the charge when they ran out of actual facts, and so decided to start name-calling.


Comment Re:Trump's Fault (Score 1) 123

Leaving aside your vague Holocaust insult, we're not talking about the CO2 "pollution"....the article is about particulates, smoke, etc. You know, stuff you can see and don't want to breathe.

We're not talking about a colorless, odorless gas that may or may not support an unproven theory.


Comment Re:Not effective (Score 2) 123

Nice trolling, but the facts are a but more mixed.

There are six major religions in India: Hindu, Islam, Christian, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism. I didn't spend a lot of time and you could arguably cherry-pick your results, but what I found was as follows:

Hindu - Abortion is disallowed per religious tenets.

Islam - Abortion is allowed for approximately the first 40 days.

Christians - Mixed; some do allow it, some don't.

Jainism - Not allowed at all to mixed, depending on your source; probably church specific.

Zoroastriansm - Not allowed at all to mixed, depending on your source; probably church specific.

Judaism - Mixed.

It would be unlikely that any American political party would in any way come to be represented in India.


Comment Re:Reduce work time (Score 1) 723

I, for one, would believe in the EU as a valid social economic construction when it imposes a 24 hours work week, decreasing by 1 hour every year until full employment is achieved.

With an equivalent reduction in pay, or with the same pay?

I suspect you mean with no reduction in pay, which begs the question where does that money come from?


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