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Comment Re:Trump's Fault (Score 1) 123

Leaving aside your vague Holocaust insult, we're not talking about the CO2 "pollution"....the article is about particulates, smoke, etc. You know, stuff you can see and don't want to breathe.

We're not talking about a colorless, odorless gas that may or may not support an unproven theory.


Comment Re:Not effective (Score 2) 123

Nice trolling, but the facts are a but more mixed.

There are six major religions in India: Hindu, Islam, Christian, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism. I didn't spend a lot of time and you could arguably cherry-pick your results, but what I found was as follows:

Hindu - Abortion is disallowed per religious tenets.

Islam - Abortion is allowed for approximately the first 40 days.

Christians - Mixed; some do allow it, some don't.

Jainism - Not allowed at all to mixed, depending on your source; probably church specific.

Zoroastriansm - Not allowed at all to mixed, depending on your source; probably church specific.

Judaism - Mixed.

It would be unlikely that any American political party would in any way come to be represented in India.


Comment Re:Reduce work time (Score 1) 723

I, for one, would believe in the EU as a valid social economic construction when it imposes a 24 hours work week, decreasing by 1 hour every year until full employment is achieved.

With an equivalent reduction in pay, or with the same pay?

I suspect you mean with no reduction in pay, which begs the question where does that money come from?


Comment Re:Employment is not the goal (Score 1) 364

Sorry, but batteries in their current form are a terrible solution.

They're expensive. They're heavy. They're finicky. They're delicate.

I know because my house is 100% off-grid and solar powered. The weakest part of the system is the batteries.

They'll get there, eventually. I think point-generation (panels on building roofs, etc.) is a fantastic supplement in most situations. Batteries, not so much.


Comment Re:1984 (Score 1) 659

Changed their vote to whom? Gary Johnson?

Yes, Trump definitely struck authoritarian tones in his campaign, but Clinton offered nothing in the way of restoring the civil liberties that have been eroded under Obama & Bush. Issues like NSA spying, The Patriot Act, police militarization, etc. never came up as topics in the debates. Furthermore, Clinton wanted to consider Australia-style weapons confiscation, thus destroying the one inalienable Right that survived Bush and Obama relatively unscathed.

If the worst predictions come true, the people of the USA are armed to the teeth and will implement change by force.

Well said.


Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

Libraries purge books on occasion if they aren't being used very much. I personally don't think it's a very good practice myself though those books that are "purged" aren't actually purged as in "burned", nearly always they are sold to the public. I picked some of the more obscure science fiction novels which I'd read in high school which apparently weren't as popular as others; several in fact were hard back first editions which I treasure.

I think they would be better served to warehouse them somewhere and rotate a percentage of their stock every couple of months myself, but that requires warehouses to store them and trucks to transport them and all kinds of other problems that put a kink in my otherwise fine idea. I suspect there will be less and less of this as digital editions become more and more common.


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