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Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

Libraries purge books on occasion if they aren't being used very much. I personally don't think it's a very good practice myself though those books that are "purged" aren't actually purged as in "burned", nearly always they are sold to the public. I picked some of the more obscure science fiction novels which I'd read in high school which apparently weren't as popular as others; several in fact were hard back first editions which I treasure.

I think they would be better served to warehouse them somewhere and rotate a percentage of their stock every couple of months myself, but that requires warehouses to store them and trucks to transport them and all kinds of other problems that put a kink in my otherwise fine idea. I suspect there will be less and less of this as digital editions become more and more common.


Comment Re: Stages of global warming grief (Score 1) 313

Well, those shingles are a goodly idea but they are only part of the solution.

If you don't have a large battery array (which I do have, that's because I'm 100% off grid) then you're drawing power once the sun goes down. That means you need a baseline load from somewhere--coal most likely, hydro or nuclear, there are a some gas plants there too.

If they want to have a battery stack that also requires some wiring work and at least one inverter (to convert from DC power to AC power). In my case I had to have two inverters because it's a "leggy" house, and two microwaves at different ends of the house plus a well kicking on wasn't going do it. There are a different strategies to wire up the shingles to feed into the power grid (if without battery) or to battery (or if that's the option). Either way that's copper and wiring and all the fun with that

I think anybody who can be off grid should if they can--not because of silly global warming, just because it gives you independence.


Comment No (Score 1) 1081

The Electoral College was one of the finest tweaks the Founders made to our Republic.

The only real problem with it nowadays is that it's now limited to 538 Electors. It was originally supposed to field one Elector per Senator and Representative from each state, but Congress capped the number of reps at 438 several decades back. That means that over time we should have more Reps and more Electors to better represent the people.

I'd restore the original intent though it would take a Constitutional amendment to do so.


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