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Comment Re:Ye olde 'negawatts' concept (Score 1) 150

California has given up on bringing new power generation online,

"Almost half of all capacity added in 2013 [across the US] was located in California." "Nearly 60% of the natural gas capacity [across the US] added in 2013 was located in California." http://www.eia.gov/todayinener...

California's total electrical generation capacity has gone from 55,344 MW in 2001, to 79,359 MW in 2015. That's an average increase of 1,644 MW of new capacity going online each and every year.


Energy standards in California call for 33 percent of the stateâ(TM)s power to come from renewables by 2020 and 50 percent by 2030, and so the state is building new wind and solar capacity as fast as possible. The recently built Ivanpah plant was the world's largest, and it's in California, not Arizona, for good reason.

In fact you can get a current list of power plants planned, under construction, and newly online, here:


Conservation is fine is a short-term solution to shortage - of anything - but in the long run there is no substitute for generating more power

California "has one of the lowest per capita total energy consumption levels in the country. California state policy promotes energy efficiency. The state's extensive efforts to increase energy efficiency and the implementation of alternative technologies have restrained growth in energy demand." https://www.eia.gov/state/anal...

Comment Re:HD on cellular (Score 1) 85

Do people really have to watch HD videos on cellular? Can't they wait until they get home near their WiFi's?

The cellular market is competitive, while the wired internet market is not. It won't be long before cellular internet service is cheaper than wired. In fact that has long since happened for light users.

You get charged about 3X as much for the same DSL speeds today as you did a decade ago. Cable has side-stepped the issue by just NOT providing lower speed service, and having their lowest-cost offering being $60/mo. Just look at Charter buying TW and dropping those pesky $15 service plans. And these are increasingly getting a low bandwidth cap, and customers are being forced into bundles.

Comment Re:We need this (Score 1) 210

My old flip-phone from 10 years ago lasted about a week on a single charge. Obviously, though, that's because it was doing jack-crap processing-wise compared to the mini-supercomputers we now all have in our pockets,

But how many years of process shrinks, improved LEDs, better radios, higher capacity batteries, etc., has it been since that flip phone was made? If manufacturers were chasing battery life, instead of biggest screen, thinnest phone and fastest processor, we could easily have smartphones running for several days between charges. Charging your phone twice a day has become the new normal, so nobody returns their power-hungry phones, and it's not prominently advertised, so manufacturers don't expect more sales from improving upon run-time and don't bother.

Think of it like web search engines just before Google came along... Everybody sucks equally, and one disruptive innovator jumping in could wipe the floor with everybody else.

Comment No (Score 1) 355

I can't remember the last time I used a CD or DVD. Never used Bluray.

Oh wait, no. I can remember the last time I tried to use a CD; it was the install media for some software that I'd purchased a few years ago. I couldn't install it, the CD had developed a defect. I'm not sure that counts as 'The last time I USED optical media' because I didn't actually get to USE it.

Comment Re:Just what America needs (Score 1) 241

"But at least this new automated-lawsuit system will keep a lot of lawyers employed."

Me, I would rathe see lawyers unemployed. We could use them as compost or for ginning cotton ("...Premium organic hand-ginned cotton...".

My ex-wife is a lawyer. You are significantly overestimating her utility as an unemployed lawyer.

Surely an unemployed lawyer actually brings value to society simply by not operating as a lawyer... ie the more lawyers there are the worse things are for society, so the fewer lawyers, the more unemployed lawyers, the better.

Therefore an unemployed lawyer is more productive in the larger context than an employed lawyer (working as a lawyer).

So what I'm getting at is that lawyers are actually more a burden on society than the unemployed.

Comment Re:Others To Sue (Score 2) 82

Ok, I misspoke.

What I meant is: If a judge decides that a company is up to illegal activities and tells the company to stop then anyone working with that company in spite of this is aiding those illegal activities.

Not quite. The company can get shut down, but only those involved in the actual illegal activity will be prosecuted.

Otherwise you'll have the janitor serving time for something they was completely unrelated to them.

As such, ALS would have to prove the CloudFlare was involved as a conspirator in the illegal activity. Otherwise, CloudFlare has done nothing wrong other than sell there own services.

So no, unless you can show that CloudFlare (or any company) for that matter was involved in the Copyright Infringement (or other illegal activity) then they are absolved of the supposed crime. For example, a bank holds a criminals money; is the bank then a legal conspirator (and therefore guilty) of murder for an Assassin? Or illegal drug possession or drug trafficking for a drug dealer? No. It's no different for CloudFlare and other companies; yes, they may help make websites and services more secure; but they're not participating in the crime itself in any form - no different from the bank.

You don't have to be convicted of an offence to have assets seized if you are 'supporting' an illegal endeavor; its called 'civil forfeiture'. Eg people who rent properties to drug dealers have been known to have had those properties seized without any conviction against them, just a conviction against the drug dealer and the presumption that the property owner 'should have' known about it and reported it to the police.

Hell, even driving around in the USA with some cash in your car can result in that cash being seized by the police because its 'obvious drug money'. They don't even have to prove anything.

Comment Re:Others To Sue (Score 1) 82

So do we sue the supermarket for selling him food?
Your argument would not likely sway a court.
We will see how ALS does.
The Law will allow you to go after people that help other people commit crimes.
Aiding and abetting?

The Internet does not shield you from the law. People have been trying to work around the law for 1000's of years.

Hitler was a vegetarian therefore vegetarianism is anti-semitic.

PlayStation (Games)

PlayStation 3 Games Are Coming To PC (cnet.com) 123

PlayStation 3 games are coming to Windows. Sony said Tuesday that it is bringing its PlayStation Now game-streaming program to Windows PCs. The service broadcasts PlayStation 3 games over the internet similar to the way Netflix beams movies to devices like Roku. CNET reports: This fall, you'll be able to play previously exclusive games like Uncharted 3 and Shadow of the Colossus on a Windows laptop. The catch: you'll be playing those games over the internet with Sony's streaming game service, PlayStation Now. Think Netflix. PlayStation Now has already been around for a couple of years on the PS4, PS3, PS Vita handheld, plus a handful of Blu-ray players and smart TVs. For $20 a month or $45 for three, the service gives players unlimited access to a long list of over 400 PlayStation 3 games. Like Netflix or any other streaming service, the quality can vary wildly depending on your internet connection -- Sony requires a solid 5Mbps connection at all times, and that doesn't change today. What changes is the size of Sony's audience. With a Windows laptop or tablet, you aren't tethered to a big-screen TV. You could theoretically take these PlayStation games anywhere -- and wherever you go, your save games stream with you.

Comment Re:Recaptcha for Audio (Score 1) 110

what color is grass when it is dead? 1 green, 2 blue, 3 yellow, 4 brown.

I HATE questions like this. All those captchas, as well as text book questions back in my school days, you have to pretend to be an idiot in order to guess the answer they want (which is often different from the "right" or "correct" answer).

What color is dead grass? Yellow seems a reasonable choice to me. I've seen lots of yellow spots in otherwise green lawns everybody calls "dead patches". Green might be the correct answer in many places where owners have resorted to painting the dead grass (or dirt) to fulfill HOA or city requirements. And all these exceptions to the simplest question you could come up with!

Google's capchas are pretty terrible, too. Click on photos containing houses? Lots of squareish (possibly commercial) buildings in there could go either way. And how many people call their condo or apartment their "house"? So those high-rises might qualify, depending on your POV. And that's before you get into homelessness and photos of bridges, dumpsters, empty cardboard boxes, etc.

My physics textbook had the worst stupid questions. Some seemed intentional tricks, but I'm not so sure in hindsight, as so many others were just idiotic and wrong. "What falls faster, a bowling ball or a feather?" The supposed correct answer is both are equal, because you're wrong to just assume we're on Earth in an atmosphere. But with "Does a car use more gas when the headlights turn on?" the accepted answer is Yes, and there's no consideration of different models with massively overpowered engines which won't even notice the different in load.

I'll wrap up my rant here.

Comment Re:Enforced Weakness (Score 2) 148

Some of these "password requirements" actively force weaker passwords, in that they enforce a maximum length! I've seen some that force a 12 character maximum, making the xkcd 4 common word technique unusable, especially since they often stupidly require mixed case and a numeric and a special char.

My personal favorite was the bank that required my password to have exactly one number, at least one upper case character and exactly one special character. With a maximum length of 8 characters.

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