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Comment Re:Ahh: More than you think: Bottling plants... (Score 2, Interesting) 166

You fail to realize that there are quite a few bottling plants located in some of those high affected regions. Guess where all the Pepsi in the USA is made? Yep, right in the middle of this highest concentrations of both those chemicals on the map (eastern PA, NJ, southern NY). That also goes for all Pepsi products, not just Pepsi itself...

Comment Re:Is it April 1st again already? (Score 1) 195

I mean, I understand the appeal of a new device like this. But seriously, if you already own a collection of NES games, you should really look into getting an original NES or top loader modded with the Hi-Def NES board. This will add HDMI output, an extremely high quality video upconverter, as well as expansion audio support.

Comment Re:hes not *technically* wrong. (Score 2) 89

during brute force attacks, sequential reads from disk into RAM contribute to the overall MTBF and MTTF statistics for the hardware. depending on how old the disk is and how complex the encryption, you could very well end up with a nontrivial number of missing sectors and potentially corrupted data on the disk just from thrashing it for personal gain. depending on the encryption, any writes will also contribute to things like SSD write life

Except they don't run the brute force attack on the physical hardware that they confiscated in a search. The very first thing that is done is that the disks are cloned. Copies of the cloned disk image are then used in any attempt to brute force passwords or encryption keys.

Comment Re:I don't understand. (Score 2) 499

So is the implication here just that it's harder to find highly competent women in technical fields rather than men?

DING DING DING! We have a winner!

Look I am all for equal pay for equal work and have no problems with working with women in the team or project.

I do have issue with someone being incompetent who is trying to do the job (be it a man or woman). And as you just stated, if the system really is anonymous skill assessment, then the people scoring the skill assessments don't know the gender, which simply means there are more highly skilled men that used the system than women, and that on average, the men that have used were more likely to get the job directly because they were higher skilled technically than the women.

I mean, this isn't really rocket science to realize that the more highly skilled person will be offered the job (when all other factors are eliminated by anonymizing the data). And thus if as they stated, that men have on average a higher technical score than the women on average, it isn't much of a leap to say that men would more likely be offered a job than women...

Comment Re:Me too, much? (Score 1) 144

Well, Xbox One is 3 years old now and has as much graphics power as 8 year old PC graphics cards. Now that consoles are effectively a small-form-factor PC, using 8 years old graphics tech is really hurting it. I am surprised this is releasing so soon and at this price. I would have expected keeping the same price while using the low-end AMD Polaris GPU (who knows, maybe they are actually using that GPU, but I doubt it as it would probably cost them $130-150 for the chip alone which is half the price of the console).

Comment Re:CEO should spend time shadowing a programmer (Score 1) 342

That is because the CEO was taught to think of everything and everyone as dealing with a mythical "widget" with all the widgets take the same time/resources to make and widgets get sold on the free, open market for the same price. To them (CEOs), everyone and everything is an interchangeable part on the production line to creating profits. By training more programmers, they want a larger pool of talent to choose from so they can simply layoff and hire more widget makers as their funding supports without needing to determine if that particular widget maker actually made magic widgets which were somehow better than the widgets made by other programmers (because all widgets are the same... remember... but in reality we know all code is not the same).

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 3, Informative) 357

I don't think you understand what happened in this case. API's have inherently always been allowed to be used essentially since the beginning of coding. A Judge and/or jury didn't rule that the the code in the Java was fair use to use, just the functional names. This retained the same working conditions that have existed for the last 30-40 years of code development, including the white/clean room techniques that have been used by virtually every major development studio, (including Oracle by the way). The underlying code is still protected, but you can't protect the names of the functions. I mean seriously, how many times have people written a function called "length" or "size" (hint, thousands of times).

Are we all suddenly suppose to pay royalties to the first one who called their function by that name? What about if someone wrote a program that then auto-generated creating billions of function names from every language, but each function was simply "return(1)"? Am I to get billions of dollars from every company in existence now for them infringing my copyright on all those function names?

In other words, your argument is ridiculous. The real copyright is and always has been on the specific implementation of the code, not what it is named.

Submission + - Software API's ruled "fair use" in Oracle vs Google

Fallen Kell writes: Arstechnica is reporting, "Following a two-week trial, a federal jury concluded Thursday that Google's Android operating system does not infringe Oracle-owned copyrights because its re-implementation of 37 Java APIs is protected by 'fair use.' The verdict was reached after three days of deliberations."

Comment Re:Needs more data to assess (Score 1) 222

I have to agree with you in some sense. It is all about the local QUALIFIED talent pool, not the overall national numbers. There will be plenty of people who will spout off saying there are tons of Hispanics and African Americans who live in and around SV. That is not in question, there are plenty. But of those, how many have BS, MS, or Doctorate in software engineering/design/computer science/computer engineering/information science etc., and of those that have those degrees, how many have the degree from a high ranked school and/or have appropriate high talent skill (simply having a degree is one thing, but being able to be any good is entirely another)?

Comment This is a questionable action... (Score 0) 185

Really, this is a questionable action which will be most likely overturned. The court can not arbitrarily order some lawyers to be required to perform actions that other lawyers do not need to do in order to appear before the court. They are placing an arbitrary barrier in front of a section of people, which can be likened to poll tests to prevent them from appearing in court.

This case is also about immigration and enforcement of immigration laws. Laws that are FEDERAL laws, not STATE laws. District Attorneys have always had the say in terms of what crimes get prosecuted, especially when there are budget considerations (i.e. the prosecution office only has money to pay for 10 prosecutors for the year, and those prosecutors can only handle X amount of cases due to the time those cases take to prosecute). This is a STATE Judge slapping FEDERAL Attorneys because the Attorneys have made a different decision on priority of cases to bring before FEDERAL court. Now just imagine the uproar if a FEDERAL Judge did that to a STATE DA....

Comment Re:MS still denies that this happens (Score 1) 500

Except he may be streaming anytime there is an audience to watch. It means that if he happened to have a game installed and ready to run at 12:00am on release date, he might be streaming all night long because there will be people somewhere in the world that are awake and watching someone playing the brand new game that they might have been interested in buying, but held off on the pre-order because they have been burned too many times recently (can anyone say Batman?). As such, there is NO good time for an automatic update to take control of the system. Let ME make the damn decision on installing the update, on even when to CHECK that there are new updates out there. Don't annoy me with crap popups, messages, and screens that takeover my system and force me to acknowledge. And don't make us have to jump through hops and/or require a specific version of the OS to even have a chance to setup the system so that the only time I am ever bothered about updates is when I feel like clicking on the "check for updates" button and then select which updates I want at that time.

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